The Jaaxy Review


The Jaaxy Review


The days of building a website and watching the visitors roll in are well and truly over my friends! Successful websites now need to be planned around Keyword Research to have any chance of drawing a decent amount of free visitors from search engines.

In this article we will be looking at the online long tail keyword tool that I use to funnel visitors towards my sites. It took a long time coming but when it arrived Jaaxy really turned my online fortunes around…


Those Two Guys Again!

Jaaxy is the brainchild of Wealthy Affiliate owners Kyle & Carson (they get everywhere don’t they!). They had already tackled the lack of options online by creating their own Keyword Tool within the WA Training they provide.

seo keyword research tool free
Kyle & Carson

But they wanted to go a step further and offer an online long tail keyword tool that would really break the mold. They wanted a tool that would centralize their research and offer new dimensions to their analysis…

They came up with Jaaxy – simply the most powerful Keyword research tool on the market today!


A Look Inside Jaaxy

In my opinion Jaaxy is the best keyword analysis tool on the market but it does differ from the other options out there. Let’s take a look at the features that make it stand out from the crowd…



This is our ‘bread and butter’ function – it’s where the magic happens! The Keyword Data Jaaxy provides allows us to build priceless Keyword lists which will help us create SEO friendly content for our site(s).

To show you how this VERY important feature works I will do a test run using the term “Door Handles” so that you can judge the effectiveness yourself:


Snippet of Jaaxy Results


The screenshot above shows the first few results for the search term “Door Handles”. As you can see we are given a lot of parameters for each search term provided:

  • Monthly Searches ( AVG ) – Reveals how many people are using this search term on a monthly basis. We obviously want this number to be as high as possible!
  • Estimated Traffic – This parameter provides you with the amount of traffic your site will receive if you rank on page one of Google (within the first 10 results). Again, the higher the number the better.
  • Quoted Search Result ( QSR ) – This is the exact amount of competition you can expect to face if you choose to use this keyword. It shows you how many other people have had the same idea as you and are already targeting this keyword. We are looking for low numbers with this parameter – Under 300 is a medium-competition keyword. Under 200 is a low competition keyword.
  • Keyword Quality Indicator ( KQI ) – This quality indicator takes all the keyword factors related to the keyword into account and then provides you with advice on whether to use it or not ( VERY handy tool ). It’s set up like a simple traffic light system – Green = good keyword choice, Amber = a pretty average keyword choice, Red = stay well away from this keyword.
  • SEO Power – This function shows you how well an article containing this keyword would do within search engine results. This is rated from 1 to 100 ( the higher the number the better ).
  • Domain Availability – This is a handy little function if you are into flipping domains for money. It basically shows you what domain choices are available for this keyword.

At the bottom of the Keyword Data screen there is also a Save Selected button which allows you to save individual keywords to a specific keyword list. The right side of the screen offers up some Related Keywords to give you a few new ideas.

Now let’s take a slightly more detailed look at the “Door Handles” search we did above:


Jaaxy Search Results


I’ve only included the first 10 results of the query above but you can already see there are a handful of ‘beauties’ there…

  • pella patio door handles
  • vintage door handles
  • amazon door handles

I picked these three due to the fact they had the lowest competition (QSR) out of the top 10 results. They all receive a decent amount of traffic and they all have the green light.

They all provide an SEO in the 90’s which means they would work perfectly in an article you are aiming to rank on the first page of Google’s results!



This function is one of the main reasons Jaaxy is the best keyword analysis tool on the market. When I first signed up for an account I spent hours checking where my pages were ranking within the search engine’s results.

Of course I’ve had to lay off this function a little now but it’s still damn addictive!

Simply enter your page URL along with the keyword you are wanting to rank that page with and see where you are placed in Google’s search results.


Site Rank Image


Every page search you make is stored within this section so you can keep popping back day after day to see the rise (or fall!) of your page’s ranking.

Find out what keywords have worked and what keywords are failing – a VERY handy tool to have included in this package!



This awesome function gives you some insight into what makes your competition tick. Find out why the sites on the first page are continuously outranking you and follow their lead…


search analysis image


Out of the provided metrics above I usually take most note of:

  • Word Count
  • Amount of Backlinks
  • Alexa Ranking

Word Count – Allows you to ​gauge what sort of length is rank appropriate by looking at your competitors word count.

​​Backlinks – These don’t hold as much clout as they used to in Google’s ranking algorithm but they do count for something. Some sites have tens of thousands of decent backlinks to their pages making them difficult to outrank (but NOT impossible to outrank!)

Alexa Ranking – Alexa is one of the leading internet statistics engines and it covers billions of webpages. It’s ranking system basically indicates how popular your site is (the lower the Alexa number the more popular your site is deemed to be). This is a very handy metric to know when you are deciding whether it is possible to break into the first page rankings with a particular keyword.

These three functions above are what I would consider the most powerful Jaaxy has to offer but there is a lot more involved with this Keyword Tool. To find out more about them simply sign up for free here


The Good & The Bad


  • Jaaxy is an online tool which means there is no software to download or install
  • Provides the option to locate Affiliate Programs for a specific keyword phrase
  • Offers a FREE trial membership
  • Amazing QSR function that accurately narrows down the competition
  • You can access the tool from anywhere there’s an internet connection
  • Includes training and detailed explanation of keyword results
  • Fantastic tool for niche research
  • Makes use of data from all the search engines
  • There is a Jaaxy affiliate program
  • Easy to use


  • The full versions may be a little pricey for newcomers to internet marketing
  • ​​Search results sometimes take a minute or two to come through


How Much is This Gonna Cost Me?

​Luckily for both of us, Jaaxy is an extremely affordable and even has a free trial version. Now this trial version allows you to have 30 free searches and I would advise taking this offer up first.

I used my 30 free searches over the period of three weeks and every search offered me a handful of killer keywords I used for site content. It’s a win-win situation really – just sign up for a free account, use the thirty free searches to build a few keyword lists and then leave if you want (there’s no credit card required to sign up!).

The table below shows the membership levels available to you:


I currently have a Pro membership and I it gives me MORE power than I actually need. I hear the Enterprise Membership does offer a few more ‘bells and whistles’ but most marketers find the Pro membership more than adequate!


My Final Take on Jaaxy

I have only scratched the surface when it comes to listing all the features that Jaaxy has to offer – I could write a book on the subject if I had time 🙂

As I mentioned above it makes good sense to use the free trial before you make any sort of decision on the membership plan you are going to choose.

