Starting a Freight Broker Business – Full Guide

Starting a Freight Broker Business - Full Guide

Product: Freight Broker Profits

Subject: Freight Broker Online Training

Product Creator: Dennis Brown

Website: (Click Here!)

Price: $98

Product Warranty: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Our Rating: 9 out of 10

Learning how to negotiate shipments as a freight broker is a career change that many dissatisfied workers may have never considered.

It is unusual, but this niche market could be profitable and rewarding according to Dennis Brown, especially if users are following his Freight Broker Profits guide.

Essentially, Freight Broker Profits has been designed as an alternative to the standard training program for this field of work.

Budding brokers have the choice of paying out thousands of dollars for courses across the country – where they will ultimately work under a company – or paying a small cost for an online program that allows them to start up their own company.

What is Freight Broker Profits?

The stand out feature with this product is that fact that it offers freight broker online training. The lessons that Brown has provided in this short course can only be accessed online.

This is great for all those that are familiar with distance learning and want to work via their laptops in their spare time, and those that want a hard copy can still print the pages out.

Brown promises that users can end up starting a freight broker business in 30-45 days because of the quality of the material.

Users will learn about the shipping business, load boards, tracking shipments, bonds, licensing and much more.

The contents stretches from the basics, such as the need for an effective home office, to the finer details of a successful, profitable business.

best freight broker training

The Good & The Bad

The Pros:

Accessibility: One of the main benefits for many users is the fact that they did not have to attend any seminars or workshops across the country.

Instead, this product uses a more user-friendly distance learning approach where users can log into the system online and work on their modules where and when they choose.

It is all about self-paced study for a “working class” audience.

The Breadth of The Material: There are testimonials from users that have come to this program after struggling with other training options from other freight broker companies.

Some say that this is the best freight broker training because Brown offered greater information on a wider range of subjects, which immediately filled in gaps in their knowledge and increased their confidence.

Presentation of The Material: Brown has created the program so that anyone can go online and find information that suits their learning style.

There are standard articles that users can read for the most detailed information, but there are also video tutorials and graphic diagrams for visual learners.


One User Per Account: Buyers that choose to go into business with a partner or wish to create a small start-up company may hope to make the course accessible to all members, so that everyone is on the same page.

The problem here is that Brown says that shared accounts are “not recommended” and says that the system can disable accounts if it suspects system abuse.

Cost: Beware of affiliates that say that there are no costs involved in this program. The costs are significantly lower than those of other schemes, and there is the promise of low-start up costs, but buyers will have to make some initial investment here.

The program costs $98 for 6 months access and comes with a money back guarantee.

freight broker online training

Who is Freight Broker Profits For?

There are two clear targets with this product – people that want a fresh start in an entirely new line of work and people that want a personal, independent business that relies on nothing but their own skills and decisions.

There is a lot to learn about starting a freight broker business, and there is a lot of patience and determination required to succeed, but the potential for profit and a complete career change is pretty accessible.

Our Final Take on Freight Broker Profits

There is a lot of potential to this freight broker online training system because it provides so many elements that are missing in alternative options.

Where “professional” alternatives are expensive, inaccessible and limited in their information, this guide lets users log-in anywhere, is relatively cheap and provides a wider range of information through diverse sources.

This is not the easy option that some buyers may assume that it is and there is a clear focus on solo ventures, but it can open up the world of freight brokering to those that assumed it was beyond their reach.

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We hope you enjoyed this Freight Broker Profits review and if you have any questions about the product or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment in the section below.

20 comments on “Starting a Freight Broker Business – Full Guide

  1. Hey there, I came across your review as I have found myself wanting to work from home. The problem I have (as i’m sure lots of other people do too) is knowing what might work and what will turn out to be a waste of money or a scam.
    This seems to be a little different as you get to learn how to run your own business. I also really like the fact that it seems to be quite a niche area of work. I don’t really have too much of an issue paying the $98 for the six months. What worries me with many of these programs though is that once you start then you typically need to pay more to access the “real” material. Is this the case with Freight Broker?

