The Best Accounting Software For Small Businesses


The Best Accounting Software For Small Businesses

When you are running your small business, you will have plenty of work to keep you busy. However, small business accounting software can help in simplifying and streamlining parts of your work.

With accounting software, you are able to manage wages, billing and other finances. From the basic software which simply manages your revenue and spending to more compressive ones which cover multiple warehouses and dozens of employees, you have many different choices of accounting software.

Many accounting software programs normally offer employee, inventory features and payroll also. An important factor to consider when choosing accounting software is the scalability in case you expect growth of your business in the future. The way in which you will access the system and the number of users is also important factors for consideration.

A final factor for consideration is if the accounting software offers the standard functions within the software, whether they are they are add-ons or they’re in separate modules.

Depending on your type of business, the kind of software which will be most beneficial to a person will vary. Here are the best accounting software for small businesses:

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Intuit QuickBooks

Intuit QuickBooks offers a very wide range of accounting features for all kinds of small businesses. This includes store and restaurant owners, consultants, online merchants, freelancers, service providers and many more.

Whether you are just starting, expanding or you even have an already established business, QuickBooks is packed with basic as well as advanced features specially designed to meet all your accounting needs.

AccountEdge Pro

AccountEdge Pro software does more than accounting. The software features DIY as well as outsourced payroll services. These features will enable you to link accounting to payrolls, pay all your employees (including the direct deposits), track time and also prepare payroll taxes.

Retailers shall also enjoy the software’s inventory management suite which integrates with the popular e-commerce solutions. The AccountEdge Pro software is available on Windows, Mac as well as mobile platforms.


Unlike lots of accounting software products which limit transactions until you buy a more expensive package, the FreeAgent software offers unlimited clients, invoices, expenses and many other functions for a monthly price.

This software also has a project management feature that will help you to keep track of the billable hours. FreeAgent is good for consultants, freelancers and other small business.


A favorite among small business owners, FreshBooks offers one of the best user-friendly cloud-based accounting software for the non-accountants. It is also the best accounting application for Android and iOS devices for offering a variety of accounting tasks which you can perform on the go.


In case you have many customers, a dedicated sales team and multiple businesses, Yendo is the best accounting software for you. It is both a CRM and accounting software.

Yendo lets you and your sales representatives manage and also cultivate relationships with your customers while linking all data with your accounting platform and enterprise resource planning.

GnuCash Accounting Software

Is your business powered by Linux? GnuCash is Linux-based, free accounting software which has all features that a small business requires to manage their finances: expense and income tracking, calculations and financial reports, double-entry accounting scheduled transactions and many more.

GnuCash can also track stocks, bonds, mutual funds and bank accounts. In addition to Linux, this accounting software is also available on all Android devices.


Harvest makes it very easy to bill clients and also get paid. The software offers a simple and easy-to-use platform which enables you to track time easily and turn the billable hours to professional invoices.

Harvest also enables you to log expenses, take snapshots, tore receipts, generate reports and also connect this app to Google Apps (Basecamp, Salesforce and more over 50 other business applications.


Do you need a customized business accounting software for your freelancing or other small businesses? Unlike the typical accounting platforms, Hiveage enables you to choose and pick the features that you would like to include in your plan.

As a result, you only have to pay for what you want, when you actually need it. The free plan also offers unlimited clients and invoices. This additional feature ranges from 1.95 dollars to 4.95 dollars per add-on.


Are you a big-picture type of business owner? Intacct software is advanced, cloud-based software that is strictly about the business finance and helping the business to grow.

Intacct can generate several reports. These reports will enable you to evaluate your small business from any financial angle; including the profit margins, income, losses and revenue segments like total revenue, revenue by business, and revenue by product and revenue histories

Intuit Quicken Home and Business

Another Intuit accounting software, Quicken Home lets you manage both your business and personal finances just in one place. This is ideal for small businesses as well as home-based entrepreneurs who do not require full-blown accounting software which is designed for the more established businesses.

However, Intuit Quicken software is not cloud-based and it is available only for Windows, though an Android and iOS app is available for data viewing.

Sage One

Sage One has 2 types of accounting plans: one plan for invoicing by itself and the other one for full-service accounting tasks.