It’s a fantastic tool that is also capable of performing additional tasks and getting extra information. This a tool that can save you a great deal of valuable time, is easy to use with accurate results…

Ready to start your own personal research through Jaaxy? Simply type in a suggestion to the Keyword Research box below and see where it takes you!


177 comments on “The Jaaxy Review

  1. I am trying out Jaaxy for free within my Wealthy Affiliate membership and I love it. Your explanation about SEO and pros vs cons on Jaaxy will help me decide whether I want Pro or Enterprise. Do you find that many people are confused about SEO and what it can do? Some webmasters say that if you provide regular quality content that google rewards you without having to do detailed SEO?

    Do you agree?

    1. Yeah content will always see you through but achieving high rankings will always depend on a couple of keywords here and there. There’s no need to worry as much about ‘keyword density’ these days but they are still ( and always will be ) a powerful form of catching organic traffic. Cheers for stopping by Lin – Jaaxy is definitely worth every penny 🙂

    1. Great stuff! It’s nice to hear from someone else that has experienced the benefits of awesome tool. Cheers for pitching in VenusStar 🙂

  2. I love Jaaxy. This tool is a must needed necessity for building a successful website online. Since I’ve been using it I’ve been able to rank and index in google in the matter of hours. I was so excited! But the best thing about this tool is that they offer the free trial, so I liked that I had a chance to at least try it out first.

  3. Chris,
    I am using Jaaxy for Keyword research and site ranking. I did not realize the competition results could be pulled up. This will be a new tool for me. I use the site rank or page rank to monitor changes to each post to see if my changes make a difference.

    1. John,
      Hi there! Yes the competition parameter is an extremely important part of this tool – it’s one of the reasons it’s so effective. I suggest using it for a few hours today and monitoring your results – get a feel for it ( if you know what I mean ). This competition factor is a very important factor in successful SEO.
      Good luck ( and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need further help with the software! ).

  4. Great review Chris, as a fellow Jaaxy user I completely agree that Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool available to mankind. Your analysis hits the nail on the head.

  5. I used Keyword Canine previously, but it was so buggy all the time that I didn’t renew it this year. I’ve been using a combination of other tools, but I’m always willing to try out a new one and I have some niche projects to work on over the summer 😉

    Thank you for this thorough review, I’ll add Jaaxy to my list of things to test out.

    1. Hi there Loretta,
      I’ve not heard that much about Keyword Canine but it sounds like a bit of a pain – hate it when software bugs out like that ( especially when you are halfway through something! ). Good luck with Jaaxy – you won’t be disappointed 🙂

      1. I hear they worked out all the bugs out of Keyword Canine now, but I haven’t gone back to check it out. I guess I was already soured a little. I liked the tool well enough when it was working, but it seemed to be glitchy a lot of the time. I don’t use a keyword tool every day so it just wasn’t worth the hefty price tag for me right now.

        I think Jaaxy aving a “light” or free option is cool because it serves as both a research and brainstorming tool.

        1. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Keyword Canine when I tried it out due to the factors you mentioned – the bugs! On many occasions I lost the research I had been digging down into due to a freeze or refresh. Never had any of those problems with Jaxxy and love the results I see from it. You’re right about the free option to – a great way to do some free research and see if the tool is for you or not 🙂
          Thanks for stopping by Loretta – good luck with your Jaaxy Journey!

  6. Hey Chris

    Great review and a truly amazing tool for keyword research.

    I have been using Jaaxy for a few weeks now and there is one question that I am still looking for clarity on.

    The terms for example ‘top 10’ and ‘top ten’ display different results for QSR and visitors. are these viewed as completely separate keywords, or as the same? QSR seems to drop significantly with the written word.

    1. Hi there Marc,
      Yes there’s a BIG difference between the two terms you’ve mentioned there – they must be regarded as two completely separate keywords. Find out which one has the best ( lowest ) QSR rating and go for that one. Remember – you are looking for exact terms to concentrate on.

  7. Jaaxy is indeed the most powerful tool for an online marketer. It all begins from profitable keywords. Having this tool is like a gun for a cowboy. What do you perfer? A gun or just bare hand to go on a fight? Sure the answer is obvious enough.
    I personally think that Jaaxy keyword tool has saved my valuable time which I will never get it back.

  8. Hi Chris you have put together an awesome overview of Jaxxy and I congratulate you on your very comprehensive review of this awesome research tool and I concur that it’s a fantastic tool that can save you a great deal of valuable time, is easy to use with accurate results… I too have gotten very good results from using this underrated tool. I say underrated because it is not well known and yet it is so powerful. Keep up the good work informing your reader about these good things. 🙂

  9. Ever since Google canceled their external keyword tool and incorporated it into their Adwords program there has not been a keyword tool to help all the online marketers within a price range that was affordable. Now that Jaaxy is available, online marketers again have the ability to find the keyword worth their investment in time and money.Your review is very precise in all of the quirks that marketers are needing. Thank you for this review.

    1. Hi Kenneth ( and Peter & Edy! )
      Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. It seems as if all of you have been lucky enough to experience the power of Jaaxy – awesome! I’m glad you agree with the review we put up. It truly is a wonderful internet marketing weapon – the best I have at my disposal 🙂

  10. Hey Chris,

    This is an awesome tool you reviewed here, and explained the basic concept of it very, very well!
    I’ve personally signed up for the free version of Jaaxy and am not through my 30 searches yet.. To be honest if I read your review here I’ve actually been underestimating the power of it..
    I mean for the keyword research itself there are great tools available for free (For example the one you mentioned, the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool), it all just takes a little more time with that tool. The other options on Jaaxy like search analysis and Site Rank are pure gold! They are actually worth much more than the price you pay for a pro or enterprise membership.

    Thanks for rekindling my interest in Jaaxy!


    1. Hi Maarten,
      Yeah there’s a little bit of a steep learning curve to get over first with it before you realize how powerful it is. Some of the parameters it offers are extremely helpful to your SEO.

  11. I agree that these two guys are everywhere and when they are close to you you should expect their helpful hand. They have created a few great tools and Jaaxy is one of them. I can agree that for a newbie it can be a bit pricey but if we are in the business we should cut some of our expenses for the sake of our business. And Jaaxy is a must have tool because it makes the whole process of a keyword research much easier. Once you know its benefits you will realize how important it’s for your online business.

  12. Chris,

    I simply love yur artice and I was using Jaaxy Pro for quite a while, well not using it as such but had purchased it. As a result of a long term out of action about to hit any day now, I cancelled my subscription and hope to return to it after my illness eases a little, and then on to Jaaxy premium for me. I have been studying the reviews and hope to promote Jaaxy bigtime when I arrive back. I agree with your reader Peter that Jaxxy is an under rated tool. Hopefully I can help put in on the market moreso when I return.

