The Commission Cartel Review – Is it a Scam?

The Commission Cartel Review - Is it a Scam?

I’ve always been a little bit picky about business titles – I think I’ve probably missed out on many positive opportunities because of this!

But, at the end of the day I just can’t help myself – the name of a business is near enough the first thing that hits you and in my book…it’s very important.

So this brings us to the Commission Cartel review we are looking at today…not the most reassuring business name I have ever come across!

I mean, who would choose to name their business after a murderous transport line for drugs?

Not me, that’s for sure!

So is this online opportunity as dodgy as it’s name? Is Commission Cartel scam or is Commission Cartel legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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So, What is Commission Cartel?

This ‘Cartel’ is the baby of internet marketer Michael Cheney and it was launched some time in 2016 (I’m not sure of the exact dates on this I’m afraid…but it’s relatively new!).

Apparently this Cheney has spent the last decade of his life working online and in this time he has managed to put together an affiliate marketing ninja system.

So, What is Commission Cartel?

This goldmine is apparently made up of super-secret internet marketing techniques that lead to truckloads of cash with very little effort…

Now where have I heard that before???

Inside The Box

Our good friend, and product owner, Cheney, claims he is making $1,442 per day with this Cartel technique. That’s a rather ‘exact’ total – I’ve been in this game long enough to know that affiliate marketing results fluctuate from day to day!

If we strip the product down it is nothing more than a sales funnel which is fed by an email marketing setup – nothing ground-breaking and certainly nothing original.

Apparently you can make $500 in your first month. I don’t know many affiliate marketers that managed to make a dollar in their first month!

What’s The Damage?

Unfortunately there is no free trial option with Commission Cartel – if you want to try the program out you are going to have to open your wallet…

  1. Basic Commission Cartel Package – This will cost you $16.95 and it’s a one off payment (no monthly subscriptions). For this price you will receive the Commission Cartel dossier, video, audio, blueprints.
  2. The Godfather Package – This has nothing to do with Al Pacino…but it’s a pretty cool name for a package all the same! This is a one off fee of $27 and it will open up a selection of done-for-you-commission-creating campaigns with promotional materials, discount coupons, and special VIP access.
  3. The Secret Weapons Package – This is available through a one off payment of $47. It will give you ready to use money-making promo templates and more information on email marketing.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering why there isn’t just one package – surely you need ALL of the above to succeed at creating an internet marketing funnel?

Why not just offer the full $47 package and be done with it?

Well, you’ll make more money by offering two shitty packages that are basically worthless!!!

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So, is Commission Cartel a Scam?

I’ll level with you here – a lot of people are going to jump at the opportunity to make $500 in their first month of working online…especially for the price of $16!

Well a lot of people have…and they’ve also left negative reviews about their experience online…

First of all we’ve got the lack of refund – I would NEVER buy into an online system that did not offer some sort of refund.


Well, all the decent make money online platforms offer a refund – they have no reason not to!

So, is Commission Cartel a Scam?

The second point I want to cover is the fact that Michael Cheney has gone to great lengths to pull the wool over member’s eyes.

He clearly states that you don’t need a website or an email list but this is total bulls#t – you will have to build a list to take advantage of this system.

And what about these secret marketing techniques that are going to make you the money?

Well apparently they don’t exist…well I didn’t find them anyway!

There is nothing inside the box other than bog standard marketing training which is not exactly well put together.

More Lies About Commission Cartel

So what happens when you realize this system is near enough impossible to make money through? Who do you call to sort all this out?

Well you email the great man himself – Mr. Cheney…

But he is not in the habit of responding to the members of his system, and why would he be?

He’s probably off spending the mass of $16 injections he’s received over the month!

Stop and think for a second…

If Cheney really had these killer affiliate marketing techniques up his sleeve why would he be selling them for the price of $16? Actually, why would he be selling them FULL STOP?

I would say that making $1500 per day is a pretty good return – why would you need to sell the system on and dilute it?

You wouldn’t…

The Commission Cartel – Legit?

Nope, a complete waste of anyone’s money in my book. At the end of the day there are free options to make money online that are far more effective than this setup.

No refund, poor support, lack of direction and a deaf owner – not worth a dollar really!

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