The Daily Rewards Review

The Daily Rewards Review

Not everyone is looking to earn a million online – some people are just looking to bump up their monthly wage or simply make a bit of ‘pocket money’.

This is where GPT (Get Paid To) sites come into play.

Regulars to this site will know that I started off my online journey by using the mighty GPT Clixsense – it actually paid for my internet marketing and SEO education!

I have a lot of time for these sorts of sites, as long as they’re legit.

Today we will be taking a look at Daily Rewards Canada – is Daily Rewards legit or is it scam?

Let’s take a closer look…

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Daily Rewards Review

What is Daily Rewards?

Daily Rewards is a Canadian “Get-Paid-To” website through which people can earn money & claim rewards by completing mini-tasks.

These mini-tasks consist of surveys, data entry, playing games and watching videos.

What is Daily Rewards?

The platform acts as a sort of middleman for companies that want these mini-tasks completed – there are A LOT of these companies about, therefore GPT sites usually have decent amount of work available.


Signing Up

It’s completely free to sign up with this bunch – all you need to do is fill in a short profile where they ask you a few questions about yourself. This information is then used to pair you up with suitable company mini-tasks.

Whenever the system pairs you with a job, you will be sent an email alert and you can complete it if you are interested.

At the time of writing this there is a $5 bonus on offer for new members signing up (not sure if that’s still available when you are reading this!).

I should point out that once they have your email – they will be sending you offers that you might not have signed up for!

Some of these offers may be quite enticing, with good rewards, but they may need you to sign up with credit card details etc.

It’s up to you if you choose to take these on but please remember to cancel the offers before you end up in some sort of subscription! 

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Money From Your Daily Rewards Program

Now to the important part of the review – how much green can you earn through this site?

Well, I should start by saying that not all GPT sites are equal – some pay well whilst others are very tight indeed.

Sites like Clixsense are very generous, with A LOT of mini jobs on offer – these are well worth your time and effort.

Daily Rewards is somewhere in the middle in my opinion…although I could have used it over a slow period?

Money From Your Daily Rewards Program

The best jobs on offer there paid out about $0.75 to $2…which isn’t that bad if you get hold of enough of them!

Unfortunately these jobs seemed to be few and far between.

The norm for a Daily Rewards survey, for example, is about $0.50. Not that bad, but you have to sit through quite a few surveys every day to make any sort of decent wage (and that can be REALLY boring work – I’ve been there!).

Is Daily Rewards a Scam?

If I’m being brutally honest with you – the frequency of the offers coming through this site will be too low for you to make a decent wage…but you will be able to make some pocket money there!


Is Daily Rewards a Scam?

No definitely not, in fact, I haven’t come across many GPT sites that have gone down the scam route.

The main difference between most of these types of sites is the amount of work, and the variety of work on offer.

As I touched on above, I was lucky enough to stumble upon Clixsense when I first came online to work – they had (have) a ton of work available every day.

Now, I’m not saying that this work was a good experience – in most cases it bored the pants off me!

BUT…it was legit work and there was a lot of it – I was able to earn half decent money every day.

Daily Rewards is unfortunately not at the level of Clixsense, they have work available but not enough to pay any sort of household bills.

It’s definitely legit, and simple to sign up for, but you’re not going to make much money there.

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4 comments on “The Daily Rewards Review

  1. Hi,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write a good article to read to know more about Daily Rewards and how can anyone can make some money working with this type of surveys on the internet.

    Yes, I’m looking for a way to make a few more dollars from my home, I’ve heard about doing surveys to make money online but I’ve also heard that anyone can make or build up an online business with a blog, I would rather to take the second way to work on it.

    It’s good to have more information about how online surveys work and if a survey is a scam or no, it’s good this one is not a scam, but I will take a look to your recommendation to start an online business. 

    1. Hi Alejandra, 

      Yeah our number one recommendation (which you can see within the body of the article) will provide you with training for starting up a blog and making an online business! 

  2. Hi Chris – thanks for sharing this interesting review. I had previously not heard of Daily Rewards, but I have joined other mini-tasks or micro jobs sites such as Clickworker. There doesn’t seem to be any drawbacks to signing up to Daily Rewards, so I will probably give it a go. I know the tasks are boring, particularly the endless surveys, but as I already work from home, I can fit them as and when I feel like a break from my real job! All the best, Diane 

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