    For me to type this much Chris so painful and slow (Blinking Parkinsons), so I will bid u Adieu!

    Mary Somers

    1. Hi Mary,
      Very sad to hear that you are so ill at the moment – thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon 🙂

  13. Jaaxy is such a great tool that I love using and im really on the fence as to whether to start using it or not. This is a good review though and it really illustrates how simple it is to use but also how indepth the results that it displays. Way more simple than the google tool. I might take stock and think about how much more I can invest in a month into tools. Thank you.

  14. You simply never cease to deliver good and great reviews on some of the pressing issues in the internet marketing industry.

    Jaaxy. I have heard about it. But didn’t really know what it’s full functions were. But upon reading your article I have been enlightened. But if I may ask, if there a way to get a discount for the purchase if I choose to buy outright without having to try out the free free version?

    1. Hi Fidel – nice to speak with you again 🙂
      As far as I know there’s no discount for this tool – it’s very cheaply priced on a monthly basis! You get a free trial run of 30 searches then it’s totally up to you if you want to continue with it. Hope this answers your question!

  15. Hi Cris, you may consider yourself lucky for having such a powerful tool as Jaaxy at hand.

    I am afraid I cannot afford it, but it indeed makes good sense to use the free trial as you rightly write. I did this earlier, and that is why I am able to appreciate the tool and the text you presented here. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Jovo, well sorry to hear you cannot afford the tool at present. Maybe in a few weeks your marketing efforts will be able to cover the cost – good luck 🙂

  16. Hi Chris

    Great review as all of yours man!

    Im just starting to make my way on this internet marketing thing, and I have heard a lot of good words about Jaaxy. Im really tempted to subscribe.

    Im currently using some other free tools available, but the advantage I see in Jaaxy is that you have the “all in one” package right there.

    I can see that it is a great tool, but I have a question, is it worth it?
    Please, I do not intend that you reveal how good you are doing, that would be impolite. I would ask you, on your experience as an internet entrepreneur, did you feel that the Jaaxy tool pro package did add real value to your work?

    Thanks and warm regards!

    1. Hi Fito, I’ll be honest with you – I would be totally lost without Jaaxy and my rankings would be awful LOL ( how’s that for honesty? ). Is it worth it? It certainly is – it’s leaps and bounds ahead of the other keyword tools out there 🙂

  17. Jaaxy is a classic name for such a great Keyword Research Tool. It is fairly simple to use and presents the most accurate and best results to guarantee success in terms of beating out the competition with unique Keyword Selections made on the spot. 🙂 I highly recommend it.

    It is great to know we get 30 Free Searches for when we Create a Jaaxy Account.

    And if one wants to go further, Jaaxy Pro is the way to go. 😀

    Wishing you all the best with your online accomplishments above and beyond the horizon,


  18. I agree with your sentiments about JAAXY. It really is an amazing tool and if you understand about SEO you will use JAAXY with a massive degree of success.JAAXY as you point out is really something that everybody should use when building their website, it simply makes your keyword choices simpler and more importantly far less time consuming because as we all know keyword searches can take up a lot of time. Good job 🙂

  19. to be honest for the longest time I was so reluctant to actually try Jaaxy at first, but the reality is it’s the shit, nothing really works better, not even the free tool at WA.I like how the green dot literally tells you if its a go or not. also, you can research a lot of the keywords first on google before you put them in!

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

  20. Great post on Jaaxy spelling out why it is such a fantastic Internet tool. I have been using this SEO tool right from the beginning and as you have mentioned the functions and its ability are truly assume. Without a doubt this is definitely something that anybody can benefit from using.

  21. Hello Chris , very interesting review on a very important subject.The WA keyword tool is an awesome resource for finding low competition keywords and this tool is only a small portion of the Jaaxy tool developed by the same team.

    I have tested Jaaxy few weeks ago and indeed is an incredible tool not only for keywords.Compared to the WA keyword tool is way faster and it provides additional data that can save a lot of time , which matters.Still I have not yet upgraded but that is on my future plans.

    As you said , I find a lot of marketers that believe Jaaxy is a little expensive , but sometimes quality is more important.

    Do you think that the ability to track affiliate programs for keywords is this tool key component?

    I think I will go for the Pro instead of the Enterprise , at least for a start.I don’t want to pay $30 more per month.

    What it happens if you upgrade to Pro and want to return to the free version?…Is that allowed?

    1. Hi Tasos,
      No, once you’ve upgraded you will not get a chance to try the tool out again for free unless you use a separate email account ( it’s not a free option – it’s a trial after all! )

  22. Great review of the Jaaxy. Another awesome tool from Wealthy Affiliate – a program that is continuously taking care of its premium members. All you find inside WA is designed to help you a business owner in order to improve your site rankings and overall experience. Jaaxy is my favourite tool and I’ve been using it for over a year now and it is definitely helping me improve my website rankings. Give it a try and you will love it.

  23. Wow, that is a very informative review on Jaaxy.

    I am a pro member and use this tool everyday – it is so easy to use and find ideas for articles to write. You are so right when you say that the ranking tool is addictive.

    I didn’t know about the search analysis tool that you mentioned to ‘spy’ on your competition, but I am definitely going to investigate that one a bit more.

  24. Hi Chris,
    Just finished your review and I learned a few things. I have been using Jaaxy for a few weeks now but have not yet used all of the features you talk about. The search analysis is one of the things I have not used yet and after reading your review I will have to check it out. How useful do you find that? Is it more for when you are starting out or is it good to keep checking up on?

    1. The Search Analysis is VERY important Jim – you may think you have found a good keyword but what is the competition like on the first page of Google?

  25. Hi Chris,

    Here are 3 reasons why I love Jaaxy.

    1) It helps me overcome writer’s block. Sometimes, you just run out of topic ideas. Jaaxy has a great brainstorm feature to help you dig into longer keywords or reveal keywords variations.

    2) SiteRank keeps me updated with my post performance. Everyone keeps talking about SEO, but if you don’t know the approximate ranking of your post, you won’t even know where to start with SEO.

    3) It’s really easy to use. No graphs, no charts. Just translating numbers into actions. Other keyword tools have a lot of arrows pointing up and down and this can be really confusing, especially for beginners.

    Bonus – I love the clean-looking interface.

