Successful Guest Blogging Tips


Successful Guest Blogging Tips

In this article we will be covering a handful of what we deem to be successful guest blogging tips. Whilst not being as powerful as it used to be – it still has it’s place if used correctly…

Blogging is all about building your own brand and increasing organic traffic to your site. Guest blogging is a whole different animal – the aim is to help another bloggers get more traffic by producing good quality content for them, while in return you are allowed to leave a backlink to your own site.

It is an indirect promotion channel for your site and as such may not immediately lead to an increase in organic traffic.

To make sure you do not end up wasting your time writing for others and to reap the most benefits of guest blogging there are certain guidelines to keep in mind. Here are my tips on guest blogging success and common mistakes to avoid.

See Other Bloggers as ‘Business Partners’

See Other Bloggers as 'Business Partners'First of all, you need to change your mindset: blogging is all about promoting yourself and outranking competing sites; guest blogging, on the other hand, requires you to see your competitors as “business partners”.

You are not trying to outrank your competitors but to join forces with them and help them rank better in search engines and in return you get some visibility for your site. The better they do, the greater the chance of you getting more internet exposure.

Only Reach Out to Top Quality Blogs

Before approaching any blogger about posting content, make sure you are only reaching out to quality content bloggers. The time spent researching top content sites is well worth it and will pay off in the long run.

Search engines look at the quality of links directing traffic to your website. The higher the quality, the better search engines will rank your site.

Don’t Play a Numbers Game

A common mistake by bloggers looking for a shortcut to internet exposure is trying to get as many links as possible out in the blogosphere.

Don’t Play a Numbers GameThis may have worked in the past, but now Google and other search engines have caught on to search engine optimizers who use poor content just to leave many links.

It is no longer about the number but rather about the quality of backlinks you leave. Low quality content will be tagged as spam and associated websites will be dropped from search engine rankings.

Once that happens, unfortunately, getting back in the rankings is going to be an uphill struggle and may take as much work as starting from scratch.

Backlink to a Solid Blog

A risk associated with guest blogging is backlinking to a thin content blog. In order for search engines to see you as any kind of authority and reward you extra points for guest posts linking to your site, you need to have a solid blog yourself. 

It is key to invest time into first creating a good blog which on its own attracts a fair amount of traffic before trying to spread the word out.

Guest Blog on Subjects Close to Your Area of Expertise

Being perceived as an authority on a subject matter is probably the single most difficult yet most important measure of blogging success. Clever and selective guest blogging could help you come across as a better authority by associating you with more established long-standing websites.

Guest Blog on Subjects Close to Your Area of ExpertiseThe point here is not so much to gain more traffic as to build your brand and image by associating yourself with those who are more successful than you.

Of course the good sites out there would be quite picky when it comes to guest posts so you may need to invest time in preparation of a good pitch and high quality content.

Although it may seem that you are spending precious time and energy helping a competitor, keep in mind that being allowed to guest-post on a popular site is automatically a validation of your own ability to write well and with authority.

Nurture And Build Long-Term Relationships With Other Bloggers

Guest posting goes hand in hand with developing a mutually beneficial relationship with other bloggers. You are better off seeking out the top ten most popular blogs in your chosen subject and trying to guest post on there consistently rather than indiscriminately reaching out to different sites each time.

In the long term being selective and joining the inner circle of successful bloggers would make you a better authority by way of association. 

That’s not to say getting your foot in the door would be easy – you have to nurture these relationships, pitch in a highly professional manner, provide high quality content and follow through your commitments.

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13 comments on “Successful Guest Blogging Tips

  1. Great tips! I agree that it is very important for bloggers to see others as a sort of business partner instead of as competition, people can accomplish so much by helping eachother! With everyone bringing in their own unique contributions so much amazing stuff can be done and blogging becomes far more interesting that way 🙂

  2. Hey, I also guest blog from time to time. I only choose high-authority sites with a lot of traffic. If the site doesn’t have much traffic then probably it would be better to publish the given post on your own blog instead.

    And the links from these sites are not so powerful any more as they used to be in the past. Of course they still have some power and may help your blog rank better.
    If it’s possible you should try to put a link to your site or page on your blog somewhere in the body of the article – such links are more powerful then the ones at the very bottom of the article in the About the Author section.

    Take care

    1. Hi Luke,
      Yes I agree, if the webmaster or blog owner allows you, try and put the link as high up in the article as possible. This will definitely increase the chance of traffic heading back to your site from the article! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion 🙂

  3. Great article on succesfull guest blogging tips. Guest blogging is a great way to get your name out there in your chosen industry and gain new audience. Have to agree with many points you made in this post. High quality Backlinks are REALLY important in the eyes of google so this is something everyone should read. Thanks a lot!

  4. Great article on guest blogging! Thanks for all the tips! I will keep them filed away for when I reach that point in my blogs.

    I haven’t had the opportunity to be a guest blogger or have a guest blogger on my site as of yet so I don’t know much about the subject. I will say that i feel it is not only helpful to guest blog on other sites, it’s also helpful to have them on yours.

  5. I am starting my website and have been pondering about guest blogging for some times.

    Thank you for the advice, I would definitely do that once my site matures a little more and have more than 10-15 posts.
    Do you think it’s better to wait and build your website up before considering guest blogging?

    Thanks and all the best.

    1. Hi Anh,
      Yes I would certainly wait until you have at least 30 articles/posts on your website before going down this route 🙂

  6. Hi Chris
    Another great post, I am loving your website!
    I have not really ventured much into guest blogging yet, but I am very interested to start soon. Your tips for guest blogging will come very much in handy when I do this. I have learned a lot reading your blogs.
    I have found someone that has a similar blog to mine about recovery from addiction and we are hoping to guest blog on each others websites soon, I will be sharing this with her. Thanks again.
    Kind Regards

  7. Hello Chris. Another great post about yet another great topic. I must say I enjoy reading your posts as I always learn something and this one is no expection. I never thought of guest blogging as a partnership as you point out but as a way to get exposure. But as you have explained it guest blogging can have great advantages if done correctly and needs to work in connection with your area of expertise and the quality of content and the quality of the blog itself. Great Advice Thank you Chris. 🙂

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