Social Media Engagement Questions

Social Media Engagement Questions


There seems to be a new one pooping up every day – some are good…others not so much…

What am I talking about?

Social Networks.

Facebook. Google Plus. Twitter. Pinterest – what do these exciting and fast moving social sites mean to your website/business/blog?

Well first things first – we should really move Google Plus from the above sentence…because it’s about to be moved into the internet’s graveyard of empty bottles (even Google screws up from time to time!).

So, how can we leverage these exciting social platforms to increase our business and make money? What is social engagement and how can you benefit from it in every aspect of your business?

This article will attempt to answer of few social media engagement questions that bloggers need answering…

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Define Social Engagement

Define Social Engagement

Okay, so get all the hype and style of social media out of your head – what is social media fundamentally?

Social media is pretty much an online bar, or youth club, or even public gathering – a place where guys and gals discuss subjects with friends and acquaintances, where they share news, where they voice their concerns and get advice.

Simply put – a social site is a online place where people socialize about just about ANYTHING!

Well…this is how the big social networks started out…but it’s never long before the dollar signs start showing up in the owner’s eyes…


Social Media Businesses and Advertising

The bigger and more popular these social networks became…the faster the owners looked into ways of monetising their huge amount of traffic.

And why not – we’re all looking to make a buck online, aren’t we?

As social networks skyrocketed in popularity and the overheads associated with running the platforms increased, the social media companies needed to implement strategies to monetise their services.

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest lead the way with taking on the advertising world (Google Plus never went this way…but that doesn’t matter ‘cos it won’t exist in a month’s time!!!!).

Advertising on these social networks hurts your wallet – there’s no getting away from it, but this type of advertising does have it’s advantages…

These ads can help you build your following, create your social marketing foundation, and become an engaging and powerful force within the social marketing front.


A Solid Social Engagement Plan

A Solid Social Engagement Plan


How many times have you read horror stories about successful bloggers and niche marketers being slapped by Google and losing just about everything they have built up online?

Too many times, is my guess!

When this happens, it can kill entire businesses that rely solely on search engine optimization.

However, for those bloggers that have branched out into the social media marketing world, and diversified their traffic sources with these social platforms, have no reason to worry – they have not put all their website traffic eggs into one basket!

Simply put – they will always have a much more sustainable and successful online business.

It’s also worth noting that these days, Google actually takes your site’s social metrics and social engagement into account when it decides on ranking your work (yes this really does happen – regardless of what certain gurus attempt to tell you!).


Blogger’s Benefits For Using Social Media

Now – down to the guts of the matter…

What are the key benefits for bloggers and internet marketers when it comes to social engagement?

Let’s take a closer look…

  • Build a powerful brand and reputation
  • Create reach that is independent of search engines (diversify)
  • Take advantage of the viral nature of social for extensive reach
  • Offer your customers an INSTANT medium to get help and support
  • Allow people to share your content therefore creating more reach for you
  • Generate new business, new customers, and more website traffic
  • Getting better rankings and build social authority with your pages and posts

The main DON’T when it comes to social media marketing is hanging out on the platform. That’s the type of thing teenage girls and people who like cat videos do – we are there to make the platform(s) work for us…NOT to waste time!



Social Media Engagement Posts

These days – successful blogging/internet marketing and social media platforms go pretty much hand-in-hand. I don’t see this changing any time soon in the future (the link is more likely to get stronger!).

It’s impossible to cover promotion techniques for every blog on every social media site because each blog and each social media site works differently.

But, here are a handful of ‘goodies’ that successful social media marketing could bring your way…

  • Free, Niche Related Traffic: There are a lot of social bookmarking websites on the internet. Some of these sites have users who will be really interested and engaged with your content. These users will provide your site with hyper-targeted, free traffic.
  • Increased Domain Authority: Search engines give a decent amount of importance to social bookmarks. If a blog or website is linked with a popular social bookmarking/social media site, it will grow slightly in Domain Authority (however, this route is not as powerful as it once was. Google got clever with automation tools and lessened the power of these bookmarks!).
  • Better Visibility & Overall Popularity: Most social media platforms have a voting and ranking system. If your content is worthwhile, then you will get positive signals from that social platform which will help in driving targeted traffic to your blog.
  • Cheaper and Better Conversions: Using other methods to drive traffic like PPC advertising, CPM advertising, and banner ads are costly, whereas paying for social media traffic is (usually) cheap and highly targeted.
  • Get Higher Rankings In Search Engines: Search engines give some importance to what we now call social signals – the more times your articles are shared and ‘liked’ on social networks, the more powerful Google sees these articles.
  • Better Crawling of Blog/Website: Whenever you blast your brand new sparkling article on a social platform, you are actually giving it a head start in terms of ranking. Google will pick up and index your work a lot faster once it is shared on a social network.
  • Brand Domination: With social media sites, you can turn your blog into a global brand. Users will be active and constantly discussing your blog and your work. This will build your blog’s reputation and authority, ultimately bringing in more and more traffic.


Social Media Engagement Questions

Still looking for more information on this subject? 

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6 comments on “Social Media Engagement Questions

  1. I’m not surprised that Google+ is going to be scrapped, I never really found the appeal of it… And I’m very happy to see that Facebook and Instagram are the top two social media sites because these are the two that I use almost exclusively. I could never really get into Twitter and I’m not very keen on making videos for YouTube either. Snapchat also terrifies me 😀 Very interesting and informative post, thank you.

    1. Yeah I know what you mean Jyl. Google Plus ended up being a site where you basically indexed your new posts fast…nothing more. No real traffic from it in the end. 

  2. Heard so that google plus would soon be brought down.

    But I have a question please. Between Facebook and Instagram which can I use to reach more people.

    Of recent noticed its hard for me to reach out to people on Instagram but with Facebook its different cause I can edit the targeting so well.

    Would love you to give me a suggestion since you know so much about social media engagement.

    1. Hi there Nsikakabasi

      I don’t use Instagram at all mate, but I have used Facebook for marketing purposes in the past at times. From what I gather, Instagram is a BIG player in social media marketing, but I only tend to use Twitter for mine! 

      I suppose it’s best to try them both out and see which one works for you! 

  3. Great article on Social Media Engagement I am one of the people who, still, sometimes get confused in which social media to use and which are just a waste of time.

    I am not so greatly informed on all this but I have learned quite a bit by being with Wealthy Affiliate and using their training on the subject matter.

    For me, personally, Facebook and LinkedIn are the main social media platforms, followed by Google+, which is now off the list, and Pinterest. So I guess I will stick with them not spreading myself too thin jumping all over the social media world.

    I also appreciate your information on social media engagement post checking myself if I miss something or where can I improve.

    Thanks for sharing all the information, appreciated.

    1. That’s fine Sylvia, you stick to the social platforms that work out for you (I prefer Twitter…but that’s just me!) 🙂

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