    1. Yeah, I hear you with overcoming writer’s block Cathy – it’s awesome at spitting out new article ideas! Nice to hear that you’ve been seeing some success through the tool. Good luck! 🙂

  26. Hi Chris, thanks for the great instruction. Because I have just started to use Jaaxy, paid my first $19, I find it helpful using the keyword search, but I’ve had not much idea how to use other functions, I haven’t tried any of those yet. There is a tutorial within Jaaxy but seem be a lot to learn. So your article within one page is very clear and has helped me by reading it. Great job, thank you!

    1. Great to hear that this review helped you out somewhat Ray – don’t forget to use the contact form on this site if you need any extra help with the program! 🙂

  27. Hi Chris,

    Excelent review of Jaaxy and how it work! I am on that, the free trial version and I have to admit it is awesome made my marketers for marketer! In fact I am pretty sure the makers use it themselves (I think, but dont quote me on it they actually programmed the software themselves)

    I did not realise I can analyse my competition using Jaaxy, I’ll need to focus more on that part. is that available to the ordianary members 19$ version or the $50/month version.

    Before I do go premium I am checking out other keyword research tools.

  28. I just have a question about jaaxy. I am wondering whether tools like keyword research tools like Jaaxy always provide accurate volume data results for the keywords you may want to use. The experience I had with jaaxy with some keywords I used did not correspond to other keyword research tools I was using. However, some keywords corresponded. My question is are these research tools up to date for all the keywords or why would these research tools give different results? Thank you.

    1. The problem you are witnessing is the other tools being completely out of date – something that will never happen with Jaaxy!

  29. Hey there Chris,
    Of all the keyword tools I’ve come across, Jaaxy is definitely the best one to date. Google keyword tool isn’t as accurate, they only give rough estimations of the traffic instead of accurate numbers.

    Other keyword tools on the other hand, costed hundreds. A keyword tool is definitely a blogger’s best friends but they shouldn’t be costing too much as not everyone has that kind of money to spend when starting right?

  30. Hi there Chris,

    Awesome review of what is essential to all sorts of website creators to check if their desired keywords are going rank & possibly bank too.

    There are other keyword tools out there, I am checking the market and effectiveness of such tools. What do you think about Long tail pro and Market samurai? for example? how do they differ and compare to Jaaxy?

  31. I am somewhat of a novice with Jaaxy but I have used it enough to know the value of this great key word tool. Your review is a great resource for someone like myself with limited experience in the use of the tool. Great review I learned about some features of Jaaxy that I didn’t even know existed. Thank you.

    1. No problem Ralph – glad you found the information helpful. If you’re stuck with anything in particular just drop me a line through the contact form on this site. 🙂

  32. This keyword tool sounds pretty good. I like the KQI feature. I haven’t seen that before, but it looks like something that really make the decision process a lot easier.
    I spend so long on keyword research and usually don’t get very far as I already have ideas in my head (of the topics I want to write about) which limits the usefulness of the ideas I find. I wonder if Jaaxy would make it easier for me?


    1. Oh yes I get a ton of ideas off it Robin – I sort of use it in conjunction with the ‘Google Alphabet Soup’ technique. Works wonders! 🙂

  33. Enjoyed your content and liked the style of your writing. Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool I have ever used! I used to hate that part of blogging – finding keywords was so time consuming and boring.
    But I am so glad I bought Jaaxy. you can cut you keyword research time in half and jaaxy is so easy to use. and I love keyword research now!

    1. Yeah I know what you mean mate – I used to take hours to find keywords for articles, hated it myself! Jaaxy is the bomb!!!! 🙂

  34. Great review of Jaaxy – I’ve heard of several kinds of keyword tools online, but this one seems the most clear and the best I’ve seen from your review and explanation. It sounds like the owners, because they understand SEO and affiliate marketing, know the needs of people to do good keyword research and created a great tool. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Maria!

      Yeah Kyle & Carson seem to get it right with EVERY product they release – very impressive marketers at the end of the day!

  35. Haven’t seen a Jaaxy review before. After coming across a ton of different Wealthy Affiliate reviews, it was nice to read about Jaaxy. I love the way you covered all of the different facts about it. I use it personally and love it to the point where I don’t even use the keyword tool on WA anymore. Great job!

    1. Ah I take it you’re a WA member who has taken on Jaaxy as well? Great stuff Shawn – all the tools are in place now for your success! 🙂

  36. Hi Chris. I’ve only used the Jaaxy free trial so far.

    If I were being honest, I would say that I was a bit confused about what all the terms meant. You have definitely cleared all that up for me!

    I would really like to purchase it in the future but right now it’s just not possible. When do you know that it’s vital to make that investment even though your pocketbook is cringing at the very idea?



    1. Well I would advise you never to buy what you cannot afford Wendy. Internet marketing can be very expensive but you always have to put food on the table first. If you can’t afford it – Jaaxy can wait!

  37. Hi there,

    Jaaxy is a powerful research tool for finding great keywords and to know the behaviour of potential visitors by knowing what is being searched for in the search engines.

    I have mastered and outgrown the free tool on WA, Time for an upgrade I think.

    before I do, how does jaaxy compare to long tail pro?

    1. Much better in my book Derek – more precise and without all the long-winded crap that Long Tail Pro throws up at you!

  38. I have been searching for a keyword tool that would do more then the one I am using now. I am going to do the free version of it to see if it is all it claims to be. If it is then I will definitely upgrade. Thanks a lot for this information.

  39. Hi Chris, I would definitely give a thumbs up for Jaaxy pro. With all the competition out there it is easy to see why those two guys, Kyle and Carson would come up with something to make peoples jobs easier. I will have to look into signing up. Thanks for the heads up!

  40. Love your review on jaaxy. I think it is the best keyword tool around. I used to hate keyword research. It was so time consuming and boring.
    Jaaxy is much better, and is so much more than just a keyword tool! I think it’s great how you can spy on the competition, it really helps

    1. Yeah I’ve never turned back really Jenny – once I used it that was it…every other keyword tool pales in comparison!

  41. Thank you so much for the info! I’ve just signed up for the Jaaxy free trial. I used to use google keywords a lot but since they’ve done away with it I’ve been at a loss.

    I love the detailed information the reports give you, and yes – especially the competition tab within Jaaxy.

    One of the best things I like is that I can use it to research my next posts topics if I’m stuck for creation and content ideas…. if I click on ‘dig’ I can see lots of related suggestions and find longer tail keywords too.

    I really appreciate the tip! Thanks again!

  42. Hey Chris, good review on Jaaxy. I have a free account on Jaaxy and tried that. I found that quite helpful for those who really want to rank high on google.
    Till now, I did not upgrade, I use the free keyword tool available at Wealthy Affiliate and I find that also good.
    But now, I am thinking to expand my site as well thinking of building another site. So, may be it is the right time to upgrade on Jaaxy.

