The Best Free Blog Service


The Best Free Blog Service

​You’ve been thinking about it for the last several months now and at the end of the day there’s nothing really stopping you. Time to ditch the excuses and get your daily opinions in front of millions…

I’m talking about starting up a blog and making some money online!

The cool thing about modern day blogging is that you don’t have to pay a penny to start up – there are many excellent FREE options out there!

So what is the best free blog service available to you and where can you find it?

Let’s take a look at your options…

#1 SiteRubix

WordPress is by far the most popular open source website building platform out there these days. It’s simple to use and doesn’t require any HTML/PHP knowledge.

The only problem with this awesome open source tool is that you need to pay for hosting to place your website on – and that’s not an option for this particular article! do offer free versions of certain themes that are built on a sub-domain but there are limitations involved with this service.

Thankfully there is one more FREE option that makes use of dynamic world of WordPress…

SiteRubix was born in 2007 as a tool for Wealthy Affiliate members. Since it’s introduction it has evolved into a platform that is by far the best free blog service out there.


It’s now got to the point where you can quite literally build a SiteRubix website and have it up and running in less than 30 seconds!

The coolest thing about this platform is that it is geared towards serious bloggers who want to build an online business. Unlike some top blogging sites it’s completely open to whatever option you pick to monetize your online efforts.

It offers:

  • ​Optimized servers with super-secure hosting
  • Unlimited bandwith & webspace
  • Full redundancy
  • Daily backups
  • Simple automatic login
  • In depth website analytics
  • Thousands of free website themes to chose from

​If you are new to the blogging world you have to try this baby out first – it will definitely give you the edge over the other ‘free’ bloggers out there.

Find out more about SiteRubix and the FREE Wealthy Affiliate membership that provides it HERE

#2 Blogger

When I first started out making money online SiteRubix was nothing more than a pipe dream ( unfortunately ). I had to make my way up the ‘internet earning ladder’ with slightly less dynamic blogging tools.

But you make the most out of what free options are out there – and some of them are pretty good!

Enter Google’s very own blogging platform – Blogger ( or ‘Blogspot’ depending where you are in the world! ).


Blogger was the first free blogging platform I came across and it helped me get a general grasp on the whole concept. It’s not the prettiest, it’s not the most dynamic and sometimes it’s nothing short of cumbersome…

It works though and that’s all that counts!

There are hundreds of millions of Blogger blogs floating about out there – I dread to think how many new ones are started up on a daily basis!

Blogger takes the difficulty out of posting images or video and also allows you to edit HTML/CSS.

It provides you with a built in mini-version of Google Analytics and also allows you to link up with Google Adsense ( a very popular way of monetizing blogs and websites ).

Blogger is a simple blogging platform that will suit any newcomer to the blogging world. It’s themes are a bit childish but they can be fully customized in a simple ‘drag-and-drop’ fashion.

Well worth a look if you are thinking about starting up a simple blog journal.

#3 Tumblr

When and Blogger were at the height of their battles a new contender slipped into the ring without anyone really noticing.

It quickly rose through the ranks due to bloggers wanting a new and fresh approach to running their blogs.

It was founded by David Karp in February 2007 and now has approximately 160 million users. It became so popular that it was recently bought up by the Yahoo media platform.

I wouldn’t really suggest using Tumblr if you are building an online business – it is geared towards the more traditional journal bloggers. Customization is very much at a minimum with this platform so it may not suit your high professional standards!


The coolest thing about the platform is the rather unique re-blogging function. This makes it super-easy to ‘re-blog’ other people’s work onto your own blog.

I have witnessed many posts, pictures and videos go viral through this re-blogging option – if it works out for you it can bring in a tidal wave of traffic!

I would say that Tumblr is best for bloggers who are aiming to show their art to the world ( it seems to be very popular with photographers and artists! ).

#4 Weebly

Before I signed up with the Wealthy Affiliate marketing training I opted for Weebly as my website building platform. I was using a full domain at the time so I was paying a yearly fee to house my website with them.

But Weebly is well known for having a pretty simple free blogging platform that is again a modular ‘drag-and-drop’ system – it’s extremely easy to use!