    1. No, that’s not the case here mate – no upsells! Basically, what you see is what you get – a good all round internet training module.

  2. Glad I came across this site. Having a freight broker business is something I have never considered but sounds really good. And looks like there are so many benefits to becoming a freight broker! I might take a look at it and see if it is the right choice for me. Thanks for the information.

  3. Hello ChrisEvans

    Quite interesting review regarding the unique way to earn money from home. After I read your post, then I realized this program offer a good residual income at home. Perhaps, this program will be the next generation online making money platform after affiliate marketing. But, I am not really sure if this program is suitable for everybody especially for people that are having difficulties to deal with the real customer.

    Q: I want to know if this program is run by trusted owner?

    1. Yeah he’s trusted Rendall and no this option certainly is not for everyone – you have to have a REAL interest in starting up this sort of business to see success!

  4. Hello I just came upon your website and it seems pretty intriguing! I have goals of becoming financially free, but sometimes I don’t know where to start. The fact that I never heard of this niche nor the concept makes me wonder if there is much competition. I am thinking of checking more into this and many other articles on your page? Still needing to work full-time, do you know how many expected hours per week someone may have to put in for the freight broker niche to be successful at it?

    1. Hi Andre,
      Well this would certainly turn out to be a full time business choice. If you are looking for part time work you may want to check out online marketing instead. See our recommendation for training here

  5. Hi Chris, wow, I never thought about a freight broker business. I found your article quite interesting and i can see profit potential! I will check them out and see what kind of commissions can be made. The idea of having no inventory is a huge plus and being able to have this business at home is fantastic. How often do they pay?

    Thanks for this great information!

    1. Well the pay will be up to you Monica – you are the one in charge of the business after all!!!! 🙂

  6. Thanks for the great info here. Freight Broker Profits sounds really interesting but I thought I better do some research first…

    I like the fact that I can do it from home and potentially make lots of money doing it. A lot of people seem to say great things about the level of training.

    So it’s $90 for 6 months, do you know what te membership cost would be after that time or by then will I know all there is to know?

    1. The idea is that you should be near enough a pro by the end of that time Simon – you could always stay on a little longer if you wanted or even copy/print out a few of the manuals there?

  7. Very cool review, I really am liking what you do, you are very educated on ways to make money, and convienient ways as well!

    It’d be pretty cool to work from home and start a freight broker business. How many hours a week do you think you should commit to a type of business like this? Thanks for your review Chris!

    1. Well thank you Jacob – that’s a really nice thing to say!

      As far as initial hours go – I would give it everything! Whilst this type of thing can be very lucrative…it is going to be very hard work to reach the successful level you seek.

  8. I never knew there is such a thing. It seems interesting and convincing enough. Especially because it will allow one to do it from home. This is really great for stay-at-home-mom. It is quite expensive though. But the course is over 6 months. So, maybe it’s worth it. How many hours do you think one need to spend on the course to complete them all within that 6-month period? Anyway, great review and thanks for sharing!

    1. To be honest I think you can complete the course within half that time if you put in the effort – it depends on how much dedication you can give the process?

      The 6 month period is more a guideline really to what the average Joe will take.

  9. Hey Chris,
    Being a freight broker would be a great way to make money. I can see the initial layout of cash to start up would be enormous, not including office space and storage. It’s definitely something to check out if you were looking for a change of pace. Could you do this from home?

    1. Well the idea is to certainly start it all off from home Dan – not many of us have the funds to go out and rent a ton of offices straight off the bat! 🙂

  10. Thanks for sharing some start-up tips for Freight Broker Business.
    I believe that it is the real business and you can earn good money. By my mind, it takes tons of knowledge, and what is more important you have to have a feeling to be a broker.
    I guess that this online training you promoted could be like checking tool and money is the first investment in the next business.

    1. No idea what you’re getting at with the checking tool Andrejs but we appreciate your comment. Care to enlighten us on this checking tool thingy? 🙂

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