Start a Pet Bakery Business – Bake a Dog a Bone Review

Start a Pet Bakery Business - Bake a Dog a Bone Review

Product: Bake a Dog a Bone

Subject: Start a Pet Bakery Business

Product Creator: Chris Trombley and Doug Bertram

Website: (Click Here!)

Price: $29.95

Product Warranty: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Our Rating: 9 out of 10

The idea of learning how to create dog treats, market them and then turn the venture into a profitable business is intriguing to many stay-at-home, dog-owners.

Chris Trombley and Doug Bertram claim that not only do they have the answer in their Bake a Dog a Bone guide, but that users are sure to make big profits.

In this Bake a Dog a Bone review, this interesting guide will be broken down to highlight its true potential to aspiring pet bakery owners and to expose any flaws.

What is Bake a Dog a Bone?

The aim of the Bake a Dog a Bone guidebook is to help pet owners start a pet bakery business that makes tasty treats and big profits.

According to Chris and Doug, the guide is full of “easy-to-follow secret tactics” and no experience is required.

As a result, it is immediately attractive to pet owners that want to do something new, rather than to current business owners.

The guide takes users through many aspects of the pet treat business – from ingredients and product regulation to marketing and customer relations – and offers the opportunity to develop a well-managed business from scratch.

The Good & The Bad

The Pros:

1) Recipes: The stand out benefit to this guide is that it is not just about business tactics and sales approaches.

The guide also provides helpful recipes that offer a starting point for your first line of products and help to inspire new creations.

2) Informed Advice: Chris and Doug’s approach is the result of their own experience. Doug is the former CEO of Farnam Pet Products while Chris launched hundreds of food products via PETsMART.

3) Step-By-Step Approach: The content of this guide is carefully presented so that users can follow it as they progress with the business.

The text is pretty direct, but the guide is still friendly and engaging enough to keep the interest of most new users.

4) Online and Offline Content: There is a lot of focus on becoming an online merchant these days, yet Chris and Doug’s guide looks at tips for online and offline business.

This means broader information to help expand a pet bakery franchise.

5) Peace of Mind: Users have greater confidence in this system thanks to the use of email support and the 60 day, 100% money back guarantee…

pet bakery franchise

The Cons:

1) Information Overload: The guide is definitely comprehensive, but there is a lot going on and it could be overwhelming for complete novices.

This is especially true when newcomers get to the more complicated matters of finances, regulations and spreadsheets.

2) Hard Work: There is a lot for users to put into practice here and lots of new skills to learn – from the baking to the business side of the operation. Success requires dedication and organisation.

Who is Bake a Dog a Bone For?

bake-a-dog-a-boneSimply put, Bake a Dog A Bone is for pet owners with dreams of something bigger and the work ethic to put all of these tips into practice.

There are recipe books out there for dog owners that want to bake homemade treats and sell them on a small scale but this guide is different, as it targets those with loftier dreams of a pet bakery franchise.

The profits you make depend on the amount of work you put into the baking, marketing and development.

A love of dogs and baking is a good start, but this venture won’t work out if it is treated as a casual hobby. Instead this is for the dedicated worker that wants to build a thriving pet bakery from scratch.

Final Verdict of This Bake a Dog a Bone Review

There are a lot of positive points to this comprehensive guide and it could prove to be a helpful tool in the right hands.

Some of the drier, business-focused parts can be tricky, but they help to prepare readers for what lies ahead.

If users take the time to read all the tips and guides – not just the fun parts about baking – and have patience, there is the potential to start a pet bakery business and enjoy some great rewards.

You may not see the profits that Chris and Doug boast about on the sales page, but you could make a good living doing something you love.

Click Here For More Information on The Bake a Dog a Bone Guide


We hope you enjoyed this Bake a Dog a Bone review and if you have any questions about the product or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment in the section below.

57 comments on “Start a Pet Bakery Business – Bake a Dog a Bone Review

  1. What a great business idea! I like it, who would have thought. Of course pets need great treats too. I don’t have a problem with the volume of the product. I wonder if it is a digital product, video or a hard-copy book though. Please let me know. Only other concern I have is the customer service. As a former store owner, I would imagine that someone who is putting this guide together should offer at least 120 – 1 year of support. That would make it easier for someone who truly wants to do this business to check out the product completely. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. It’s a digital product Mimi and it also comes with support ( although I’m unsure what you meant by 120 – 1 year of support? ).

