The Coca Cola Social Media Marketing Strategy

The Coca Cola Social Media Marketing Strategy

Is there a living soul that hasn’t heard of Coca Cola yet?

Highly doubtful…

Thanks to their diverse and highly aggressive marketing campaigns encompassed in their outstanding social media strategies.

Chances are, you already pictured the fancy Coca Cola trademark font on a bottle or a can just by reading the name. It’s definitely one of the global brands that are easily recognizable.

A possible 100% of the people reading this text have tasted a Coke product at least once in their life.

Interbrand ranked Coca Cola as the 3rd largest multinational in the world while CoreBrand gave them first position for most respected brand in America.

How do they do it?

Let’s take a look at the Coca Cola social media marketing strategy which is the company’s most effective marketing and customer engagement channel…

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A Quick Fact Summary…

* Coca Cola has the largest soft drink market in the world

* Their 130 years in consistent growing production and market reach has earned them a reputation in global business

* Coca Cola social media brand channels have a combination of well over 90 million global fans and followers

* Mindshift Interactive (a research agency on company social media engagement) has pointed out Coca Cola as one of the few companies pioneering a quick shift to local language social media campaigns which have a growing audience of about 181 million out of 330 million. This is approximately 42% of all internet users.

* Out of the 3 billion current active internet users, 2.1 billion make at least one weekly social media interaction with 1.7 billion of those being smart mobile device users. The number of internet users on social media is projected to grow by 2018 to about 2.5 billion.

* The most active social media networks for Coca Cola are Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook.

* 33% of the millennials interviewed in a recent case study by MarketingSherpa said that they preferred to communicate with businesses through social media.

Coca Cola Slogan

According to Coke’s Global Group Director for Digital Communications & Social Media, much of the company’s social media customer engagement is focused on providing their followers and fans with an authentic view of the company.

The goal and main challenge of course being how to synchronize this global initiative which includes region-specific content created by market sites.

Coke’s problem is not in building an audience, but rather how to deal with the big numbers they already have, as well as ensuring that all channels work together to present the same brand face despite the variation in content shared on each social media channel.

They also have subsidiary brand pages for other products such as Diet Coke and Coke Zero which need constant attention.

So, how does Coca Cola manage or market to its followers and fans on their social media channels?

Coca Cola’s Facebook Presence

Coca Cola’s Facebook page has the largest following with 97.7 million likes. They use the page to communicate with this large following as well as promote campaigns and initiatives.

However, the most surprising thing is that the page is not as active as other company pages. Sometimes the page can go for days without a new update.

Maintaining the Cohesiveness

The seamless posting of content can be seen from Coca Cola’s pages on Facebook as the giant tries to uphold its commitment to transparency throughout its social media consumer engagements.

The main Facebook page is largely used to raise ad campaign awareness as well as brand image maintenance.

The use of global pages allows Coca Cola to communicate the same message to its fans in their local language.

Coca Cola's Facebook Presence

Coca Cola makes things exciting by creating content through dynamic storytelling which encourages shares and comments from their fan base.

They also do a good job of replying directly to their fans’ queries and comments.

Capitalizing on Facebook’s ability to provide large companies with billions of global audiences has helped Coca Cola stay ahead of competition through its various product pages in so many ways.

Coca Cola’s Instagram Following

Coca Cola prides in its wide social networks.

The team in charge of social media content sharing ensures that they boost a post from one social platform through their numerous other social channels to keep things a bit in sync and to appeal to different fans across different social networks.

A good example is this post on Instagram that points Coca Cola’s followers to their Snapchat (mobile platform), targeting yet another growing market of smart mobile device users.

It was also shared on Twitter.

The Selena Gomez “@RevivalTour” post gathered 46.4k likes and 909 comments on Instagram; and 5.6k likes on Twitter and 2.5k re-tweets on Twitter.

Championing Videos

Coca Cola has taken Instagram’s video sharing by storm. Three out of 12 of Coca Cola’s recent posts are videos with a combined viewership of about 97k and 297 comments.

The latest video features a school science team sharing a Coke after winning in the science fair. Its all part of the “All I do is Win” campaign and it has around 32k views.

Sponsored Ads

Stuart Elleray, the social media manager of Fanta and Coke GB seems to think that this will be the next biggest thing on Instagram.

This tactic allows brands to broadcast their content to all their targeted audiences at once which is quite something especially for brands with a small following.

This is a move from the previous system where a brand could only broadcast to its followers only.

Coca Cola’s Activity on Twitter

There are a little over 3.25 million Twitter followers on the Coca Cola @CocaCola page. This is where Coke is most active.

The overall activity is centered on customer communication by answering direct mentions which can range from casual chats to complaints and compliments.

