TellWut Review – The TellWut Survey Panel

TellWut Review - The TellWut Survey Panel

​Finding online survey sites to review is always the easiest part of running this blog – they seem to pop up every day!

If all of these survey sites were as effective as Clixsense I wouldn’t really have a problem…but most of them are not! 

Today we will be taking a look at the TellWut survey panel and finding out if their work options are worth your time and effort…

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The TellWut Review

As always, I thought we’d start this TellWut review with a little background on the service itself.

The TellWut Corporation is based in Canada and it kicked off it’s services back in 2010. Their main aim is to try and find out what the public thinks about specific products.

The TellWut Review

They offer a sort of online community which is based upon member feedback participation.

When you are a part of this community you can earn points ( and points mean prizes! ) by taking part in various surveys and polls linked to these products.

They also offer an affiliate program where you can refer others for a higher total of weekly points.

Inside The TellWut Network

Signing up to become a member of the TellWut network is as simple as:

  • ​Provide a valid email address
  • Go through the account creation process
  • BANG! You’re in!

Yep it’s that simple folks…but let’s not kid ourselves here – most survey sites are that simple to join! ​

Once inside your TellWut account you can start earning points by simply updating your profile, taking surveys, creating surveys…your usual basic survey site setup at the end of the day!

TellWut Rewards

Unfortunately the TellWut rewards are yet again based on gift cards and vouchers. To get your hands on these gift cards you are going to have to collect a massive 4000 points ( which totals about $10 in the gift card world ).

TellWut Rewards

Once you have the 4000 points you are confronted with the following options:

  • ​Collect a simple Amazon-type gift card
  • Collect a Visa pre-paid card
  • Exchange points for some movie vouchers ( how sh#t is that? )
  • Exchange the points for various merchandise that is on offer

Common TellWut Complaints

The most common TellWut complaints revolve around the fact that they do not pay out money – isn’t that the main reason for joining a work online website?

Gift cards are okay at the end of the day but nothing more – you’d expect one on your birthday NOT on your payday!

I’ve also come across numerous complaints about the payment structure of points within the community – apparently it takes about a year to hit that illusive 4000 points mark!

So that’s a pay rate of $10 a year…

Ain’t gonna be retiring anytime soon on that! 

I was hoping that the TellWut community surveys would be a slightly ‘higher class’ than the normal online surveys but I’m afraid that this was not the case.

Yet again I was frequently kicked out of surveys AFTER filling in at least 10 minutes worth of information – an incredibly dodgy marketing tactic that these companies tend to use!

Some of these survey sites do actually provide you with a minor reward if you are disqualified but I’m afraid TellWut haven’t followed suit.

Is TellWut a Scam?

So let’s get down to the ‘nitty gritty’ of this review – is TellWut a scam or is it a legitimate online opportunity?

Well it’s definitely not a scam folks but it’s certainly NOT the best online survey site out there!

These types of sites are based on models that offer very little monetary value – that’s what makes them work and keeps them paying the public.

Unfortunately that means you are not going to see that many paydays with them…unless you work there over 20 hours a day!

Definitely legit…but definitely a waste of time if you are looking to earn REAL money online…

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4 comments on “TellWut Review – The TellWut Survey Panel

  1. I’ve looked into survey phone apps as a possible source of income but it seems that it is just way too time consuming and my inbox kept filling up with spam from those, which was annoying.

    Would this also be the case with TellWut?

    I think that if they allowed users to redeem their points for cash, then I’d probably join.

  2. I find this website to have a good structure and I espcially lke your post about the social media.I have a lot to learn from that. It i concise written, with the use of images, so well done to that. We have to move with the customers. Do you know how Pinterest works ? Can you tell me. I only have a FB and G+, Twitter and Linkedin account. i want to be present on all of them. Could you help ?

    1. Hi Nancy,

      I have numerous Pinterest articles on this site. Simply use the search bar at the top right of this page and it’ll return you all the Pinterest info you need 🙂

      Good luck!

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