The History of Digital Advertising

The History of Digital Advertising

It wasn’t that long ago when you couldn’t really surf the web without being hunted down by numerous pop-up adverts and screen-hugging yellow banners – remember?

In those days, digital advertising was limited to these glitzy, blinding and intrusive claims.

Thankfully, online adverts have matured a lot since those days, but how did it mature and what were the driving forces behind it’s change?

Let’s take a closer look at the history of digital advertising…

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The Evolution of Digital Advertising

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The history of digital advertising

The History of Online Advertising

It was on October the 27th, 1994, that the world of advertising was smacked down to it’s knees and transformed forever…


Well, this date gave us the introduction of a poor resolution banner that read ‘Have you ever clicked your mouse right here? You will’.

Apparently it was put together by a company named AT&T and placed on the HotWired website – they had amazing success with just under 50% click through rate!

But the CTR and the cost of the advert didn’t really matter – what mattered is the fact that a website was making money by advertising someone else’s website…

The advertising landscape had changed…BIG TIME!

The banner worked and worked well, obviously, there was a great deal of mystery surrounding it as people had never come across this type of advertising before. It was linked to a terribly simple Landing Page (put together by AT&T) that bore a terribly simple offer.

Before long every ‘big company’ website was selling advert space – and these same big companies were trying their best to advertise on other sites!

Marketing departments realized that targeted adverts would work a lot better than random adverts on random products and services…queue the snowball effect!

Paid Search and Pay-Per-Click quickly followed the hyper-targeted setup…and why not?

Now you could drill down to the specifics of the clicker – get the right eyes in front of your service!

What are your thoughts on the history of digital advertising, or internet advertising as a whole?

Do you feel the digital advertising world is STILL too intrusive?

Have you seen success through marketing with these adverts?

We would love to hear your opinions on the subject – please leave them in the comment section below.

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