Starting Your Own YouTube Channel


Starting Your Own YouTube Channel

​Are you aware of the power of video marketing and what it can do for your website’s popularity. Today we will be looking at starting your own YouTube channel and linking it back to your main site.


There’s a good reason behind the subject matter of this article today – Passive Residual Ideas ( dot com! ) has started up it’s own YouTube channel – Marketing Simplicity

We’ve decided to ‘tap into’ the awesome power and popularity of YouTube a gradually build up a channel full of tutorials for making money online.

Our first video has been up and running for the last couple of days and is sort of an introduction to this site and what we do here in general. Check it out below:

That’s obviously just a starting point for our channel – a welcome of sorts ( we don’t give much info away within the video ).

The video is pretty technical in creation but you really don’t have to go ‘all out’ with your production. I happen to have decent professional video editing software but there are excellent freeware options out there for creating simple ( or adventurous ) slide shows or videos…

  • Kate’s Video Toolkit – an extremely easy-to-use video editor that comes without all the confusing bells and whistles. Perfect for the newbie YouTube channel owner! ​
  • Avidemux – a great open source choice! You can join clips, cut them (without re-encoding), and apply a lengthy list of useful filters. I’ve had a great deal of success using this editing program over the years due to the online wiki that is dedicated to the program!
  • Lightworks – if you are interested in going ‘all out’ and producing a polished, professional video for your channel then this is the FREE program for you! Lightworks is awesome and has even been used on certain Hollywood movies ( Batman & Mission Impossible to name but a few! ). All this comes at a price though – it’s not the easiest program to get to grips with. But once you’ve mastered it you will have the power to create astonishing film projects! ​

Just remember that people are visiting your videos for the same reason they would visit a blog post – they are looking for answers to questions!

You just need to initially concentrate on the information the video is providing – forget about all the bells and whistles until later on ( that will come! ).

The majority of really helpful videos I have come across on YouTube are usually super-simple slideshows with text and no real images. They provide great info and get the message across – no messing about!

Starting Your Own YouTube Channel

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get creative!

I’ve come across a wicked article on How To Start a YouTube channel published by – click here!

This excellent article should provide you with everything you need to know on the subject and is in a great step-by-step format 🙂

If you are interested in finding out more about video marketing and online marketing in general we recommend working through the FREE tutorials the WA community provide. Check out our full review on their services located through the link below:

8 comments on “Starting Your Own YouTube Channel

  1. Hi chris,

    I’ve actually just started my own youtube channel, well, I’ve set it up at least and still yet to create my first video.

    I would like to get into some ‘over the shoulder’ tutorial kind of videos to help my audience and am looking for some basic screen recording equipment that’s up to the job.

    I don’t mind paying, but only really need the basics. I have found something call “screencast-o-matic”. It’s about $16 per year.

    Have you heard of it, if so what are your thoughts, or do you have a better altenative?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Lee, I have heard of screencast and at that price it’s probably a decent deal. I use things like Sony Vegas etc to get my videos up and running but there are hundreds of different options out there ( a lot of them free! ).

  2. You know, I’m never let down by the quality of the information on your website. I do have my own Youtube channel, but you’ve shown me some things that I need to incorporate into my strategy. How’d you learn all this stuff? I’ll be back to see your new posts. You keep writing – I’ll keep reading. Deal?

  3. Was doing some simple research and came across one of your articles again Chris. I have been a marketer for 6 years and I haven’t tapped into the whole Youtube hype. I remember Youtube when it was first launched and now it has evolved into a massive beast! Should I start incorporating Youtube into my business models? Around how much benefit, traffic, and followers could I potential attain? Hasn’t Youtube rather been tapped out as far as that stuff goes, or is it still a great way to achieve success?

    1. Hi again John,
      Yes I would say YouTube is fairly ‘tapped out’ these days and you need to put together planned out videos to stand out. If you do manage to achieve this the traffic can be blistering 🙂

  4. Hi Chris,

    Youtube is very popular, some people just like watching movies better than reading content. The search engine on youtube also works a bit different which can be in your advantage, right? It really focusses on exact keywords if I’m not mistaken? I’m wondering what kind of video’s you think are most effective in the MMO niche? Is it slideshows similar to powerpoint presentations, actually teaching people what to do by showing your own screen, or those infomercials with nicely drawn graphics which seem to be so popular these days, especially in the science field?


    1. To be honest Maarten, all of what you mentioned would work if done professionally enough! Slideshows similar to powerpoint presentations, actually teaching people what to do by showing your own screen, or those infomercials with nicely drawn graphics – I’ve used them all and they’ve worked quite well!

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