  2. Hi Chris, this sounds like a great business. My partner and I are both animal lovers and have thought about a pet business but never thought about a bakery. I just looked at the site via link and it sounds convincing.

    I guess the baked goods can be sold online and the course will teach you all about it? Good free bonuses as well. Sounds great, thank you.

  3. There’s no lack of ways to make an income using the internet. And this is one I simply never heard or thought of before. But it sounds like a smart way to go.

    I’m guessing the completion isn’t too bad. I don’t know that, but it seems so many want to get rich quick. People don’t want to put in the hard work.

    So for someone who is looking for an opportunity this could be it. And what’s the worst that could happen? 1) you ask for your money back or 2) you end up with a relatively inexpensive cook book to make doggie treats.

    1. LOL a great way to look at it Jeff!!!

      I like the product myself – it thinks outside the box ( if you catch my drift! )

  4. I like this idea! I have two dogs and also provide pet sitting for dogs in my home. This would be a great way to earn an additional income. Since I see dogs all the time, I think I could make this work 🙂 I have one question; I have several clients who feed their dogs grain free or top shelf dog food, me included. Are the recipes made with this in mind? I mean, are the ingredients good ingredients that would be considered healthy or a premium snack? Thanks!

    1. Yeah this product/guide does tend to lean towards the more healthier options as opposed to the ‘big store’ type processed options!

  5. This sounds like a great idea! There are many animal lovers out there that I’m sure would like a good quality, healthy treat for their pet instead of the not-so-good stuff they sell in the big stores. To create a business of out it would be fun!! You could even possibly market the product at pet food stores to increase your revenue.

  6. I love the idea of making healthier food for our 4 legged friends. I find suspicious any canned food intended for dogs and prefer from far making it myself. It takes time but its worth it. Turning it into a business is a great idea this book seems like an amazing way to bring this project to life. Thanks for the inspiration

  7. Hello, I visited your post on Start A Pet Bakery Business Bake A Dog A Bone Review, it is a very tempting idea. I am a dog lover and have had many breeds over the years. I guess this could be a profitable business if you have the guide to follow, plus if the recipe is a good one. I bought a kit a few years ago that came with a bone cookie cutter and the ingredients, and of course the directions. My dogs did like them, your blog has given me some food for thought.
    With Kind Regards,

    1. Well I like the idea of a bone cookie cutter Linda – very funky! 🙂

      Thanks for visiting our site – hope this product turns out to be exactly what you were looking for!

  8. Crikey! Somebody somewhere thinks of everything! This is actually a really clever business idea and I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work.

    I have two dogs and to be honest the thought never occurred to me that you could create your own pet treats! Even if I had thought of this I’d have no idea what if anything I would use as ingredients…….but at least you’d know exactly what was going into the dog food!

    1. Yeah it is a pretty clever niche idea really isn’t it – I love these sort of diverse corners of certain markets!

  9. Very interesting! I love my pets, and I may be interested in starting a Bake a Dog Bone treat for sale. Totally neat idea to make at home and let your dogs enjoy. I really like the business aspect of it as well. Do you have dogs? I know dogs love treats, and I can imagine how lucrative a dog treats business can be! Great review!


  10. It’s a great business, at least to those of us that are pet lovers. You covered the pros and cons nicely. The business side of running a business can definitely get in the way and needs to be addressed and dealt with up front. I’ve seen enough cases where that has been neglected. I also think the the issue of competing for business with the big box companies requires a well thought out marketing plan. Thanks!

  11. Very god article I have two friends that are pet owners. Like they really love their dogs and I think your website will be very helpful and informative to them.

    You seem knowledgeable in this field and offer great reviews on making money in the pet industry.

    I will share your review on all of my social media sites to help spread the word thanks.

  12. Seems like a great opportunity for someone who is already baking goods at home. Maybe someone who sells their products at local farmers market could find value in adding something like this to their existing line. I know one thing – pet owners go crazy for their pets, so if you can come up with your own unique treats should be relatively easy to get a following…could probably couple this with an ecommerce store very easily.

    1. Yeah I know a few pet owners that only feed organic food to their animals…when they are then stuck with the cheap stuff themselves LOL.

      An ecommerce store is a good idea for this niche John – thanks for sharing!

  13. What a unique business idea for the dog lover! I think if someone is willing to put in the work, this idea could certainly be a profitable one. The piece of mind you get with the money back guarantee is nice too. You really have nothing to lose. I am kind of curious how many people actually see the profits that the owners say are possible.

