Team Beachbody Coach Review

Team Beachbody Coach Review

At a guess I’d say that around 90% of internet users are unhappy with their weight – I don’t see this ever changing really!

The biggest pull of a new weight loss product is the time scale of it’s effectiveness – the quicker the better (obviously!).

But quick fixes have been all the rage in the weight loss niche for quite some time now.

Nobody wants a diet that takes a decade to work right?

In this Team Beachbody Coach review we will be taking a look at yet another one of these miracle weight loss aids that has a slight twist – you can also earn money off it (apparently!).

So, is Team Beachbody Coach scam or is it worth your time and effort?

Let’s take a closer look…

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What is Team Beachbody Coach?

Team Beachbody is part of an organization built by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon back in 1998.

They’ve built themselves up on the promise of effective regimes including workout, nutrition and portion control.

Team Beachbody is actually a sales section of the main company aptly named Beachbody (very original!).

They are made up of independent sales representatives that are called ‘coaches’.

These coaches are put in place to flog their products and provide encouragement to new members looking to lose weight.

Team Beachbody Products

I came across numerous products on their platform but four of them seemed to stand out as their bestsellers, or most heavily promoted…

• 21 Day Fix Extreme – $59.85
• P90X3 Extreme – $119.85
• Focus T25 – $59.85
• Shakeology (30 separate servings) – $129.95

As you can see these products are not exactly leaning towards the cheap side – could this be why they are pushed to the front of the Team Beachbody queue?

Become a Team Beachbody Coach

So, how do you rake in some cash if you decide to become a Team Beachbody coach?

Well the main cash avenue is to flog the main products I listed above at a commission rate of 25%. You can also ‘recruit’ new coaches to the program.

There is a bonus system put in place around the sales total but unfortunately it doesn’t sound that impressive.

You have to sell at least $55 worth of products over a 35 day period to retain eligibility for the bonuses – not great news for newcomers to the marketing world!

Is Team Beachbody Coach Scam?

After a few hours of carrying out a ‘scam check’ on this opportunity I stumbled upon more than a handful of complaints.

First off the bat is the level of fees one must pay to remain a coach.

Now, I’m one of those people that believes nobody should pay to start out working online. So this got under my skin a little bit!

Is Team Beachbody Coach Scam?

The initial fee for the ‘honor’ of becoming a coach is set at $39.95…which is not really that bad when compared to similar internet setups!

Unfortunately you are then slapped with a further $15.95 per month to keep your coach account active.

Instant smell of MLM right?

This monthly fee is put in place to cover your rather simple promotion webpage and the marketing tools on offer – neither of which are that impressive if I’m honest with you!

They also offer a leads funnel for the small price of $2.99 per week – this sounded pretty impressive at first.

Unfortunately you are not supplied with a weekly list of live lead’s email addresses – you are sent new members that have not signed up for the program through a coach.

How effective is this lead system going to be in the long run?

I have no idea really but it definitely sounds as if it could swing both ways quite easily!


The second popular complaint is a VERY worrying one in my book – struggling to get out of the system!

Numerous past members have posted horror stories online about their credit cards becoming stuck in the system.

The Team Beachbody Coach boasts about a simple refund but apparently they are not that effective at carrying them out.

Many members have canceled their accounts only to find out that they are sent a load more products the next month (with their credit card charged for these products of course!).

My final gripe with this opportunity is a pretty common one in pyramid scheme circles – the price of the products!

The meal replacement product is a shake named Shakeology that can be purchased in 30 serving packs.

The only problem here is that each serving ends up at about $4 – not exactly a bargain in my book!

Team Beachbody Coach Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day Pyramid Schemes are something I won’t ever promote or recommend on this website.

They are always based on recruiting people that pay to be part of your scheme no matter how hard they try and promote their own products.

Let’s be honest here – more often than not these types of products are total sh#t!

If you are looking to build up an online business you NEED to get some sort of training under your belt. Marketing online is NOT that easy at the end of the day…

People think that creating an income online means chasing down an elusive job or flogging poor products to your friends & family. That’s just a recipe for losing patience & people that you like. Let’s stop all that crap, there is a better way – find out more HERE

8 comments on “Team Beachbody Coach Review

  1. I worked out a lot with p90x and p90x2 and because I enjoyed the programs I looked into becoming a beach body coach. But I found the fees associated to be really high and came across several of the same types of negative reviews you mentioned.

    Another reason why I didn’t join is I felt as if I would be restricted to only promoting their products, Not really for me. Good review

    1. Great to hear from someone who has a solid interest in this sort of niche Alec! Yes, you would definitely be limited to their (rather overpriced) products if you signed up. The fees are also a huge downside!

  2. Beachbody has a tremendous following, which makes the Team Beachbody opportunity very attractive. I feel like if anyone who has been around a TV for even a week has seen the P90X or Insanity commercial while channel flipping.

    Personally I know many people who have tried Insanity or P90X and I’ve never heard anyone say these programs don’t work, or that they regret making the purchase.

    However, I don’t know of any Team Beachbody Coach and I think that’s probably saying something, now that I think about it…

    Nothing about this review seemed too alarming to me, as someone who is very familiar with MLMs. But that $15.95 monthly on top of $39.95 initial fee…

    Honestly that $15.95 is some wool to pull over the sheep’s eyes! I can’t fathom what it’s really for. The simple webpage? That has a maximum monthly value of maybe $1. Marketing tools, shouldn’t a coach be able to purchase those as needed?

    I’m totally turned off from the Beachbody Coach opportunity. I see you’ve got a post called Backyard Gardening for Profit… that seems like a more attractive opportunity to me than Beachbody, so I’ll check that out.

    But out of curiosity, what kind of training does Beachbody offer for this $39.95 startup fee + $15.95 a month? Are they offering live seminars, web seminars, or something like that? Really trying to figure out that $15.95 a month…

    1. There are quite a few training options to be honest with you Tiffany but I found that you really needed to be good with social media – that’s where the REAL marketing for this product works out! If you can handle a good social media campaign you can really make a go of this.

      But…at the end of the day this is a MLM opportunity – and it always will be….

  3. Hello,
    Beach Body is huge and there is a lot of information out there. Your reviews is quite informative and looks very appealing. I have used a few of their programs and I currently am doing the p90x. I never thought about being a coach but it looks like it is beneficial to make some money. Thanks for this information, and I will be looking more into this and looking to your site for the guidance.

    1. Ah that’s great news Mark – a real insider! Don’t forget to pop back here and let us know how the whole process is going for you (invaluable info for my readers!)

  4. Hey Chris…

    I have to admit – I never heard of Team Beachbody Coach… probably for good reason. I’ve had my share of failed attempts with MLM’s several years ago, and vowed to never go down that route again. What I discovered with MLM’s and as you also mentioned, was the constant upsells once you join. The business model is great for those at the top who are making all the money… so hats off to them. But I really appreciate guys like you who take time out and expose the the cons of the business and offer a better solution to make extra money.


    1. Yeah that’s the main problem with them Mark – the guys and gals at the top! Nobody else gets a look in when they are already established (you are basically working for them!). Sucks to find out you used to be a member of these MLM platforms – glad you got away from them!

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