The Brain Abundance Review

The Brain Abundance Review

And now for something a little bit different….

Making money through selling brain pills!!!!

Seriously, you just read that correctly – today we will be looking at a MLM setup that pumps out tablets (or supplements) that are supposed to improve your brain power.

I’ll level with you here – if these babies work, I need a life’s supply of them! 🙂

Only joking!

Anyway, the company in question is called Brain Abundance – a well-known affiliate program that allows members to purchase supplements at a retail price and sell them elsewhere.

So, let’s take a closer look at the Brain Abundance opportunity…

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The Brain Abundance Review

What is Brain Abundance?

It’s a health supplement company that focuses on a MLM setup. This means that members (or workers) need to purchase their products at a reduced rate and flog them on to others at a profit.

All of their products are based around the functionality of the brain and contain a range of vitamins, chemicals, and minerals which are all linked to mental health.

The Brain Abundance Opportunity   

The affiliate program, or opportunity, they offer for members to make money, is based on a multi-level marketing/network marketing system.

Now, I seem to be reviewing more and more of these MLM opportunities these days, so they are obviously quite popular…or the companies in question are making large sums of money!

99% of them promise untold wealth through selling their products…but in reality…the only way you can make real money through them is to recruit others to the system (and build your own downline).

The Brain Abundance Opportunity 

More often than not, if you encounter a highly-positive review on a MLM company – it has been penned by a member desperate to get you to sign up underneath them.

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The Brain Abundance Product

Right, so what are the main features of this earning module – how do you earn money through Brain Abundance?

Let’s take a look at each method available:

The Powerline Bonus

This is your typical MLM downline – you build up referrals into your downline (these can go up to 3 generations deep!) – the more referrals you have, the more money you make.

You can cash out the money earned through your downline every week (which is pretty decent of them really!).

The Retail Bonus

The product line – making money off purchasing the product cheaply and selling it for a profit. Average profit on each pot of pills is a healthy $20, which is very good actually, as long as you can find someone that wants to buy them…

Fast Start Commissions

Things start to get a little bit more confusing from here onward…

The Fast Start Commissions are money injections you get from the people under you – the people in your downline (referrals).

Each order they make can earn you anywhere between $25 to $75…but unfortunately this only happens on their first purchase. You will need to pay more and upgrade you account to receive longer payments off your referrals.

Rank Bonuses

These are typical MLM ranks that are awarded when you get to certain sales levels etc. (you need to hit a requirement first). There are 4 rank levels:

  1. Gold
  2. Diamond
  3. Three Diamond Legs (what?)
  4. Platinum

Most MLM setups offer these types of ranks – it’s near enough impossible to earn good money without being awarded one (in most cases!).

Brain Abundance Complaints

The Brain Abundance Product

Every company has it’s fair share of complaints – regardless of how successful it is. Here are the main gripes with Brain Abundance, that I’ve found online…

A lot of past members have posted complaints about the set retail price of the Brain Abundance products.

They are set at a retail price that you have to sell them at – it’s supposed to be a level playing field for all members.

Only one problem though – Amazon.

Yep, for some unknown reason, the sellers on Amazon are able to sell these products at a reduced price.

What does that mean for your Brain Abundance business?

Well, it ain’t good news…

Everyone will flock to Amazon to get their products – I would myself!!!!

Why pay more for something that can be easily delivered for less?

Brain Abundance Complaints

There are also numerous complaints about the product’s pricing – $60 for a bottle of 90 capsules.

Now, these capsules are set at 3 a day – do the math – that’s an expensive supplement habit to have, isn’t it?

Is Brain Abundance Scam?

No, the product is definitely not a scam, although I don’t 100% agree with the marketing setup they have in place.

I’ve come across hundreds (maybe even thousands) of positive reviews on this product – it even has the benefits of combating certain mental health symptoms.

So the product is pretty much as sound as it gets (well, maybe a bit on the expensive side?)

Anyway, what is the earning power of this opportunity – can you really make money off it?

There are a lot of MLM members out there that make thousands of dollars a month with these schemes…but they all have one thing in common…

They are highly experienced in the MLM world.

This is not suited to a newbie looking to make some money online – you could well end up losing a lot of money.

In my opinion, you shouldn’t have to pay to build up an online business – the tools and education should be free…

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10 comments on “The Brain Abundance Review

  1. I enjoyed reading your post. And quite frankly I like that you were very honest in saying you don’t recommend it for a newbie in the internet marketing front. Seeing that I’m a newbie, I’m more interested in the supplements and knowing how it can help reduce my stress levels. Lately my head has been feeling so heavy from so much stress.

    1. Okay Louis – then this marketing angle is probably not for you (yet). Have you tried looking at our #1 recommendation instead? It’s more for newbies to marketing. 

  2. Okay…so, please forward a trailer load of the brain enhancers to me.  I’ll down them quickly and, like you, laugh at the concept, hold onto my wallet and search for other places to spend my money.

    I like what you’ve done with your site and this piece. I’m a firm believer in looking at things on the humorous side having some fun and along the way helping others see the light.

    Good luck and thank you – Mike

  3. Are there really any MLMs that can make the average person any money without having to spend a whole bunch first? I have been involved in several and the only way I made any money is if I could get a bunch of people to sign up under me (downline, legs, branches—whatever they call them). I’m not a salesperson so I could usually get a few people to sign up with me based on my personal results, but most people don’t have the “ambition” to do the type of selling required to make money this way. If things like this worked, everyone would do them, right? Thanks for the info. Wealthy Affiliate is best site I’ve found that doesn’t make any false promises.

  4. Thanks for making a review on this product,  this is the first time I’m hearing about this brain abundance which is said to improve the brain power. The means of earning money as an affiliate marketer is through there multi level marketing which to me is good for people who knows what they are doing. But I am interested in getting the drugs as well, is this drug  available on amazon only? 

    1. Well no Seun – these drugs are part of a MLM setup which means there are literally thousands of people selling them, all over the world really! 

  5. Great blog post.  I am always skeptical of supplements doing what they promised….and I would be weary of positive reviews based on placebo effects.  I am even more skeptical of anything having to deal with a MLM.  If you aren’t skeptical of MLM you would check out John Oliver’s segment on them on YouTube.

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