    1. Well don’t run before you can walk Sangeeta – make sure you can afford the full version first (and don’t spread yourself too thin with the websites either!).Good luck!

  43. As I have created a new website I wonder what I am going to write about. This Jaaxy tool sounds quite impressive. It can help me come up with topics for my site.

    One of your cons says it can be pricey for newcomers. Would you recommend a certain timeframe when to sign up and pay for this tool?

    1. Yes it certainly will help you come up with ideas for your articles/posts Owain. There is a trial version with it and I recommend giving that a test run first! 🙂

  44. Hi,

    This looks like a really good keyword tool. I’ve used the Google tool and never really had any complaints with it but after reading this review I’m starting to think that maybe i should consider switching.

    I just checked out Jaaxy’s website and did you know they also have a referral program? That’s pretty neat. If you can refer just 2 people it will pay for the program.

    This feature alone might make jaaxy worth while. Thanks for the info.


    1. Yeah they have a referral program for people who are apt at internet marketing – most decent marketing software options do these days.

  45. Beautiful review on Jaaxy. I have only used their free version because I am using Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword tool that’s included in their premium membership. That also provides QSR and searches per month and as far as I know that’s more or less all that you need. To check site rankings I use Serplab which is also a free service and it shows tens or even hundreds of rankings at the same time.

    1. Ooof be careful of the results with Serplab Roope – not the most accurate I’m afraid! Still it’s great to hear you took on the education at the WA and are enjoying the ride…see you on the inside 🙂

  46. Hi!

    I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and I use the WA Keyword Tool. I have a question regarding to Jaxy: When is the right time to buy an advanced keyword tool like Jaxy?

    I have just started with Wealthy Affiliate and I haven’t made any money from my website, so I was wondering when it’s worthy to buy a more advanced keyword tool

    1. Hi there,
      If you’ve just started out then it’s probably best you hold off Jaaxy for a few weeks until you get confident with your writing. The WA keyword tool is pretty good for starters. When you are churning out articles at a comfortable rate then maybe look at taking on a Jaaxy membership?

  47. Hi Chris,
    A very comprehensive review of Jaaxy. I tried a number of other keyword tools before I landed on Jaaxy. Including the keyword tool included with Wealthy Affiliate which is also great.

    However, it wasn’t until I started using Jaaxy that I really noticed the difference in the quality of keywords and consequently the performance of those keywords on my site. It is just so easy to read the data, and I love the traffic light system, it makes everything so much clearer when you’re starting out. I used my free searches sparingly to start with but soon saw the value in it and didn’t want the inconvenience of going searching for another keyword tool that might match it.

    You’re going to need to invest something into your business, you can’t go wrong with Jaaxy.


    1. That takes me back Jenny – I also used my free searches sparingly when I first came across this tool (I wasn’t that successful at the time and had little money to invest in my business!).

      Jaaxy was eventually key to turning around my fortunes though! 🙂

  48. Thanks for writing this review on Jaaxy. I totally agree with you about this keyword research tool. I use it every week to help me come up with content. And it has yet to fail me. I love how it makes keyword research so simple. I just look for the green dots and traffic and I’m good to go. I don’t have to dive in deeper than that. So it’s totally worth the investment. I agree the professional version is pricey and not necessary for everyone. But I have it and its definitely been a time saver for me.

    1. Great to hear you use this tool on a site that’s as successful as yours Eddy – shows how powerful the keyword tool is!!!!

  49. Hi Chris,
    Jaaxy sounds superb.

    I use Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword tool which isn’t just at the same level as Jaaxy but has provided me with great keywords for posts so far. As I write more content I will be crossing over to Jaaxy as it sounds a powerful bit of kit.

    Every post I write I use keywords derived from the keyword tool – High Traffic / low competition keywords.

    Can I ask regarding Jaaxy as I can’t find this answer:
    Can you search for video competition keywords for YouTube?
    I understand Jaaxy used to search them but not sure now.
    Thanks for your time,

    1. No Jaaxy never searched for them Simon (someone’s been telling you porkys!!!!). There did used to be a YouTube Keyword tool but that has been retired by Google now. Anyway, ranking videos on YouTube is child’s play mate – you don’t need a tool for that! 🙂

  50. Hi Chris,
    No no one is telling porkys – ha!!
    Kyle did a Jaaxy video on how to place his video ‘How to build a free website online’ and get it to the no1 spot on YouTube through Jaxxy’s video competition tab.
    This has baffled quite a few people, where the video competition tab is. But as you use Jaaxy I gather you will have noticed this competition tab.
    I’ll send you the link to the video if you wish to take a look.
    Let me know,

    1. I’ll have to have a closer look for that – I’ve used Jaaxy since it was released (Beta) and I’ve never seen this YouTube Function! There is a general competition parameter – maybe he’s on about that?

  51. I have just started to learn about SEO, and it seems that Jaaxy is an excellent tool when trying to find keywords.

    Keywords seem to be how you find what people are searching for on the internet, and so finding keywords that you can rank for seem to be very important.

    The interface of Jaaxy looks simple to use and offering a free trial also makes me want to purchase this even more.

    1. Well don’t jump in too fast Michael – make sure you use the trial wisely to see if this tool is a good fit for you! It is a professional level keyword tool after all.

  52. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for info about this pretty useful research tool. I had no idea it shows up the competition also and we can do a little bit of spying and know what it takes to rank high in the search engines.

    How does it compare to other similar tools used for finding keywords such and long tail or canIrank’s own tool?

    1. Well I have no idea what canIrank’s own tool is Derek but I have used Long Tail Pro (is that what you were referring to?). Anyway – I find Jaaxy completely superior to the other options out there!

  53. Hi Chris,

    I find Jaaxy is a great tool for finding keywords I can sit for ages building lists, just testing things out for future use. It can be quite distracting.

    Another feature I find very useful is the affiliate program finder, just type in your niche/ interest and get a list of potential affiliate programs along with links to the product website and the potential commission available for each sale/referral.

    Great review.

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Funnily enough I don’t really use the affiliate product finding function that often – which is why I didn’t give it much coverage in the review!

      It is a great function but I’ve just had no real call for it’s services so far!

  54. I’ve been using Jaaxy since I first started blogging and it was one of the best decisions I made since. Not only do I find that it gives me an all around better list of keywords to choose from, but I get to know the traffic amount, the rates, and the overall profitability from each keyword.

    I think it’s time that I move past my trial and go premium on that site.

    1. Yeah premium is actually extremely reasonable on a monthly basis – it’s the level I’m at (and it gives me everything I need and more really!). It’s been a complete game changer for me in terms of traffic and website popularity – I’ve never looked back!