The in-house social media team tries to steer away from marketing gimmicks. And just like many large corporations, Coca Cola has different Twitter feeds for each of its soft drink sub-brands.

Coca Cola's Activity on Twitter

So far the main Twitter feed has sent out 207k tweets; averaging a total of about 65 tweets on a busy day. Coca Cola easily clocks over a billion twitter impressions in one month!

So how does Coca Cola manage to hit such huge numbers?

Involving Influencers

Coca Cola uses part of its crowd-sourcing technique to engage its following by fronting influencers such as Jason Darulo.

They have a campaign promoting the Copa America tournament and they have used Jason to get users to “share a Coke and a song” during the competition. Its a huge project!

Coca Cola’s presence on Twitter involves more “social inclusion” than marketing and this is where the company shows off its personal side; there’s a strong feeling of togetherness and happiness in most of their messages.

More tactics used by the Coca Cola social team include direct customer engagement by answering to mentions and crowd-sourcing content creation where they use content (text, videos, and images) to create ads.

This is one sure way to encourage massive sharing and sparking conversation from random fans and followers.

Some Coke in a Tumblr?

Welcome to Coca Cola’s page on Tumblr, “Where happiness lives online”. The hearty tagline is hard to miss.

Coke’s blog is the busiest storytelling channel on Tumblr’s social platform.

Instead of throwing sales pitches at its audience, Coca Cola maintains a light touch and some humor accompanied by amazing images and animated gifs.

Diversified Storytelling

Coca Cola uses Tumblr to share captivating fun stuff which includes different images with clever product placement and captions plus animated gifs featuring people in various activities or dancing cartoon bears.

This concept is very effective for social media content creation.

That has to proven to work for Coke since they have amassed thousands of reblogs from their posts with more than 16% of the reblogs coming from old posts.

Coca Cola’s Social Media Strategy – Lessons

1. Content crowd sourcing helps to build a stronger following from self appointed brand advocates.

2. Let your audience determine the measure your success.

3. Centralize your campaigns around major events with a large following

4. Direct interaction is the core of coca cola social media marketing strategy

5. Don’t be shy to try new social mediums. Coke has done a very good job with their Snapchat presence.

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8 comments on “The Coca Cola Social Media Marketing Strategy

  1. Hey Chris,
    This is one detailed and well-researched article that you’ve written.

    Social Media is has a huge potential to grow your online business [if done properly].

    No doubt Coca-Cola has the resources and a budget to drive their social media campaigns but so do others as well but no one can claim the kind of reach that Coca-Cola has.

    If you think about it, they just manufacture sugared , carbonated water but over the years they’ve been able to build fans and not just consumers.
    This a really in-depth and well researched post that you’ve written.

    1. Yeah well they’ve been around for a long, long time now Josh – they change with the marketing landscape. That’s the main reason I decided to write this article – to cover how impressive they are from a marketing standpoint.

      Great to have you here – thanks for taking the time to leave your opinion!

  2. Hey, Chris,

    You have done a thorough analysis and I am really impressed by all the numbers. I have also always wondered about the secret of Coca-Cola but there definitely is something. As to me – I am not so fond of Cola, so it is hard for me to understand what makes people so happy about it but numbers you mention talk about themselves.

    1. Yeah funnily enough I’m not a fan myself Arta – hate the thought of all that sugar running through my system! 🙂

  3. This is a well written article you have here. The funny thing is I am already drinking a can of cola as I write this repy lol.

    Your post just shows how the internet has evolved and become more social. Everyone has an account on one of the social media platforms and things are becomeing more social. It just goes to show that the big multinationals are doing it as well.

    1. HI Andy, thanks for reading!

      This is probably the strangest article we have done so far but we found the subject very interesting – we thought a few social media marketers might also find it interesting!

      The power of social media eh? 🙂

  4. That is a really good analysis of Coke’s social media strategy, and I have to say that I’m impressed how Coke manages to pull it off so successfully.

    I think that something like this takes a lot of communication and organisation within Coke to make sure that everybody is on the same page and everything is in sync.

    This is a huge task, considering they post on many social media networks across the globe and to keep everything in line and in order is just phenomenal.

    The other thing they do very well is engage people,they respond well to their customer’s complaints, queries and comments, little wonder they get millions of shares and likes across all social media networks.

    As you have summarised at the end there, I think all of of us with websites could learn the lessons of their social media strategy.

    1. That’s why I decided upon it as an article Adrian – their strategy is highly impressive and has worked wonders since they launched it!

      Social media gives you a great platform to engage with your consumers and answer any disputes etc. – get it right…and you have a powerful marketing tool in your hands!

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