The Pure Haven Essentials Review

The Pure Haven Essentials Review

I should start this by pointing out that reviews like this are always quite difficult for me, because during the five years this site has been reviewing products, I haven’t really come across an MLM opportunity that I liked!

Now, that’s not to say they are all scams – because they are not.

That’s just a reflection on my opinion – I’m not a fan of how they work.

Today we will be taking a look at the Pure Haven Essentials catalog that makes up this MLM opportunity – is it a scam or is it legit?

Welcome to the (honest) Pure Haven Essentials review…

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The Pure Haven Essentials Review

What is Pure Haven Essentials?

What is Pure Haven Essentials?


Pure Haven is a company that seems to centre itself around the fact that they avoid any sort of toxic chemicals or ingredients in their products.

Sounds pretty cool so far – so who owns this company/business?

No idea really!!!!

Seriously – it was near enough back-breaking trying to find out who was in charge of this non toxic line of chemicals. Eventually I discovered that Pure Haven was a re-branded version of a company called Ava Anderson Non Toxic (when I say ‘discovered’ – I actually mean ‘I stole the info from another website!’).

So apparently, Pure Haven Essentials is owned by Ava Anderson, who got into the business of natural cosmetics at the age of 19.

Now, Ava seems to have gone through a bit of a ‘shit storm’ with Ava Anderson Non Toxic, none of which was her fault, but these problems led to her re-branding to Pure Haven.

Still with me?



The Pure Haven Essentials Products

As you can imagine, this sort of company has A LOT of products on offer, so it’s much easier to cover the categories or sub-niches of the products they provide:

  • Essential Oils
  • Make-up products
  • Pet care products
  • Body and hair care products
  • Men’s grooming products

To be fair – there are not many complaints linked to New Haven’s products anywhere online, and I did notice that they received some sort of reward back in 2016 for their organic quality.

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The Dreaded Compensation Plan

what is pure haven essentials about


Well, those of you that are regulars to this site will know that this is where most of my MLM reviews fall flat on their face – not really my fault…you need to be a rocket scientist to understand 99.9% of these MLM compensation plans.

So, with that in mind, the following is pretty much a cut, cut again, then cut again…and paste, job!

Okay, so to get your foot in through the door with them, you need to purchase one of three ‘kits’:

  1. The Starter Basic Kit (which will cost you $199)
  2. The Lifestyle Kit (which will cost you $289)
  3. The Business Builder Kit (which will cost you $579)

These three kits offer you four main avenues of making money:

  • Commission and Bonus on Personal Sales
  • Building your Group
  • Earn income through Executive Promotion
  • Earn Generation Commissions on entire Groups in your downline

Right, I can go on from here, but I noticed that even if I copy and paste from the actual compensation plan, most of you will have no f##king idea what any of it means (and I didn’t either!).


Pure Haven Complaints

Okay, now onto the most important section of the review really – complaints offered up by past members and voiced online…

The first, rather obvious complaint came from people outside the US that were looking to take on a New Haven position and start up a business with them…but you can only join if you are a US resident. I found this rather strange and a little limiting for those wanting to build their own business…as you are pretty much stuck in one country (and the world’s a big, BIG place!).

A large number of past members have also fallen at the first hurdle due to the fact that they were bad recruiters. Now, there’s no shame in that really, but a large portion of MLM earnings often come from dragging in new referrals – if you’re no good at that…you’re gonna struggle!


The Lowdown

From what I can see, Pure Haven is definitely NOT a scam opportunity….but it is an MLM opportunity.

This means that you are going to have to pay to play the game and get your foot in through the door (which is something I will never stand behind!).

Could the company be a little bit more transparent on who owns it – yes, definitely.

Are the company products up to scratch – from what I can tell, yes, definitely.

Will you earn any money with the Pure Haven opportunity – 50/50.

Remember, you shouldn’t have to pay to start up your own online business…

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12 comments on “The Pure Haven Essentials Review

  1. I’ve never been big on MLM companies.  Some of my wife’s friends do things like that and it seems to be an awful lot of work for minimal return.

    You really have to be the kind of outgoing person who is not afraid of pushing a product full on all the time even if it isn’t the best.

    1. Hi Stew, 

      Yeah I tend to agree – you really do need to be a bit of a ‘car salesman’ to see some success with these companies. Most of my friends wouldn’t stand for this – and end up telling me where to go! 🙂

  2. Ah, this is very interesting. Thank you for the Pure Haven Essentials Review! I’m always interested in learning about different opportunities out there. I am kind of still involved in an MLM that would be a competitor to this. I’m mostly a customer now as I could never get the hang of that recruiting thing! But you are so right about the compensation plan. I could never quite understand it because there are 4,908 different parts to it! lol

    Anyway, it sounds like Pure Haven has some good products, but it has the same challenges as any other MLM. I found the hardest part in getting people to buy the products in my MLM is that they’re really expensive. And I see the same things here. It’s fine if you can get excited people on your team because they are willing to pay that for an opportunity to make money. But then recruiting people is tricky because it’s too much of a hassle for most people. 

    This is why I went the affiliate marketing route. It’s so much easier, in my opinion! Once you get it going, people come to YOU. Do you think affiliate marketing is a better option? 

    1. Yeah Personally I went the same route Christina – I never really liked the look of paying my way into a MLM setup, so I got an education, and started up a blog…

      Never looked back really. 

  3. HI Chris, As you say the Pure Haven Essentials business really is a Multi level Marketing business and as I have been involved in MLM before it is certainly not one I want to be involved with again. It doesn’t seem to be a bad company, and their products are probably very good, as there have been no  complaints on line but as it is only available in USA, that is a minus.

    To make any money and having to pay for the “privilege” of having to recruit others and sell products before making any money back is silly when there is the option of joining Wealthy Affiliate for nothing. To sell products, you need to use them yourself and that also costs.

    This takes the leg-work out of earning but gives the wonderful opportunity of learning so much.

    1. Glad you agree Jill, and it sounds like you’re interested in the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity we recommend here! 

      Hope it turns out to be a good fit for you! 🙂

  4. That’s an honest review on Pure Haven Essentials. I’ve been engaged with some MLM systems for some time and I must say it’s not easy down that road. Like any other business that requires certain skills to thrive in, you must really equip yourself with the tricks of MLM systems before you can succeed. Can you share briefly about their compensation plan?

    1. Ah in a word…no!

      Sorry mate, I really don’t go into MLM compensation plans, as I point out in the article. They are often way above my head and I don’t fancy a headache!

      Feel free to check out their site yourself and see if you can decipher it. 

  5. Hello Chris,

    I always like everything related to essential oils for the care of our body. Especially if we talk about non-toxic chemicals. In the case of MLM companies, I find it difficult to understand the compensation plans I see that you too. Because it has positive comments, I will surely take it into account if I want to join, I will contact you again.


  6. I have had great success with MLM Companies, if the product is especially good and work wonders for me personally. Organics are a big seller presently so it sounds like Pure Haven is worth a solid try. I would begin by fully immerse myself in using the products and promote the personal benefits I experienced to others. 

    I especially like the wide variety of non-toxic, organic products available. Once you get good results with an individual using one product, you would have a great opportunity to expand your business through the sale of other equally beneficial products. 

    It definitely look worthwhile to take a deep look into the products and marketing plan. The financial and personal benefits of a legitimate MLM plan can be very substantial. 

    1. Fair enough Roger – it’s actually nice to hear from someone who has seen success with a MLM setup, as it doesn’t happen often! 

      Well done and good luck to you sir! 

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