The Best Free Email Marketing Service

The Best Free Email Marketing Service

When it comes to email marketing, fast and cheap marketing services are invaluably vital to your company or business’s success. However, many effective email services charge monthly or yearly fees, generally overpriced.

A select few services, meanwhile, do offer services that stay free with a large limit, meaning that, in most cases, the amount of email marketing that you plan on sending within a given time period would stay within the confines of the “free” amount provided by that company.

Here are some of the best free email marketing services from around the web…

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1) MailChimp

(The Forever Free Plan)

MailChimp is a great email marketing service for anyone who has a relatively small database of clients. It is also one of the longest standing email marketing services, having been in operation since 2001. Typically, a client base of 2,000 contacts or fewer is perfect for the Forever Free plan that MailChimp offers.

They also offer a risk free plan within the Forever Free plan; in essence, it means that you do not need a credit card to sign up, and your account can be cancelled at any point should you choose to do so.

Additionally, the plan is designed so that it never expires – as long as you stay within the confines of the free plan, you won’t have to worry about eventually having to pay a fee. With this amazing plan, you receive 12,000 emails per month completely free, or roughly six emails per client per month (if your client base is at the suggested 2,000 client limit).


Like most email marketing service companies, there is an upgrade option, which can be done from the account easily. Of course, they restrict a few basic features of a standard elite email marketing service, including spam filters and auto responses to emails that are sent back to you. However, these functions are merely added bonuses to a payed plan, and are in no way vital to your company’s email marketing plan.

Every email sent via MailChimp is displayed with the MailChimp logo as a footer on the email (in the free plan, but it is removed with the premium plan). This should not be a major concern, but it is still worth noting in case it is a big concern for you or your company. If your client base well exceeds these free limits but you still wish to stick with MailChimp, then the premium plan certainly seems like a viable option.

2) Benchmark Email

(The Free for Life Plan)

A relatively small company based in California, Benchmark Email nevertheless offers an outstanding free email marketing program for individuals whose business may fall into that category.

While their 10,000 monthly free email limit does fall short of MailChimp’s 12,000 free email limit, they offer all of their added benefits under the free plan without needing to subscribe to a premium plan (like MailChimp), so you don’t miss out on the benefits that Benchmark Email has to offer.

These benefits are very useful and are very unique to a free email database. The first benefit includes the options for additional email templates, which will surely help your emails stand out above the crowd, and help attract new subscribers and keep old ones.

BenchMark Email

Included as well is the ability to track email statistics, so you can see whom your emails reach, how effective they are in their delivery, and even how to communicate with your expanding client base more efficiently.

Last but certainly not least, the third major benefit is the ability to create online surveys. This final benefit is essentially limitless in its usage, because you can create surveys on basically any topic that you wish!

See what customers like and don’t like about your emails, and use that information to improve your email delivery. The only major downside is that you can not build your contacts with preexisting contact information unless they subscribe to your signup forum.

Naturally, this can become a major hassle, and for a recent start-up, it provides added pressure to quickly and successfully establish a new clientele. Carefully consider this if you are a recently founded company with a small, fragile client base.

3) ActiveCampaign

(Free Email Marketing Campaign Plan)

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, this company was founded back in 2003, and has developed a sizable and loyal fan base ever since. Much like MailChimp’s free email marketing service, the free subscription is limitless and does not expire.

Like Benchmark Email, ActiveCampaign’s free plan offers the same features as any paid plan. Basically, the biggest and only major advantage of upgrading to a premium plan with ActiveCampaign would be to increase the number of monthly emails and clients to send information to.

Active Campaign Email Marketing

Their free plan offers the ability to send emails to up to 2,500 contacts, the most of any free email marketing services today. You also get access to their crisp, clean format, as well as their expanding variety of email templates and the ability to create custom forms.

Also, there is no credit card needed to sign up, meaning that there is virtually no risk of trying ActiveCampaign out! If you are looking for a user friendly layout for your new business, and are looking to quickly and effectively grow your new or small business, this is a great way to do so. Overall, ActiveCampaign’s free email marketing service options rival any other ones on today’s market, and should very well satisfy a business owner.

