Social Media Engagement Questions

Social Media Engagement Questions

  There seems to be a new one pooping up every day – some are good…others not so much… What am I talking about? Social Networks. Facebook. Google Plus. Twitter. Pinterest – what do these exciting and fast moving social sites mean to your website/business/blog? Well first things first – we should really move Google […]

Reddit vs Digg - Which is Best For You?

Reddit vs Digg – Which is Best For You?

When I first started building websites and creating my online empire, websites like Reddit and Digg were awesome places to go and get a juicy backlink. Sure, I know what 99% of you reading this are screaming at the screen at this moment in time – ‘What about the traffic Chris…WHAT ABOUT THE TRAFFIC???’ Well […]

Social Bookmarking Backlinks

Social Bookmarking Backlinks – James Howard’s Tutorials

  A great way to boost your site’s authority and ranking is to gain social indications from from sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. James Howard’s Social Bookmarking Backlinks is geared towards teaching you how to grow your online business through these social platforms. Before we start I’d like to point out that I used to […]