The 12 Minute Payday System Review…I Think?

The 12 Minute Payday System Review...I Think?

​Coming across work online opportunities that promise money within a given time period set’s off numerous alarm bells inside my head!

After all these years of building up my online empire I’m now pretty sure that there are NO QUICK FIXES FOR EARNING MONEY ONLINE!

‘Push button software’ and ‘out of the box made for you options’ all have one thing in common – they are complete and utter gash.

Unfortunately 12 Minute Payday managed to set off at least half of my trusty alarm bells just by being on the landing page for a matter of seconds.

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12 Minute Payday System Review

Okay, it’s best we start off with the landing page ( or sales page ) I touched upon above.

It’s sole purpose is to display a sales video made up of some of the scummiest vermin on the internet – the false testimonial workers!

On top of that the video player is one of those dodgy embedded systems that won’t allow you to fast forward through any part ( you CAN pause of course – they wouldn’t want you to miss any of the bulls##t spouted by the testimonial guys and gals! ).

There is a huge black gap of nothingness below the video before we end up on the arse-covering disclaimers ( in VERY small print of course! ):

“This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo or Bing nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Google, ClickBetter, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, or Bing. The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system. does not guarantee income or success, and examples shown in this presentation do not represent an indication of future success or earnings. The company declares the information shared is true and accurate.”


“The information provided in the video is only related to those customers that follow every step in the system and continue to use the system daily. Without following the instructions and continuing to use the software you will have lifetime access to, you should expect to make nothing as we do NOT do the work for you. Those who do actively use our system have had a wide variety of successes. Any statistics in the sales presentation are simply for examples sake and have not been statistically analyzed or researched and are solely based on our estimates from customers that follow all of our steps in the program and continue to use our system.”

The moment ANYONE with half a brain cell gets through these disclaimers is the moment they decide to avoid this offer like the plague!

The service itself offers you 15 pre-designed web pages that you can basically sell affiliate products from. Apparently these web pages don’t need a domain to run off so you save on that cost – awesome!

But wait a minute!!!!!!!

What The ____?

Okay, I decided to take two separate routes into this product’s sales area – the first one being the landing page I covered above.

The second route took me directly to a website called Insured Profits…what the #### is going on here?

The initial landing page is and the second one is


Now, I’ve got no real idea why this is happening but I had a quick scout around Google and it seems like the maker’s of this program have jumped ship ( I can’t be sure about this but there is a mess of muddled reviews out there! ).

But why am I being directed to two different offers through the original 12 Minute Payday links?

Why are these two different offers totally scammy in nature?

I can only hazard a guess here…but I think the owners have set up a couple of new and improved bulls##t offers and are redirecting their customers to them!

Is 12 Minute Payday a Scam?

Well it’s a complete bloody farce, which in turn makes this review I’m writing a complete bloody farce…which is bloody annoying!

I’m having trouble locating the original 12 Minute Payday through Google so it looks as though there’s a couple of new traps in place!

While this review was a complete waste of my time it should serve as a pretty awesome warning about clicking any 12 Minute Payday banner ads – DON’T.

A complete mess that seems to be geared towards a couple of new dodgy opportunities…and a waste of my time!

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6 comments on “The 12 Minute Payday System Review…I Think?

  1. Hi there Chris,

    Your article got me curious so I went to search on Google. Typed in “12 minute payday system” and I swear that 9 out of 10 on the first page are all NEGATIVE reviews about the company.

    For the life of me, I can’t even find where the original website is. Obviously, this raises a lot of red flags. Sometimes, you just gotta love Google for their ranking algorithm.

    Try setting up a scam business and before long, you’ll have your competitors (and criticizers) outranking you on the first page based on your own ‘brand’ name.


    1. That’s a good point Cathy – the honest reviews will always end up outranking the dodgy offers in the end! Some sort of justice there I suppose! 🙂

  2. You have gone to great lengths to ensure that your readers get the facts about dodgy and scammy “make-money-easily” sites! Thanks for writing in a simple, yet profound manner in analyzing the features of these scams.

    You also do a great job in recommending those programs which are legit, like Clixsense. However, Wealthy Affiliate is rightfully the number one recommendation! Keep it up!

    1. Well glad you agree with our views Ronald. Something tells me you might have had some experience with the WA, is this correct?

  3. From what I’ve learned about online marketing, the name “12 Minute Payday” is a red flag in itself! There is absolutely no structure to this “company”. I don’t get how they expect to be looked at as a legit program. From what i’ve seen, this seems to be one of the worst so far. Thanks for this great warning about this mess haha.

    1. Yeah the title is a dead giveaway really isn’t it Danny – it’s the first thing I thought as well. Definitely worth side-stepping this one if possible!

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