Speak Up Surveys Review

Speak Up Surveys Review

Well here we go again – yet another new survey site (or ‘paid opinion’ site – as the posh folks like to call ’em!).

Regulars to this site will know that there is only one real DADDY when it comes to these sorts of websites – Clixsense.

But, there are other options out there and there are similar sites popping up by the day – they can’t all be bad, right?

In this Speak Up Surveys review we will find out whether or not the site is worth your time and effort – whether or not it can challenge the legendary Clixsense?

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then let us begin…

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Speak Up Survey Review

From what I gather, this particular survey site has been around since 2006 – why I haven’t heard of it before is a little worrying really!

Anyway, I have no idea who owns the site/business, but it is apparently headquartered in Colorado.

They work like 99.9% of the GPT (Get Paid To) or Reward Sites out there – the pay you for your opinion on new products and services.

The Speak Up Surveys Work

The Speak Up Surveys Work

The ‘job’ situation is pretty straightforward really – you set up a free account then you will then get survey invites through the mail or from your user dashboard.

It would be nice if you qualified for all the surveys on offer BUT…once again this system is set up on a pesky demographics frame.

What does this mean?

Well, the first five minutes of every survey will consist of you answering several questions, for free, to see if you are a good fit.

The companies behind the surveys want a specific type of person to answer their questions – they need to know if you are a good fit or not!

If you qualify for the survey you are free to go ahead and answer the questions, then receive a reward when you complete all of them – simple!

Speak Up Surveys also has a ‘Trial Program’ on offer where you can earn by testing out physical products.

These are not on offer all the time, but when they are – it’s a pretty awesome way to earn extra cash!

There is also a simple affiliate marketing route you can take on IF you feel you can refer new members to the site. You are allowed to refer a maximum 10 people; each of whom will earn you 50 cents.

I’m Interested – Sign Me Up!!!!

If you are interested in earning money with this site (I would still recommend Clixsense ahead of it mind!), all you need is an active email account and be 13 and above – all accounts are totally FREE!

During the simple signing up process you will have to answer a handful of questions covering age, location, address, how much you earn (on average), etc. This is common practice with survey sites – helps with their demographic attempts!

I'm Interested - Sign Me Up!!!!

They accept new members from anywhere in the world (at the time of writing this).

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Show Me The Money!

Now please don’t get to excited about this free prospect of earning online – it sounds simple, and it is, but you are not going to get rich overnight by using them.

A large majority of the companies that use Speak Up Surveys are US-based – this means that where you are based will probably regulate how much you are going to earn.

For example – I’m not sure if members that are not from native English speaking countries, are going to find much work?

Each survey that you qualify for will pay anywhere from £0.50 to £2.00 on completion.

Show Me The Money!

Once you reach the minimum threshold for cash out which is $10, you can request for payment through either:

  • $10 Amazon gift certificate
  • $25 Dining Dough Restaurant gift certificate
  • Payoneer Mastercard

If you ask me – it’s a bit of a bummer that they don’t currently accept Paypal (like Clixsense).

Is Speak Up Surveys a Scam?

No, it’s certainly not a scam, but there are a few complaints from past members floating about out there…

A lot of members tend to get disillusioned by the amount of surveys on offer – apparently numerous members have had problems getting through the demographics questions. This means they find it near enough impossible to reach the cash out threshold.

On top of this, the website, and the business, is not a member of the Better Business Bureau (although there are no scam reports regarding this company online!).

Lastly, new members get a bit pissed off when they sign up and realize that the platform does not offer Paypal (I was one of these members!).

When I sign up for ‘work online’ sites I like to be given the ability to promote the site IF I think it is a worthwhile platform.

Speak Up Surveys does give you this affiliate promotion option BUT it limits your referrals to 10…this is no use to me whatsoever!

It basically means you are not able to build a worthwhile downline to the site – and this is a BIG negative in the modern work from home world.

Anyway, they are not a scam, and they pay on time, every time…BUT…if you are looking to make simple money online by completing simple tasks I would always recommend Clixsense above all others!


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