The Pros And Cons of Online Marketing

The Pros And Cons of Online Marketing

In this article we will be covering the pros and cons of online marketing because things ain’t as straightforward as they often seem.

Every big player has some sort of affiliate program in place these days – Amazon, Walmart, Nike…the list goes on and on!

You see, merchants flock to affiliate marketing because they create online sales motivated by performance-based commissions (that was a bit of a mouthful wasn’t it?).

This means that their reach is extended automatically to a larger client base.

Simple websites that have managed to build up a targeted following can turn these people into revenue by placing a simple affiliate link in their content.

This link then acts as a way of converting visitors into revenue without having to deliver products or take orders for products.

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So Chris…What is Affiliate Marketing?

Okay, there are loads of ways of explaining this but most people get it very wrong (for some reason!).

Actually, I often make it a lot more difficult to understand than it really is…

Affiliate marketing allows you (AFFILIATE) to promote product or services online for companies (MERCHANTS).

There, now that wasn’t so bad…was it?

This form of marketing has allowed me to make a full time income online for several years now and I absolutely LOVE IT!

The Pros and Cons With Affiliate Marketing

But it hasn’t all been plain sailing – I got A LOT of things wrong before I started getting a small amount of things right.

That’s pretty much what this article is about today – it’s a way of letting perspective affiliate marketers ‘know the color of the beast’ before they get going…

The Pros and Cons With Affiliate Marketing

The Advantages:

Simple Setup: Getting into this business is super-easy and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Build a website find a affiliate program, choose a product or service to promote and start selling – simple!

Learning = Earning: The pretty cool thing about this business is that you are instantly handed the ability to earn…even if you haven’t necessarily learned the ropes yet!

I was lucky enough to earn commissions as I was promoting the education platform that was teaching me!

Focus On Your Core Skills: If Search Engine Optimization is your key skill, you can focus 100% on rankings and traffic generation.

Everything else is taken care of for you – all you have to do is center in on the promotional techniques that suit you best.

Create Multiple Income Streams: I would always advise newbies to stick to a product or niche they are familiar with when starting out. 

Once you have nailed this niche you have a passion for, you can simply move your template onto a product you are less familiar with.

You can quite easily create numerous income streams on subjects you have no real idea about!

Work From Anywhere: As long as you have an internet connection and a half decent laptop you are good to go (well, even a shitty laptop would do in most cases!).

Affiliate marketers can work from anywhere, so it’s ideal for those who want to work from home.

The Disadvantages:

Temptation: We all remember what happened to Anakin Skywalker right? He turned to the dark side!

Affiliate marketing has a number of HUGE temptations put in place and many ‘white hat’ marketers eventually turn to them.

I’m not judging here – I’ve made a lot of money off these ‘dark’ techniques in the past myself!

The problem is that if you get caught the vendor/merchant you are working for will also get caught – this ain’t cool!

ANY sort of false advertising will ruin your reputation and the merchants – period!

Payment: In some rare cases I have come across affiliate marketers who have seen their commissions go up in smoke!

Unfortunately if you opt to use a ‘smaller’ affiliate platform there is a risk of the product shutting down on you.

I would always advise trying out a top affiliate platform first like Clickbank or Commission Junction.

These types of ‘big players’ will always make sure you are covered as an affiliate – no matter what happens to the vendor!

Fighting The Good Fight: Do you think you’re the only guy/gal out there that has thought about making a living off affiliate marketing?

At the end of the day it’s a super-appealing way to make money online – so every Tom, Dick and Harry is gonna have a blast at it right?

This means one thing – competition!

EVERY decent product out there is going to have a ton of competition for you to get through.

You are going to have to be quicker, smarter and sharper than them…

Does this sound like you?

The Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

These are the the pros and cons of online marketing that I consider to be most important. Many will argue with me – but I’m always right! 🙂

Remember that this type of online business is like game of chess – if you are looking at competitor’s sites then they sure as sh#t are looking at your site!

There are no real friends out there – only competition!

Look at the guy to your left then look at the guy to your right…

Out-think them!

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