Social Media Monitoring Tools Review


Social Media Monitoring Tools Review

​Over recent years I’ve not been the most diligent of social media members even though I’ve seen a reasonable amount of success through it.

I posted a lot and I gained a decent amount of interaction and followers but I failed to keep up with the actual tracking of it all.

So, I’ve decided to throw in a little social media monitoring tools review this week and highlight a few of the more effective options I have come across. I’ve spent the last couple of years streamlining my social media marketing and I’ve seen some very positive results.

Hopefully one or many of these tools will help your marketing efforts out as well!

1) Shorten Links With Bitly

Bitly is a well known Twitter marketing tool that has been popular for a number of years now. I’m ashamed to say I never used it much before about 6 months ago.

I was one of those idiots who was constantly squeezing in tweet descriptions and tags and generally making a mess of my link. I suppose I’m just old fashioned or stuck in my ways a little ( some would even say a little ignorant LOL ).


Anyway, Bitly lets you shorten links and track those links once they’re shortened. You have a rather neat dashboard that allows you to track all the ‘bells and whistles’ involved with social metrics. There’s a slight learning curve and it may be a little confusing to newbies but once you get into it – you won’t look back!

Check out what Bitly can offer you here

2) Hootsuite

In my humble opinion, Hootsuite is by far the best social media tool out there at the moment. I know many of you will argue with me on this point but I am not budging – I think it’s awesome!


HootSuite is a simple social media management dashboard that also includes social analytics and real-time insights. You can write, send, schedule and track posts from its simple interface across multiple networks and multiple accounts.

If you are a small business with multiple social media accounts this is the perfect tool for you!

It’s a web based company so there’s no need for you to download any sort of memory-eating software ( thankfully! ). There are both free versions and upgraded ( pro ) versions.

Check out what Hootsuite can offer you here

3) ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter is a complete Twitter monitoring tool which is very effective for managing and growing multiple Twitter accounts with ease.


I have a few friends that have built up quite extraordinary Twitter accounts by using this service ( one managed over 40,000 dedicated followers! ). Here’s what you can do with this Twitter monitoring service:

  • Use certain criteria to sort through the various people who follow you ( and who you follow )
  • A great search tool that helps you locate the type of members you want to follow
  • See who’s unfollowed you ( along with mass following/unfollowing options )
  • ​A remote management tool that allows you to automate the process of following/unfollowing members
  • A in-depth analytics section
  • A service to schedule each of your tweets

See if ManageFlitter is a good fit for you here

4) ​TweetReach

TweetReach is a great tool for tracking how far your tweet went and who’s talking about it along the way. You are able to scan over the people that actually saw your tweet and find out more about them.


The neat thing about this service is the ability to choose how you monitor each of your tweets. You can monitor by:

  • Individual URLs ​
  • By individual brand
  • By various hashtags
  • By various Twitter accounts

​I always find TweetReach easy enough to use so it should be well suited to any newbies out there…

Check out more here

5) Klout 

Klout is a website and mobile app that uses social media analytics to rank its users. This rank is then worked out in ‘Klout Score’ and it informs the public what your online social influence is.

I find it’s a great way of watching my social media marketing presence grow – it motivates me to do better when things are not going so well ( we all have those months right? ).


Your Klout scores will change from day to day. Klout tracks these changes and charts them, letting you know when your strategies have and have not been effective.

Don’t expect any sort of helping hand from the site if your Klout score drops – they’re not exactly falling over themselves to offer much advice about how to turn things around.

I use Klout to simply validate my social presence across the internet. They offer a handy graph system that shows how your score has progressed over time.

For more information on Klout visit their site here

Social Media Monitoring Tools Review

There is a mountain of choice out there when it comes to social media tools but not every one will suit your needs. The five I have covered here today are the ones I found the most effective and user friendly.

Try them out and see which ones are a good fit for your campaigns – get social!!!!

If you are interested in more information on social media marketing we recommend trying out the FREE tutorials the Wealthy Affiliate offer. Check out our full review on their services through the link below:


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