      Great to meet you Jaylin

  55. Chris,
    Excellent article as you really took the time to explain to your readers, not familiar with how to conduct proper research on keywords needs to be achieved as well as the incredible tool that is Jaaxy.

    When I joined WA some 20 months ago I remember within a week I had heard about WA and soon after invested into a plan to use Jaaxy to help me with my content articles.

    There is no other comparable tool anywhere. The one con that you mentioned, a long load time to produce results I have personally experienced. However it occurs so infrequently that I don’t personally consider it to be a big deal.


    1. Hi Jeff,

      No, the long loading time for results does not happen that often…but when it does it can get right on your nerves!

      To be honest with you that’s the only gripe I have with this amazing tool – and it’s not really much of a gripe when you think about it!

  56. Hi Chris,
    This looks like a must have tool for keyword research.
    Just one question I was trying to decide whether to get the Pro or Enterprise package and I noticed that the Pro doesn’t have QSR as part of the package, is that a big problem or is it best to get the Enterprise package?

    1. No you definitely need the QSR function Anthony – that’s actually the most important function. Are you quite sure you read this correctly? I have the Pro version and I have the QSR function? I think you may be wrong here…

  57. Hey Chris, nice review of Jaaxy. I was using it for awhile then I stopped because I realized they offered the keyword tool in WA, obviously without as many features.

    I never thought to use the site ranker to check on the competition. Is this the only way to check, by manually entering they keywords & URLs?

    Speaking of competition, if the QSR is low, say under 100, but when you google the keyword you see a lot of authority sites (amazon, pinterest, etc.) on the first page, should you still go after that keyword?

    1. It totally depends on how much work you are willing to put into that article Jeremy. I was taught not to compete with the big boys like Amazon but that’s just not me – I would rather crack at them on a daily basis…and win! 🙂

  58. Hi Chris, This is a nice write up of Jaaxy.
    As a “PRO” subscriber to Jaaxy, it has become my go to keyword research tool.
    Very handy for picking out those low competition keyword phrases when building a niche website.
    I love the Site Rank feature too for getting a benchmark of where a particular page ranks.
    Great website overall! I enjoyed perusing it.
    Cheers, Oren

    1. You ‘enjoyed perusing it’?

      No idea what that word means so I’ll have to Google it LOL (much too posh for a Saturday morning mate!). Great to hear that Jaaxy is cutting the mustard for you – it’s an awesomely powerful tool if used correctly!

  59. Wow I mean I recently started using Jaaxy but I still learned a thing or two from your in-depth review! And I totally agree with you, its indeed super useful! As soon as I start making money online I will go premium and get to the top of rankings.

    1. Don’t forget you’ve only got 30 free searches with the trial so make them count. If you use your head, you could get at least 70 odd keywords for articles out of it before having to upgrade! 🙂

  60. You are right about the importance of keyword research. I did a good research a few weeks ago that has improved the kind of visitors to my site.

    I just learned about the long tailed keywords and they realy do help to get targetted visitors to a website. I like the idea that Jaaxy lets you spy on your competition so you can strategize.

    I also like the enterprise version of Jaaxy with the instant results for domain availability.

    I didn’t do a lot of research when I was looking for a domain name for my site. Now I am paying dearly for it.
    I do think that Jaaxy is a little pricey like you mentioned but it is worth it.

    1. Yeah most decent tools come at a cost these days…don’t they Denise?

      Glad you’ve been able to get your head around the importance and the power of long tailed keywords – they really can be the difference between your site growing or your site tanking. Good luck with your Jaaxy journey! 🙂

  61. Nice review on Jaaxy, I have tried it before and ran out of the 30 searches. I am also a member of the WA community and they have a keyword tool as well, its not as advanced as Jaaxy but it suits my needs. Once my income grows I may consider changing form the wa keyword tool to Jaaxy!

    How much more advanced is Jaaxy compared to WA’s keyword tool in your opinion?
    Thanks -Schilling

    1. Oh it’s a lot more advanced Jacob – you have the ability to dig right down into keyword phrases and find quite awesome long tailed variations!

  62. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for a very interesting and informative article.
    I am already using Jaaxy for the keyword advantage but I never really checked out the site rank and the search analysis options but I can definitely see how this will greatly benefit growing my website and helping with my keyword search efforts.

    I have also starting reading your other posts and will certainly bookmark your site to come back and visit again.

    Thanks for all of your information,

    1. Well thanks for the bookmark Angela – it’s great to hear that you are enjoying the articles we have here!

      You really should think about checking out ALL the parameters Jaaxy has to offer. You are already paying a subscription so it makes sense to use it properly right?

      It’s an extremely powerful tool when you know how to use all of it’s functions – good luck 🙂

  63. Great review on Jaxxy. This keyword research tool was one of the reasons that I became a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community. Not only have I had an answer to any question that I can think of from WordPress to SEO by this amazing community, but like you said, keyword research is key to writing content that will drive traffic to our websites. Jaxxy makes that keyword research so effective and easy!

    1. Yeah I would be completely lost without this tool Michael – content relies so heavily on keywords you NEED a tool that is going to stand above the rest. It’s the best investment I’ve made in terms of SEO.

  64. Hey Chris, You are absolutely correct, keywords are vital to ranking your website and getting the traffic you need to your website or blog. Jaaxy is a powerful tool and can help bloggers take their sites from no traffic to daily traffic if used within their content correctly. When you start to create your article or post you have to really give structure it in a way to utilize all of the keywords possible to generate raw traffic.

    1. Hmm I’m in two minds about your comment Spencer – whilst I agree with you to a point I can’t really go with ‘utilize all of the keywords possible to generate raw traffic’. I tend to base each article I write around one keyword…and use the remaining keywords for separate articles (way more content on your site and way more traffic!).

      See what I’m getting at?

  65. I’ve read a few reviews on Jaaxy, but I reckon this is one of the best I’ve read for some time. I have found this to be a very detailed and comprehensive review.

    I’ve used up my free trial of Jaaxy awhile ago now and am just using the free Keyword Tool in WA, but I feel that it has reached the limit of it’s usefulness and that I need more.

    Initially I baulked at the Pro membership but I think your review has answered the question for me.

    1. Well Adrian, the free WA option is still a great tool but you are sometimes limited by the amount of results it spits out at you! Jaaxy is a BIG step forward on this front – very powerful and informative!