The Best Free Email Marketing Service

Overall, there are many email marketing service options on the market, but unfortunately, many of them depend greatly on premium subscribers, meaning that reaching your best content and most expansive email client lists are greatly contingent on shelling out a massive sum of money, even though it is unnecessary to do so.

These three options – MailChimp, Benchmark Email, and ActiveCampaign – offer many, if not all, of these generally premium benefits for free.

Whether you are a new or small business looking to expand your client base and satisfy your current client bases, or are simply looking to reduce your costs, the free options that each of these companies offer are good enough to put them atop the best free email marketing services today.

If you are interested in finding out more about email marketing we recommend trying out the FREE tutorials at the Wealthy Affiliate. Read our full review on their services HERE

12 comments on “The Best Free Email Marketing Service

  1. This is a topic I have not heard of. Interesting and might consider doing it for my website. I didn’t read it thoroughly enough but does this type of service cost money. It is email so I assume that it doesn’t. but it could? The social icons on the top of page are a little much though.

    1. Yeah well the title of the article is ‘The Best FREE Email Marketing Service’ so it’s a pretty safe bet that the options we cover here are not going to cost you anything. Thanks for the feedback on our social buttons ( if that’s what you’re getting at! ) but we’ll stick with what has worked for us so far. Alternatively you could just piss off to another site that displays social buttons that are more to your tastes?

  2. I still prefer GetResponse… Earlier I had Benchmark but it has a huge problem with mobile preview and it’s impossible to integrate it with gmail account…

  3. Wow… thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of information. I have never heard of all the options here except MailChimp. I’ve been using GetResponse and AWeber all the while. It works pretty well for me. But i will definitely recommend those you mentioned to my friends who may just started to venture online.

  4. MailChimp sounds like an excellent choice, seriously. I’ve looked around for several free e-mail services, but most people said the good ones are paid.

    6 e-mails per month on 1 customer is I think REALLY perfect. Not too annoying and not exceeding the limit. Of course if your base is 2k people.

    I think I’ll actually look into it on my sports site, thanks!

    1. No problem Julius. You must be careful what products you decide to promote through them though – MailChimp is NOT that friendly to affiliate marketers I’m afraid!

  5. Chris, thanks for sharing this useful information, I also heard a lot of good things about mailchimp for its free service. I think it is not fair to compare a free service to a paid service, Mailchimp is good enough if a person is just starting out his email marketing, it really depends on the user’s need whether there is a chance to expand the business and get more subscribers. I myself have been using Aweber for I want the follow-up mail to be scheduled, but your good article made me feel a bit doubtful of my paying choice, haha.

    1. No no, I’d always pick Aweber over MailChimp Jenna – there’s no comparison really! Aweber doesn’t mind marketing tactics but MailChimp absolutely hates them! You have to be very clever using MailChimp (believe me!).

  6. Thanks for this! This is the information as an internet marketer that I’ve been looking for for a while. The second and third options, I will definitely be looking into but I have used Mail Chimp before. I really don’t rate it. I find it not very user-friendly at all and that is unfortunate as if it worked better, it would be the number one value for money hands down.

    Shame it is so difficult to use!

    I found that Mail Chimp wasn’t really targeting anyone who had a website that offered affiliate products, more than that, I thought they were totally against affiliate marketing.

    Thanks for these options – I was desperate to find something new that didn’t burn my wallet!

    1. Hi Gary – nice to meet you!

      Yeah I’m afraid I also have no time for Mail Chimp – they are not exactly user friendly and most of my sites contain affiliate products of some sort!

      Please keep in mind that there are a lot more free email marketing options out there – these three were the most popular at the time of writing this post.

      I find new ones popping up on a monthly basis with more and more attractive free bundles – always search for new options! 🙂

      Good luck with your email marketing campaigns!!!

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