Can You Make Money With Niche Websites?

Can You Make Money With Niche Websites?

Back in the day (I love that saying!), it was near enough super-easy for internet marketers to make money with niche websites. Niche sites were geared towards super-targeted keywords about one topic and one topic only – they were (or are) highly specialized websites. Whenever anyone searched for a term through Google it was a highly […]

Problems With Niche Marketing

Problems With Niche Marketing – Typical Mistakes to Avoid

​​ A lot of newbie bloggers hit the wall when they encounter ​problems with niche marketing. All the excitement and bold ambitions suddenly reach ground zero when you realize you are not making any money. What niche should you choose? That’s the million dollar question really isn’t it? What is your website going to be […] homepage

How to Find a Good Niche – Rocks!

  Looking for advice on how to find a good niche? Tired of trawling through the Clickbank product options? Searching for a super-targeted product that hasn’t been diluted by the web yet? Well I’ve got some good news for you – there’s a place where ALL good marketers go… Dmoz Your Mind! is the largest publicly […]

How to Author in a Niche

How to Author in a Niche – How REAL Are You?

  In this article we will be taking a look at how to author in a niche market successfully – it’s a lot easier than you think… Take a Step Backwards When I was first getting into internet marketing I got real bogged down in technical things like keyword research, building sites, article marketing and all […]

Niche Picking Theory

Niche Picking Theory – The Limitless Choice

Welcome to what I like to call my very own ​Niche Picking Theory! A niche is nothing more than an audience and in this article we will be looking at how to pick a profitable niche for this audience… If you are interested in making real money online that can possibly replace or supplement your income […]