      You won’t be disappointed…

  66. Very informative post on Jaaxy. I know Kyle covered some of this information in one of our trainings at WA but I had no idea Jaaxy could do some many things. I had no idea Jaxy provided site rank analysis. I know I will definitely will be using this feature now. It’s good that it’s also available with this free trial. Thanks for this clear informative article. All the best.

    1. Well enjoy your trial Kay. Just remember that you have 30 searches – so make a record of every keyword and use them well. Good luck!

  67. I’ve had jaaxy pro for a couple years. My favorite feature is the site rank parameter – it’s a super powerful aspect of the tool.

    I used to locate my posts that are on page 2 or 3 of Google…then I update those posts with better images , latest info and maybe a new video….

    Then sit back and watch the rank climb again.

    The alphabet soup is great for long tail ideas too.

    Over the years I’ve used a lot of different SEO tools but the results often seemed a bit dated at best. I even found Long Tail Pro to be a bit ‘off’ with it’s results.

    What do you think about long tail pro and jaaxy when put side to side – do you think there is any comparison? Also, how has your ranking been effected by using jaaxy – are you one of the successful ones?

    1. Hi Janelle,

      I also really like the Site Rank feature…but I was guilty of using it a bit too often if I’m honest with you! It’s great to follow the progress of your posts and articles but it’s easy to get wrapped up in it day after day (freaking out when your post drops a couple of places for no reason!).

      I have used Long Tail Pro and I also found the results pretty bland at best – it doesn’t seem anywhere near as powerful as Jaaxy is and the competition feature is a bit sketchy at best.

      After using Jaaxy I canceled all my other subscriptions to SEO tools – there’s just no point in using them. Jaaxy has it all in one box at the end of the day. And it works…WELL.

  68. I completely agree with how important Jaaxy is, I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. it has so many help features. This website is perfect for outlining exactly what it does, so thank you very much for this piece of content. It really does help rank your websites so much easier and more effective. 

  69. Hello Chris!

    At the moment I haven’t tried anything but Jaaxy, funny name though. So far I am very satisfied with how good it really is. Kyle and Carson have done a really good job making this keyword search engine. Have you tried anything else but Jaaxy? I’d like trying others to compare


  70. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for all that great information. I have been using the free version at WA for my posts, and as a result I have about 14 posts that rank on page one of a google search. You’ve just reconfirmed again what an essential tool it is for building and ranking websites. We have Kyle and Carson to thank again. Great review Chris.

  71. Thanks for this great review of Jaaxy! I personally use Jaaxy in combination with a couple other keyword tools, and I’m definitely most comfortable with Jaaxy. 

    One thing that I see a lot of people underestimate about Jaaxy is the ‘domain’ function within your keyword searches. When brainstorming ideas for a domain, I used to manually input each one to see if they were available, but with Jaaxy you can just run a search of your keyword and see which variations on it have available ‘.com’ domains. 

    The Search Analysis tool looks good, I can’t say I’ve used it that much though. Is it available to Jaaxy Lite? Thanks.

  72. I currently have a jaxxy account and use it all the time to find keywords for my blog posts. My blog is about 12 months old and my organic traffic is steadily increasing, I couldn’t have done it without Jaxxy.

    Although there is one thing I’m concerned about, and that is the accuracy of the tool. There are some posts with keywords where there’s lots of searches (30,000+ for example), and I rank first or second page for it, but I’m not seeing anywhere near 30,000 in traffic for that post, I get maybe 50-100 only. I wonder why that is, any ideas?

    1. What metric are you looking at for this result Kent? Remember that Jaaxy can only ESTIMATE the traffic you get, it’s no crystal ball. 

      Just keep on trusting in it’s low competition suggestions. 

  73. Jaaxy, in my personal opinion, is probably the best keyword tool out there. There are so many functions in it that will help get your website ranked in the search engines that it makes so much sense to try it out and then sign up for one of the main memberships. I know Jaaxy was revamped not too long ago, within the last year or so and I was wondering what is probably your most used feature now outside of the keyword research on it? Do you use the Alphabet Soup technique at all?

    1. No the Alphabet Soup technique is pretty shit as far as I’m concerned Brian – never really helped me at all. I just use the google suggest with an idea then plug it into Jaaxy – simple! 🙂

  74. Dear Chris,

    I am using Jaaxy for keyword research for nearly 2 years and to be honest with you Jaxxy is the best keyword research I came across online. Alphabet soup technique and brainstorm features are like icing on the cake to Jaaxy.

    They do provide some great video training which explains everything in detail and some free downloads.

    The best thing is you can sign up to Jaaxy for free and see by yourself all the features and benefits you can get and then decide to upgrade. 

    Based on my own experience I completely agree with your review!

    Wishing you all the very best!

    Your Friend,


  75. Hi Chris, this is great, i am currently a user of Jaaxy pro, and what you have listed here is a real solid honest review of simply an amazing product. Whether for keyword research, site rank, or search analysis, this is a tool that is a must have for any budding website builder, or right through to the professional full time online entrepreneur. This is a good review that will help people make the right decision on a essential tool for there online business.

    Thanks Shane     

  76. I have had a Jaaxy Pro account for a long time now and it is the most useful blogging tool I have. I use it everyday, and never write a post for my website without finding a keyword or two first on Jaaxy.

    You are right when you say that it has so many uses it is hard to write it all down, as there are a lot more bells and whistles you can use that aren’t even mentioned here.  My favorite is the site rank, as you can see in an instant where your post is ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

    However, even though I have been a member for a few years, I have never used (didn’t even know it existed) the search analysis (spy on your competition). In fact I am going to head on over to Jaaxy right now to try it out.

    1. Yeah you’re not the first Jaaxy member to not know about the search analysis benefits Michel – get on it girl and check out your competition! 🙂

  77. Hey Chris,

    I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a while now, and I have been using the free version of Jaaxy since I started.  I agree with you that it is a very powerful tool when it comes to SEO. However, I just realized after reading your article that I have been overlooking some key features of it all along.  I have completely neglected going through the “search analysis” part of it, which you provide great insight with this analysis. 

    Thanks for the heads up, I will definitely use it for more than just looking for keywords from now on.

    On another note, have you tried the new free tool from Neil Patel called ubersuggest?  And if so what are your thoughts on it?  

    1. Yeah the search analysis is key to finding a successful phrase Denis – you will see a drastic change in your fortunes when you start using it. 

  78. What a great Jaaxy review! I use Jaaxy all the time for my longtail keyword research. You can find all the longtail keywords that you can use to create content around and get it ranked well in the Google Search results. Without Jaaxy I would be lost not knowing what the right keywords I would need to even get close to number 1 in Google. If you are into affiliate marketing you need to have Jaaxy!

