The AWOL Academy Review

The AWOL Academy Review

The majority of ‘push-button’ systems and work-from-home ‘bright lights’ you see online, are usually pure sh#t!

Making a really DECENT wage online takes as much hard work as it would in the real world.

You need to go where the demand is and that’s usually internet marketing – or building up an online business.

Now internet marketing ain’t exactly easy – there is a relatively steep learning curve and you need to think outside the box.

Thankfully, there are a number of good (and bad!) programs online to help you with your marketing journey…like AWOL Academy.

So, is AWOL Academy legit or is AWOL Academy a scam?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The AWOL Academy Review

How Does AWOL Academy Work?

AWOL Academy is an internet marketing education package that provides courses that teach you how to become successful online.

The system takes you by the hand and shows you where you should be optimizing your marketing efforts.

What is AWOL Academy About?

What is AWOL Academy About?

So what are these courses about? What are you going to learn with AWOL?

Well, the education is made up of 5 main modules:

The Pro Academy: This course concentrates on sales funnels and how you can implement them with your website. It also covers lead capture pages, conversion tracking systems and email marketing campaigns. This course will set you back $99.

The Inbox Academy: Getting a bit pricier now – this baby runs in at $297! It concentrates on successful email marketing campaigns and what you should be doing to get a good CTR (click through ratio) with your mails.

The Conversion Academy: And yet another step up in price – this one’s a healthy $997. Like the title suggests – this module will teach you how to use persuasion to get your visitors to hit that ‘buy’ button.

The Traffic Academy: Another $997 priced course. This one will teach you how to drive interested traffic to your website. By interested – I mean buying visitors.

The Masters Academy: The most expensive out of the lot – weighing in at a whopping $3.497. If I’m honest with you – I was a little confused on what this module was trying to offer? It sort of centers on investments in your business and money management. I’ve been in internet marketing for over a decade now and I’ve never really needed these sort of subjects before…

I’m Interested – How Do I Join?

The only way in is to purchase the cheapest package on offer ($99) from the main AWOL website.

This package will come with an introductory video that you have to sit through before you can set up a profile and send through your contact details.

These contact details are then used to arrange a ‘coaching call’ to finalize your membership.

Once you have gone through all these processes, you can start the course proper.

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The Positives

AWOL Academy Complaints

First off the bat is their excellent full refund policy. It is a no questions asked policy that lasts for 2 weeks (14 days).

The marketing education AND the coaching looks absolutely brilliant – put together by experienced internet marketers and people who have ‘made it’ in the business.

Our friends at the BBB (Better Business Bureau) seem to like this bunch as well – they’ve only listed one black mark against it in the last three years of trading.

AWOL Academy Complaints

Okay, down to the important stuff – what’s hidden beneath the surface with AWOL?

Our number one recommendation for internet marketing, the Wealthy Affiliate, has a decent price setup for premium membership.

This means that any old Tom, Dick and Harry can learn the internet marketing ropes with them without risking their mortgage.

Now, I find the AWOL Academy extremely pricey I’m afraid – the top module is set at $3,497!!!!!

This is high for an online education – VERY high in my book.

A starter account with the Wealthy Affiliate is FREE and gives you 10 full lessons – actually enough to get you started with internet marketing without paying a dime!

$3,497 is just a whole other universe I’m afraid.

I was also a little bit surprised at how pushy the AWOL were when it came to you recruiting new members for them.

They say they offer a decent commission package for those who want to promote them – but they don’t really go into details.

I’d personally want to concentrate on building my own online business – I don’t want to waste that much time promoting them!

Is AWOL Academy Legit?

Yeah this company and the internet marketing education they provide is completely legit…but a little bit overpriced in my opinion.

Internet marketing does have some hidden costs which makes starting out in it difficult enough – when you slap on a 3 grand price tag you’re really in the sh#t before you get going.

I like AWOL and I like the way they present and teach their methods, but I can’t stomach that sort of price…

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