    1. I know of several people that have succeeded at this Josh but like everything that’s lucrative – it takes time and effort. I agree with you on the money back guarantee – a lovely backup to have! 🙂

  14. Hahaha awesome! It would actually be a good idea for a niche website.

    You bake treats or whatever, take photos, post them on your site, Instagram, Pinterest and almost everywhere with guides on how to make them.

    This could actually work both for a physical and an online business.

    Great read!

    1. Yeah I was on the same trip as you – I thought of a million possibilities for this especially with the internet being freely available!!!!! 🙂

  15. Thanks for writing a review on the Bake a Dog a Bone business. This seems like a legitimate business opportunity for someone who likes dogs. I’m sure it will take lots of hard work but they offer you a 100% money back guarantee, that’s great. I had no idea that the pet industry was a $65 Billion Dollar industry. Maybe I should give this a shot.

    1. Well you should really like pets first mate LOL – give it a shot if you consider yourself an animal lover (you might see more success!) 🙂

  16. You’ve got a great site here! I love doing product reviews myself and have a website doing the same. Not the same products as you, but product reviews. You’ve done a nice thorough job. Besides, I like this pet bakery idea! It’s what you say: The profits you make depend on the amount of work you put into the baking, marketing and development.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Well, though I do suppose you’d have to make treats that are tasty as well. I feel like the dog treat market is pretty saturated, but I bet if you were to set up a booth at festivals and events like that selling homemade dog treats, you’d get a real nice local following going. I may just give it a go since my website is dog related!

  17. That’s an interesting business idea. To start a pet bakery! Nowadays people in rich countries are caring more about their pets so pet niche is really getting huge. It seems that there are also many businesses who teach you how to create a business like this one for example. It seems like profitable thing to teach others to achieve their dreams.

    1. Hiya Roope!

      I agree – I was also taken aback with this idea of a business…which is why we decided to include it here on our site!

      People love their pets, they are like members of the family at the end of the day! A business pointing towards this can only grow over time (if done correctly).

  18. This is a very interesting idea but how does it fit into your passive residual income ideas niche? Is this the kind of business that once established you could get other’s to run? I think that to do this you’d have to be baking large quantities of dog treats. I’m thinking you could hire a commercial kitchen for this?

    Or do I have it wrong. Maybe the business doesn’t require us to bake the dog treats, just provide the ingredients and equipment for people to do it themselves? I’d be interested to learn more about this.


    1. This made me laugh – Passive Residual Income Ideas is a website name Deb…nothing more! We cover ALL possible business ideas not just what people think we should! (otherwise this would be a pretty empty site wouldn’t it?).

      The website was started up a few years back and that was the name we chose to cover our services the best way possible – we’ll never change it but we won’t be held hostage by it.

      Baking and selling pet treats is just a business idea – a business niche if you will…and one we feel could be quite popular!

  19. Hi Chris,

    Very great article here. I, myself have a pet dog. This business model will definitely work if implementations are smooth. It is great to learn how to bake for our pets. Once a week my dog will get to enjoy his sweet treats. I wish you success.

    Best Regards,


    1. Cheers Joshua – and say hello to Fido for me 🙂

      Yeah the business model is a surprisingly stable one – the guide is a real eye opener and very easy to put into action (one of our favorite promotions at the moment!)

  20. I think a pet bakery business is a great idea for a business. A lot of dog lovers out there will surely buy the idea of a baked bone. It would be best to take it seriously as dog food is a tough market and a lot of good brands are available nowadays, it will surely take some hard work to make this business fly. But with a dedicated heart, I am sure it will soar!

    1. Hi Pitin,

      Well you’ve got the advantage of the ‘home cooked’ element with these dog treats – something a big brand certainly does not have! Owners will know that your products are not filled with the normal shelf crap and preservatives found in supermarket brands…

  21. I would love a biz like this. My latest video on my YouTube channel is Boxed Wine Lady’s Top 5 Ways Pets Can Help You Heal. I really would love to work with pets and provide for pets this way. Can we talk? I’d love to find out more information about this wonderful business opportunity

  22. Hi Chris,

    This business is actually pretty good. How come I never thought of this? I used to work for Pet Valu before and they have a long process and in need of a lot of people just to produce products but never thought you could do in an easy way and even possible by yourself.

    In terms of competition, this kind of business bakery for pets will be hard to beat. And I don’t even think it is that hard to start one especially for people who loves pets.

    A really interesting option to start up a home business!

    I’m actually gonna share this post to my friends who may be interested to do this business. Thank you for the post!