    1. Hi Cory! 

      Well it sounds a though Jaaxy is working out just fine for you. Hope you see continued success with it in the future! 

  79. I would definitely need this when I become a full time affiliate. I totally love that it isn’t a software to installed. The feature that enables the user to spy on other leading site and a certain why they are ranked over you, is a crucial one for an affiliate. Combined with the feature that enables you track your rank on search engines these features would definitely help you track your progress as an affiliate. Thanks for the review .. I appreciate it

  80. Every successful marketer requires great tools, and I must say Jaaxy would be one I would always have in my toolbox. It has so many features that you can use to get one step ahead of your competition. Which is definitely a good thing when organic rankings are at stake. Keywords are a vital part of any online business Jaaxy allows you to become a keyword expert. Well worth investing in the tool for sure.

    1. Sounds like you’ve been using Jaaxy for quite some time now Martin, good to hear! 

      Hope it’s helped your marketing efforts online reach new heights, thanks for commenting. 

  81. I’ve been using Jaaxy Lite through my Wealthy Affiliate premium membership, but, to be honest, your article has me realizing how much I have under-utilized this amazing tool. I’m (obviously) still a newbie in the online world, but you have given me definite “food for thought” about how upgrading my Jaaxy account could be very beneficial to my success…if not immediately, then in the near future. Thank you for enlightening me about some of the features I hadn’t really explored already, Chris. It’s time I start making better use of this great tool!

  82. The Jaaxy Research Keyword Tool really works well and I have found it to be a key factor in getting growing amounts of targeted organic traffic over the past 4 years. Your review lays it out clearly for prospects to see how much value the tool offers for online marketers.

    I do use a couple of other similar tools for e-commerce and for Amazon/eBay, but when it comes to content for niche websites (or even for e-commerce blogs, this is the go-to tool. You mention that you have the pro version which costs $19 a month. The enterprise version is quite a bit more expensive at $49 a month, and I am wondering if the additional cost is worth the money.

    Right now I have many niches that I have to cover, but the pro version seems to work for my needs. Do you have anyone that you know that is using the more expensive version and what they may think about the value of the higher level? I would be willing to invest more if there was enough value.

    With the pro level, there is plenty of power though from my own experience. I have found all kinds of gems when it comes to keywords and long-tailed keywords. When I use them as I create content, they will help rank your posts so much faster. You may not get all the traffic that is out there, but if you can get the low-hanging fruit, as you add more to your niche website, soon you will have considerable traffic. 

    This was a very clear and easy to follow explanation and review of Jaaxy, and anyone following your recommendation to sign up for at least a pro membership level will find that they can monetize their work much easier and faster. The only way they can lose is if they do not try it.    

    1. Hi Dave, 

      If I’m honest with you…no. 

      Seriously, I think the Pro version is more than enough for ANY blogger out there, and the Enterprise version is not worth the extra money (in my book anyway!). 

  83. If you have a website, you cant just do without knowing about keywords, how to find them and how to implement them on your niche. Jaaxy is a perfect tool for finding keywords, unlike some others that are hard to rank, with this tool you can find similar keywords which are better. The amazing part of it is you don’t need to pay for it as it comes free once you are Wealthy Affiliate member. Jaaxy is really the best keyword tool

    1. Glad to hear that Jaaxy is working out for you Michael. I see that you’re yet another WA member, it’s mad the amount of new members I meet through the comment section of this site!!!! 🙂

  84. Hello Chris,

    Excellent “Jaaxy” review where you detail the main features of this keyword search engine. As you explain, the correct use of this tool will make it possible for our website to be located by interested persons. 

    After reading your information I will analyze the future possibility of moving to the “Pro” membership as it has more features that can improve my keyword analysis. Many Thanks!

    1. Sorry I couldn’t figure out what your name is!!!!

      Anyway, yeah, I would definitely recommend upgrading to Pro asap as you are missing out on a TON of powerful SEO cheats! 🙂

  85. I love, Jaaxy. The Site Ranking feature is super helpful, and I always feel like I have an edge over the competition with the intuitive keyword research function. It’s like having google in my search bar giving me recommendations! I also really like how you can save lists with Jaaxy, this has made it really easy for me to keep track of my used keywords. I have used Wealthy Affiliate’s basic keyword tool and found it pretty useful as well, but Jaaxy has proven better in practically every way. 

  86. Thank you Chirs for this balanced and detailed review on Jaaxy

    I’m somewhat new to the online entrepreneurship world, and I use the Jaaxy tool too. My joy about the tool is that it really simplified my work, granting me ease in strategically writing target contents.

    I had a great read I glided through, hope to come around some other time.

    1. Great to hear that Jaaxy is working out for you Festus. Seeing as though you are new to the blogging world, check out a few of our articles here on subjects you are struggling with. We’ll see what we can do to help you! 🙂

  87. What a great article! I didn’t know I could use the domain function for the purpose of flipping domains – you are a genius including that in this article – This is great Chris! Pro looks totally awesome! How cool is that ranking function – you make me wanna upgrade!

    I know I can always rely on you for informative reviews, thanks!

  88. What an amazing tool. I have made use of several keyword research tools and I have to say that this one comes out as one of the best I have seen. Its navigation is so easy and its features are a must for anyone trying to rank on search engines. I really like the competition analysis feature that enables you to spy on your competition and reverse engineer their strategy to make it work for your site. Truly amazing.

    1. Hi Jay! 

      Yeah the competition parameter is killer in this tool – it’s what sets it above the rest and gives you the upper hand over other bloggers. 

  89. Honestly, I commend you for writing this detailed review about jaaxy. I just launched my website and I’ve already engaged jaaxy for my keyword optimisation and I can say I’m loving it. Though, I’m yet to get to the first page of google but at least its looking positive. I never knew the competitors result could be pulled up. I have learnt another thing about it and I will surely engage the use. I will be more than willing to subscribe to the pro when I’m done with my free 30searches. 

    thanks for this post

    1. Hi RoDarrick!

      Well I’m glad you’ve finally realised what the competition parameter is for within Jaaxy – it’s probably the most important and unique function within the tool! 🙂

  90. Thanks for a really informative article on Jaaxy. You highlight a couple of things that I wasn’t aware of, firstly that the platform is the work of Kyle & Carson. That goes a long way to explain it’s usefulness and compatibility with the WA platform.

    I though that your explanation of the headings was excellent and a (for once) a vast improvement on the guidence offered on the WA training platform.

    I absolutely agree that it’s one downfall is that it is sometimes just too dam good and too many hours can be lost to Jaaxy research that could be better put to use being creative.



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