The full-service version accounting plan offers credit card processing and also integrates with almost everything from e-commerce to POS (point-of-sale), CRM (customer relationship management), inventory tracking and document management.

Simple Invoices

If you are a solopreneur and all your accounting requirements primarily consist of tracking the sales and getting paid, then Simple Invoices might be the solution for you.

This accounting software lets you send professional invoices, generate financial reports, create estimates, accept payments and many more, absolutely free.

The Best Accounting Software For Small Businesses

There are lots of software with varying features for simplifying and managing your accounting as well as other needs in your small business. The type of software that you choose depends on the solutions you want, the features which benefit you and the type of business. While there are decisions and considerations to be made by yourself and your company, these small business accounting software reviews will lead you in the right direction.

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  1. This is a nice range of accounting programs that you have described in this post. A lot of other business owners that i speak to are just using some sort of spreadsheet program. I personally use Kashoo which may be worth you having a look at it, with a view to including it within this review. I find it to be very well priced and i can use it not only on my MAC, but also on my Ipad and iPhone.

    1. Hi Mark,
      We did have a look at Kashoo but it seemed to be rooted firmly in the ‘Apple zone’ if you get my drift. We were looking at software that crossed over the two platforms if possible 🙂

    2. I run an IT coaching center and have struggled with accounting, bookkeeping and tax. I sign up for slickpie and quickly found that it solved all my needs. It links with my accounts and credit cards, gives me professional invoicing and track all of my taxes. It’s free online accounting software.

      1. Yeah, bit of a spammy comment mate so I took the url out of your comment. I don’t mind you adding options to the article but don’t go leaving links all over the place – I ain’t a messaging board!!!!

    3. I own a small Insurance company. Initially do all management process manually then I have tried some accounting software . I am looking for ease of use and suitable to my needs, then I tried slickpie (LINK REMOVED FOR SPAM REDUCTION). For my experience I have share Its coolest accounting software. Based on my business to customise all fields, keep track of all process.

    4. I have been using Slickpie free accounting software for over one year now. After comparing Quickbooks invoicing software I decided to go with SlickPie. The Invoices are super easy to create. I can log on each morning to see an up to date of payable, receivables and bank account balances on one easy to read dashboard page.

      1. In your comment you say you run an IT business but the URL you left went straight to a builder’s website. You then went on to promote a product related to this article…

        I wasn’t born yesterday!

    5. I have been using SlickPie accounting software. Over time I have used it for more and more businesses. It is the online software that covers all the features most my business need. I can send invoices automatically anywhere and anytime and also track when my client has viewed it.

      1. Sounds like a bit of a ‘sell’ there John…but I’ll let it ride this time! Are you sure you’re not an affiliate for SlickPie? 🙂

  2. Hey Chris,
    Awesome list you’ve compiled here, and just in the nick of time too! I’m running a startup and after a while, accounting gets really confusing and I really need to have a software so that my head doesn’t explode as I’m really terrible on money management. harvest sounds great, definitely need to bill my clients on the go. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Accounting software is really important in the twenty first century. With so much of accounting automated, to survive in this field one must exploit the automated software packages available. I do like LInux, so the GNU cash software looks interesting. Quickbooks is the only tool among the group that I have used. It’s great to see that there are so many options.
    I do see accountants using basic spreadsheets, however, if they don’t start using some of the more sophisticated software packages, they will most likely be left behind.
    Thanks for the information.

  4. Chris,
    Very thorough list of accounting software. Are all of them available for windows OS. Not quite ready for this yet, I think I will bookmark for when I do not want to pay my accountant any more. Are most of these a one time payment and yearly upgrades or just a monthly fee.

  5. Chris I was amazed at the number of software companies you me. I have not done my do diligence on doing my bookkeeping so thanks for the direction. I always thought quick books was what I would use but now you have given me more options. Thanks for the options.

  6. Great list of accounting software you also can try this best accounting software ,online billing software totally online so runs on every platform android,windows,mac,linux, unix,

    1. By all means comment on my site but don’t be a prick and leave links everywhere – especially to products I have not yet tested. Your comment can stay but your links have been removed. I feel you could benefit from reading some of my marketing articles here – you are going about it all wrong at the moment mate (and looking like a bit of a fool!)

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