The Best Way to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

The Best Way to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Most people fail miserably at building up an online business because their initial goals are all over the place. Maybe it’s the scam adverts they see online, maybe it’s the success stories or maybe they just have ‘rose tinted glasses’ on.

Whatever it is, it keeps on providing them with a totally unrealistic set of goals:

  1. Decide to build up an online business
  2. Get rich and buy a small island

You need to ditch this notion and understand that the best way to make money with affiliate marketing is through patience. There are no quick fixes, no push-button options and there are no overnight successes ( no matter what they try and tell you.

Your list of goals should look at bit more like this…

  1. Sign up for some free internet marketing tutorials
  2. Begin training, understanding the terminology involved with internet marketing
  3. Find a niche that interests you and do some research on it
  4. Build your first website
  5. Start writing content for your website on related niche topics
  6. Learn how to get this content into Google’s search results
  7. Attract visitors then learn to attract MORE visitors
  8. Connect with advertisers
  9. Aim to make around $5 a day off your website
  10. Find new ways to attract EVEN MORE people to your website
  11. Aim to now make $10 a day
  12. Aim to then make $20 a day

And so on, and so on…

So…out of the two lists of goals above which one would you say looks the more achievable???

Yeah, I think so too!

The Process to Making Money Online

So you now get the idea – this ain’t gonna pan out for you in a short space of time right?

The process to making money online is simple enough but it will take time and dedication to succeed…

After all, do you think you’re the only one that’s had the idea of working online?

No matter what niche/subject you base your online business on, I can guarantee you there will be some sort of competition. What makes matters worse is that this same competition has a head start on you!

The Process to Making Money Online

But enough about that – I don’t want to depress you before you even get started! Let’s take a closer look at the online money making process…

There are billions of people online who are looking for things constantly. They are searching for data and to purchase items. That is where you are going to come in with your site and help this ‘audience’ by offering them info on what they are looking for. You will be ‘helping’ these individuals and procuring income all the while.

Still a little confused about the whole thing? Let’s look at it a slightly different way…

With internet marketing ( or affiliate marketing ) the playing field is lined up with three teams:

  1. ​The individual that buys the product ( our customer )
  2. The affiliate marketer who promotes the product ( us )
  3. The vendor who owns the product ( the dude we promote for! )

​As an affiliate marketer you simply sign up to a platform that showcases vendor’s products. It is then up to you to ‘market’ the product in any way you see fit ( in most cases you would do this from the safety of your own website ).

Whenever a visitor lands on your website and takes a fancy to the product you will receive a commission off it’s sale price.


The vendor makes some money, you make some money and the customer ends up with a product they ( hopefully ) want!

Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it? Well it ain’t!!!

It is going to take A LOT of work to make this sort of marketing pan out for you. You need to research your products thoroughly, you need to be able to write about your products ( both the positive and negative aspects of them ) and you are going to have to be talented enough to sell these products…

All in all – you’ve got your work cut out!

Sometimes I feel as though I need a visual guide to the subject I am studying and I’m pretty sure a lot of you out there feel exactly the same way. Luckily my tutors at the Wealthy Affiliate have provided an excellent video tutorial on ‘Understanding The Basics of Affiliate Marketing’.

So before we go any further I suggest you check out this awesome tutorial and brush up on what we’ve already covered here today:

Video For Affiliate Marketing

Let’s Put it Bluntly…

There are some crucial steps you need to take in order to become a successful internet marketer. There are no way around these steps – they are the staple diet of ALL wannabe marketers…

  1. ​You need to complete THOROUGH market research on your chosen niche AND the keyword research that goes with it.
  2. You need to produce content that is 100% unique – rest assured that your competitors are doing this and they will easily outrank you if you publish recycled fluff!
  3. You need to offer value to your customer by only promoting QUALITY affiliate products.
  4. You need to find new ways to attract traffic towards your website – don’t rely on a single stream ( there are billions of people online – find them! )
  5. You need to be consistent with your website – new content indicates to Google that you are an active domain with a lot to offer.
  6. You need to aim at helping people instead of selling to them ( the sales will come if you have first been helpful ).

But the most important ​step is having some sort of support behind you for when the going gets tough ( and believe me it will! ). You need the help of professionals to succeed in this business – remember, there are a lot of people out there trying to build an online business just like you…

If you are serious about making real money online, we are able to point you in the right direction. Take a look at our #1 recommendation and start building your FREE online business today.

12 comments on “The Best Way to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

  1. Great read.
    I’ve always been looking for a way to make money on-line. The problem is i’m always worried about falling prey to all the scams out there. there are so many people that just want to make money out of you instead of helping you to make money. I hope wealthy affiliate will be the way in which I learn about how to really make money on- line

  2. I can totally agree with your statement. Making money online is a tedious process. But Internet Marketing is not a fixed one path way. There are millions of ways to drive traffic, millions of ways to engage with possible clients, and it’s up to yourself to make your business work.

    I still haven’t madfe a dollar on Internet, but now I know I can build my business and that if I continue in track I’ll eventually hit the spot.

    1. You’ll get there in the end JP – just stick at it and work hard (that first dollar is only just around the corner!)

  3. You are so right in this article especially when talked about the list of goals. I noticed that there are some people (not everyone) that think that once they have a website ther are going to earn millions and doing nothing!
    Affiliate marketing will make you rich,yes but, it will take a lot of time, dedication and consistency. You are doing a wonderful job helping people to start their own online business.

    1. Glad you agree with our points here Alexey – internet marketing is a career but only if you are prepared to do the hard work! 🙂

  4. Having ideas all over the place is really what can kill marketers from the start. It happened to me once when I wanted to initiate my website but I didn’t have a clear idea of my niche as I was going straightforward into putting affiliate links before thinking about content quality. Even more, I had tried to apply all the different steps at once as I was googling every aspect of internet marketing and that was so overwhelming.
    WA gave me the ability to reach out step by step slowly and effectively and now I feel that I’m between step 5 and 6 as mentioned in the article.

    1. Oh you’re not alone mate – I did exactly the same thing when I started out with this type of marketing. I went into complete overload and my website suffered big time!

  5. I like the fact you address the issue, that an online business is not a simple overnight success system.

    Many people on the Internet try to give you the impression, just sign up with them and you’ll be rich in no time.

    When I check out your #1 recommendation, I see it is a solid opportunity with a helping community and a lot of information to learn.

    With all the courses and webinars do you feel Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn and continue with trying to stay on top for the niche that someone wants to promote?

    1. Yeah it’s our number one recommendation here Travis so we strongly stand behind it’s teachings (it’s free as well so that’s also a bonus!)

  6. Great post!

    I like your style, Chris.

    You nailed it on the second point on the list. I’ll admit, I was looking for the easy way into making money online. But I soon realized this is an art. It takes time. And if making money fast is the only goal, there will be a great disappointment.

    Too many people make the same sort of mistake as me – I think it’s mainly down to the bright lights flashing scammy offers really…what do you think?

    But when that same focus goes to doing it because you love it and love helping others, then that’s when it starts to pay off…that’s when marketing online really works out!

    Thanks for sharing this post. Good luck!

    1. Hi Vini,

      Always nice to hear people have enjoyed the work posted here. I made exactly the same mistake when I came online to work for the first time…

      I fell for a ‘mum makes $$$ a day’ advert on a torrent site sidebar…really pissed me off but I learned a valuable lesson!

      You see, I also thought I could get rich quick online but I had no real experience with any of it – I didn’t realize the work that needed to be put in to succeed.

      Aim to help people – show them the answer to their question and marketing success will always follow (good point Vini).

      Nice speaking with you! 🙂

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