  23. Hey Chris,
    this sounds like a great idea for pet lovers!
    What I liked most is that it is based online AND offline.

    I lately had a talk with a shop owner, who really saw the need into getting online soon for customer attraction. For people like him this would be a great book to read 🙂

    1. It sure would Eva…as long as he is a pet shop owner (you didn’t mention what shop he ran so I’m assuming he is!).

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out our review – great to meet you!

  24. My Mom has a little dog and he must be the most greedy thing ive seen lol. The idea of a pet bakery business is wonderful. I never realised the shere amount of money involved in this industry. If my mums greedy dog is anything to go by there certainly is a large amount of money to be made and I love the ideas you have shared here,

    1. Hi Andy,

      It’s a niche choice I never really thought about before I got my hands on the guide – surprising the ways you can make money these days right?

      I also love this idea – very fresh and original!

  25. Great job in creating this review Chris! It’s indeed a fresh perspective of an online business.

    To be honest, I’m not quite familiar of brokerage or freight broker business. I could only see some friends and neighbors deliver goods from one point to another with their huge cargo trucks.

    Probably that’s forwarding business. I don’t even know the difference.

    With this reference though, those who’re interested to start a new kind of business can simply try the risk-free method of Dennis as he’s as confident as his 60-day money back guarantee.

    You’ve done a great job as well in laying down the facts as it’s so flawless that one can easily click that a button for more information.



    1. Hey thanks for that Jojo!

      Yeah I always like it when these vendors include the 60 day refund policy on their guides – it shows us that they are 100% confident in their product!

      Great speaking with you 🙂

  26. Chris,
    What a wonderful concept concerning the pet bakery business that you provided info on in your excellent review.

    My concern which was addressed by this company’s two creators was that any person willing to get involved in this venture be trained in both online and offline marketing. It’s fine to be able to create the best types of food for a dog possible. But unless that person also were to receive training in how to market his/her business out to the public, (online as well) the individual would have that much harder of a time building the business. However the two individuals addressed this need quite well.

    I remember about 10 years ago that everyone and his/her cousins wanted to get into the pet/dog niche. Only back then actual diets for the pets – some of which were later proved to be quite unhealthy, were so competitive.

    Now however with a person being trained to create healthy treats for a dog which would not prove to harm him/her is so much better now compared to the past.

    Great review and the price for the program coming in slightly under $30 is very reasonable.


    1. Hi there Jeff,

      I would advise anyone who is looking to build up a business to get some sort of training in internet marketing – it could really snowball your business and allow you to take off!

      This guide handles that side of things quite well – they are not just throwing you the illusion of setting up a successful pet food business.

      Great talking to you Jeff – glad you enjoyed the article.

  27. It will suit greatly for someone who strives hard to achieve success. But it’s not something that one can do as part time. It seems you have to be very focus and work hard instead of just doing it when you’re free. As any other legitimate businesses, hard work will earn you great profits in the long run. You made a great review detailing all the processes required to set this up. Most people may not want to try this but those who are business minded will take this as great opportunity. Do you have pets, anyway? It seems to be favourable for those who have pets, I think.

    1. I don’t have any pets but I’ve had plenty in the past. I don’t think this should be strictly aimed at people with the time to take it on full time – I believe the startup process can be handled on a part time basis…

  28. This looks promising but one thing I’d be concerned about is how do they help you create a business that is different from their other clients? You mentioned they have starter recipes but it doesn’t seem like a good idea to start your business with recipes that dozens of others in the same business are using. You need something to help you stand out.

    1. Good point Jessica – but you have to think about how many people in your area have got a hold of this guide? Not many at a guess? Just work on your locale first then move on to bigger and better things. This guide will give you the perfect start in this niche business but don’t expect it to be still holding your hand 5 years down the line!

  29. Hi Chris!

    Thank you for a very interesting review. My family and I like pets and have had different ones over the past years.

    However, I have never thought to make a money by starting a pet bakery. Mmmm… Then, why not?

    Very interesting idea indeed. I checked their site and it looks promising. And these 3 bonuses look awesome too! It seems like you can make a go of any business idea online these days!!!!

    Have you tired this business niche out yourself yet?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Egon,

      Oh no I really haven’t got the time to get into this sort of thing – we only try out the products for review purposes here!

      This kind of business would take up most of your time to get started, I could never fit it into my busy schedule! All you need to know is that the guide is 100% solid – a really good product (if you are interested in that type of thing of course!).

      Obviously, if you have pets it’s even better (you can feed them at the same time) 🙂

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