Team Vinh International Scam

Team Vinh International Scam

To be honest with you I really couldn’t be bothered with writing this review today because I was in the mood for covering something positive ( I’m having one of those weeks we all have from time to time! ).

But yesterday I stumbled upon a bit of a shady offer I just had to cover here with you today – the Team Vinh international scam.

Sounds a bit James Bond really doesn’t it?

It’s actually the murkiest offer I think I’ve come across this month.

So I threw all the ideas of reviewing something positive out of the window and sat down to pen this little beauty.

I apologize in advance if my writing lacks excitement for this product…

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Team Vinh International Review

Okay, let’s get into this opportunity…

The system itself is owned by a certain Vinh H. Le who resides in Singapore – a place that’s not really known for being the hotbed of new marketing innovations!

Team Vinh International Review

Vinh is yet another MLM guru – no matter which way you try to look at it!

He claims that MLM is simple if you have the ability to sell products and recruit people…

Wow, that’s something ground breaking right there!!!

Well Mr. Vinh H. Le…I’ve got news for you!

Most of the time people struggle to sell MLM products, the products are usually crap and the only recruiting comes from their own family members…

In a nutshell…it’s s##t!

But our mate Vinh is actually offering us something new, something that is not really a MLM product scheme…

It’s a system that handles all the MLM side of things so you don’t have to!

Inside The Box

The sales page is one of those pages that offers you absolutely nothing of value other than the promise of untold riches…this is for a reason.

They want you to pimp out your phone number – without doing that you are stuck with their false promises.

You can get in there for free but for some reason they need your phone number…

So…I gave them a false phone number ( which seemed to work! ) and I got into the forbidden land.

I could spend about an hour trying to explain exactly how the product works but I’ll be honest with you here – I’d rather stick pins in my eyes.

It’s crap!

No other word for it I’m afraid – it is NOT a MLM system on autopilot in any sense of the word. On top of that it will cost you at least $338 just to the join the so-called elite.

Team Vinh International Complaints

The products are actually products that our mate Vinh has created himself…again, CRAP!

From what I could gather they are based on Video Email and Video Conferencing along with high quality Digital Greetings Card & Calendar?

That’s quite a mix really isn’t it?

Well surely if the system is this bad you can claim your money back after a 30 day trial or something?


Apparently they are so confident in their system and their products there is no need for a money back guarantee…

Give me strength!

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Team Vinh International Complaints

When I usually check the amount of company complaints online I have to do some minor digging to get the best ones out. I didn’t this time!

This was absolutely extraordinary – I couldn’t find one positive review from past or present members.

Some had been on hold by the company for over a year whilst others just sat there and witnessed their money get hacked away!

Good old Vinh promises you that this is not an MLM opportunity then he turns around and charges you a monthly fee for…a MLM company!

Not only that…it’s a MLM company HE OWNS!

It is all based around typical Auto Ship orders – every month you will end up with a ton of s##t on your doorstep regardless of whether you can sell it or not.

Team Vinh Scam?

Don’t forget now that you are charged well over $300 before you have any sort of idea what you will be doing. For all you know they could have you hunting tigers for money!

At the end of the day you need to ask yourself this question – if they have an autopilot MLM system…why do they need you?

Surely they have been able to build awesome downlines for themselves with this push button software?

Team Vinh Scam?

So…is Team Vinh scam or is there some way you can make money through this platform?

Well, hopefully this review will rank pretty well on Google so that people can avoid this dickhead Vinh like the plague!

This opportunity has nothing to offer it’s members and it’s never likely to either – it was set up as a fish net and it will continue catching newbies…day after day!

It’s a scam whichever way you look at it, and it gives the online earning community a bad name.

To me MLM stands for Mad Losses Monthly and it’s something everyone should stay away from…

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8 comments on “Team Vinh International Scam

  1. Hi Chris,
    Obviously, from reading your article on Team VINH International, I truly see that you hate them with a passion. For good reason too, I would my friends and family to be sucked into such a terrible fraud. They deserve to be shown to the world for who they truly are and thank you for helping everyone know about them by giving us obvious warning of their mistrust.
    Yours Truly,

  2. Chris, your article was timely. I ran across the same offer. When I did some research on Team Vinh Scam, I ran across your article. Yout evaluation, often times making me laugh out load, was on point. I have been looking to start my own online internet marketing business for over 4 months now and have come across so many of these Scams. That I started using articles like yours and the Federal Trade Commissions guidelines on how to avoid scams to protect myself. They advise basically if the business is asking you for an upfront fee, it’s probably a scam. If there is no money back guarantee, it’s probably a scam. So what now? From the trust you gained by writing this review, I decided to take a look into your #1 recommendation. Wealthy Affiliate. Wow, I get to try it for 7 days for free, training which I need because I know nothing about any of this and I get to develop 2 free websites and so much more value again for free. It sounds like exactly what I’ve been looking for! So much that I just signed up for my free 7-day trial membership. I will be checking back with you in a few weeks to give you an update on my progress. Thank you so much for your service.

    1. Hey Robert, great to hear that you took up the WA offer but you must understand…it’s completely free!

      That’s right – the starter membership is free for as long as you want ( and it comes with two free websites and hosting! ). Don’t upgrade because you feel you have to…this baby stays free forever! 🙂

    2. Chris, I wanted to stop back in and give you my progress update. Wealthy Affiliate was everything you mentioned and more.

      The 20 courses, video training, by Kyle the Co-owner were complete and step by step instructions on how to set up a successful online business.

      I have already set up my 2 Free websites

      The 24-7 Live Chat was very helpful when I got stuck or had a question. I was amazed how other members unselfishly gave their time to help me succeed.

      There was so much value given for Free that after trying the Wealthy Affiliate program for 7 days the decision to become a Premium member was a no-brainer.

      What other business can you try out for free and become a member for as little as $47 per month with no add-ons, upsells or gimmicks.

      Wealthy Affiliate is truly the real deal.

      Thank you so much for providing me with the opportunity to start my own business without any experience.

      1. Hi Robert,

        That’s great to hear! Keep on plugging away at the tutorials and don’t lose faith – the more content you put out there the more business you will attract! 🙂

  3. Hey Chris,
    Who names a business Team Vinh? The name itself bears ill will and it already implies that something is definitely wrong as it involves a team of some sort.

    My first guess was that it has something to do with MLM and true enough, it is! Great review man, I’m sure you will definitely help a lot of people steer away from this program, I too hate MLM companies and would never want to get affiliated with them ever again. Cheers!

    1. Hi Riaz,

      Yeah the name is not the best is it – doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion 🙂

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