Founded in 2006 by a trio of college students it now houses more than 25 million unique sites across the Internet, including numerous websites for small businesses.

I think Weebly is best suited to these small business owners that have never set up a website before, but it’s also a great starting option for general bloggers.

It’s a very intuitive website design tool but it’s not exactly feature-rich when compared to some of it’s competitors.

The main drawback I find with the platform is it’s rather dull theme choices. There are hundreds to choose out of and they are free ( of course! ) but they all seem to lack that ‘dynamic’ feel.

#5 Wix

I’ve included Wix in last place because I haven’t really had the best of experiences with them in the past. They are a cloud based website platform but they tend to push you towards the paid membership by limiting many features one would expect to be free.

It’s very easy to let things spiral out of control with this site as they let you build up a basic site for free then start throwing charges at you when you attempt to improve on the basic blog setup.

Wix started out life in 2006 and is owned by Avishai Abrahami, they now have close to 60 million users.


It’s a very simple process of logging in/signing up with a Facebook or Google + account. Once in you get your basic website editor with various fonts and a selection of templates.

The actual templates and themes look really good – dynamic and modern when compared to Blogger and Weebly. You will end up with a really good looking website but it will lack features unless you put your hand in your pocket!

The Best Free Blog Service

So my overall recommendation is obvious – the perfect option for newbie bloggers is always going to be SiteRubix. It’s fast, simple, dynamic and produces extremely attractive websites.

It’s also completely open to ALL sources of monetizing your blog – sign up for free and get your personal blog up and running within 30 seconds!!!!

If you are serious about making real money online, we are able to point you in the right direction. Take a look at our #1 recommendation and start building your FREE online business today.

10 comments on “The Best Free Blog Service

  1. Hi there. I amazed at the benefits siterubix offers compared to the others. I fist started out using blogger to right about my travelling experiences.. It was good at that time but since I planned to build my online business I had to stop and give preference to a website builder that I could use unlimited monetization options. As you pointed out, siderubix is by far the best option available. And what I like is that it comes within one the best online training platforms. So, you can have 10 free lessons to start your business

    1. Hi Stefan!

      When I first started out I also used Blogger quite a lot – there’s no comparison really is there?
      SiteRubix is by far the best free option out there at the moment 🙂

  2. Hey Chris!

    Thank You for your blogging recommendations, and I’ve actually heard very good things about SiteRubix from other bloggers too. It certainly seems like the ideal platform to start with, especially when it uses WordPress 😀

    I’ve also come across WIX, and I’ve heard they do offer a blog service built into your site, but it’s not SEO friendly!

    Surely that’s a massive online money making opportunity that many WIX website owners would be missing out on!

    It doesn’t make any sense?


    1. Hi Neil,
      I find that WIX sites are very attractive BUT they lack certain necessities for an online business ( as you can see from the blogging function ). I would always advise SiteRubix for more successful ranking…

  3. I am totally new to blogging and I got lucky and hit pay dirt my first time out with Siterubix. I can’t express enough how empowered I have become. I am a freakin blogging machine and I love it! You get to say what you want when you want and then make money while you do it!!??? No brainer.

  4. Hi,

    I have been using WordPress for a while now but I didnt know that SiteRubix and WordPress are the same. They do get different domains though right? I tried blogger too before and you are right, WordPress is the best right now. Even my work website uses wordpress for editing it.

    1. WordPress is nothing more than a platform really – SiteRubix incorporates it into it’s own setup. The free WordPress blogs are a different thing altogether! 🙂

  5. Hi Chris, thanks for your review about the blogging tool that is available online. For the WIX blogging tool, understand that the website is been created on a subdomain reside within the WIX main domain, rather than an individual domain name. Is this meant that we will have lesser control over our website and will be getting lesser traffic compared to if the website is built on an individual domain?

    1. Very much so Tan. Subdomains can rank really well but they will take a lot more effort to do so than a dot com or dot org etc. At the end of the day WIX could pull the plug on your website at any point – with no notice whatsoever!

      In my experience – you’ll never see as much traffic with a subdomain…

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