The Review

The Review

Luckily for me, I stumbled across the Wealthy Affiliate education platform within my first year of trying to earn a living online. By that point, I had fully experienced many worthless ‘earn online’ opportunities…and I was just about ready to quit it all, and go back to the nine-to-five lifestyle!

I was amazed that the WA’s platform seemed to have no real competitors – everything out there that tried to stand up to their education…had a catch (that normally hurt your wallet!)

A few months ago I finally came across something that appeared to be a legit online business course that followed the values set out by the Wealthy Affiliate –

Now, Fizzle is not exactly what you’d call direct competition for the WA – they concentrate more on building a business further online.

Wealthy Affiliate is more geared to starting an online business from scratch and then making money from it through affiliate marketing.

Anyway, it’s one of the few business options out there that can stand comfortably in the shadow of Wealthy Affiliate…

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The Review

Okay, so what is

It’s a education and learning platform set up by a handful of extremely successful online marketers.

A lot of their teachings center on creating an online presence for your business and producing your very own digital product, but they also cover various aspects of affiliate marketing.

It is put together by a series of courses that contain your education, an action plan and a final checklist – to make sure what you’ve learned stays learned!

The education platform is made up of the following elements:

  • The Fizzle Education Modules: Three sections which are split into nine stages
  • The Fizzle Forum: A great place for new members to go to find help with ANYTHING they are stuck on
  • Fizzle Founder’s Stories: A collection of experiences from the successful marketers that set up (and own) Fizzle
  • The Fizzle Weekly Podcast: Where you get the latest updates, knowledge and tips for your business

The Three Phases

The Three Phases

Okay, it’s worth pointing out that not everyone is at the same ‘knowledge level’ when they sign up to use Fizzle.

Some individuals are already successful in business but need a hand to broaden it online – others are complete newbies to the subject and need a starting point.

Phase One of the system is setup for those who are completely new to the subject of business online. It consists of:

  1. Direction
  2. Connection
  3. Planning
  4. Setup

Everything in this phase/module is extremely well setup and welcoming to newbies. It’s a step-by-step system that is easy to follow.

Phase Two of the setup is directed more towards the members who know what they want their business to be – they have a little background in it and they know where they want to go with it online.

It’s made up of the following stages:

  1. Audience
  2. Product
  3. Money

This phase tends to cover a lot of subjects that are used in affiliate marketing – generating website traffic, create engaging and effective content, video production/marketing etc. etc.

The final phase, Phase Three, consists of only two important stages:

  1. Growth
  2. Scale

If you already own a business and it’s up and running – this is probably the best starting point for you.

It’s all about your business growth, and how fast you can get it to grow – scaling things up.

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The Forum Setup

The Forum Setup

Support is key to building or learning anything online. In most cases – if you’ve got great support – it’s worth the money you are paying.

The support system at the Wealthy Affiliate platform is second to none – direct access to the owners, and a dynamic, 24 hour a day support network in the community.

It’s the main factor behind it’s success stories.

The Fizzle Forum is a great place to find answers to the questions you are going to have.

There are numerous members there – many in the same confused boat as you, and there are also hundreds of super-successful businessmen/women there that are willing to help you out.

The Review – Conclusion

There’s not that many education platforms online that I 100% give my blessings to – but Fizzle fits the bill.

It’s not at the level of the mighty Wealthy Affiliate (yet), but it does have some unique features and it’s an excellent place to go online and build your business.

The courses (or phases) are well set out, with a good feel and easy grammar (no confusing terms to get your head around).

I especially took to the Fizzle Forum – this is a solid support platform that is probably worth the $35 a month alone.

At the time of writing this there is a 5 week trial period on offer – If you are interested, I advise you to jump straight in and learn as much as you can in that period (for free!).

I can only see this platform growing in strength in the future.

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