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Social Bookmarking Backlinks

A great way to boost your site’s authority and ranking is to gain social indications from from sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

James Howard’s Social Bookmarking Backlinks is geared towards teaching you how to grow your online business through these social platforms.

Before we start I’d like to point out that I used to be a BIG FAN of social bookmarking for marketing purposes. I purchased the top software and I frequently gamed the system for rankings.

But this ‘gaming period’ of successful internet marketing is now well and truly over – Google saw to this with it’s intelligent algorithm updates.

So with this in mind – I didn’t hold out a lot of hope for this product being that useful…

Social Bookmarking Backlinks – The Pitch

I was expecting a colorful and in-your-face landing page for this product but I have to admit – I was more than a little surprised. 

It seemed to be intelligent, well thought out and not designed to pull on your financial heart strings.

Social Bookmarking Backlinks

This is the point I’d usually turn negative and jump into a product with weapons drawn. But the sales page was strangely fine – nothing spammy or that forced about it.

Buying The Product

So the sales page was quite surprising but what came next was even more surprising. I expected to be ‘hit up’ with a load of offers as I purchased this product but to be honest…it never really materialized.

The product itself is based on a on a dime sale with an unknown cap. This confused me at first as I had no real idea on what I was supposed to pay to get the tutorials.

It turns out that the price will keep rising until it hits a cap of about $15-$20. So whatever price you get landed with will seem pretty reasonable overall!

Inside The Box

By the time I got the product I had no idea what I was in for – things seemed to be pretty legit thus far, I was waiting for something suspicious to arise…but it didn’t!

The product contained 12 videos with an mp3 file for each one. If you are not a fan of video or mp3 there is also a PDF version included.

The videos covered the following topics in reasonably precise detail:

The video topics

I have to say that some of the information contained within these videos is quite impressive. I enjoyed my time going through them and I actually learned something new on the subject in nearly every one!

Unfortunately whoever edited and created these videos wasn’t exactly George Lucas – the overall quality of them sucked a little.

They really need to be put through a Digital Audio Workstation because the volume was not capped by a limiter. In the end I gave up using the headphones and opted for the laptop speakers – it was the safer option for my ears.

This was the only downside though – the videos were informative and worthwhile overall.

Image of the videos

The final video covered a topic I had not really come across before so it deserves special mention. It was on the subject of building and creating your own Social Bookmarking site.

It wasn’t a subject I would take on-board and use but it was a subject many of you out there may be interested in.

I think it is probably the most interesting out of the 12 videos supplied as I haven’t come across this type of training before.


Well it’s nice to review a product that isn’t based on a scam for once – this does exactly what it says on the tin.

A lot of the information will be recognized by seasoned marketers but it is pretty useful for newcomers to the subject.

There were sections of the tutorials that offered impressive ideas on outsourcing and using OnlyWire and Mechanical Turk to achieve this.

The videos were pretty poor quality but the content they contained was solid enough – this sort of helped paper over the cracks.

At the end of the day Social Bookmarking Backlinks is a reasonably priced product so you shouldn’t expect Hollywood-style video and audio.

Definitely not a scam and useful for newcomers to the subject of social media marketing and backlinking.

No complaints from me – worth the money if you are looking to learn something new on the subject! 

If you are interested in finding out more on Social Bookmarking and marketing we recommend checking out the FREE education offered at the WA University. Read the full review on their services through the link below:


2 comments on “Social Bookmarking Backlinks – James Howard’s Tutorials

  1. Thanks for the review of Social bookmarking backlinks. It’s good to know that this product is not a scam, even though it is poor quality.

    I think it’s important that people who run a business online need to incorporate social media marketing as part of their online marketing strategy.

    In the past, I have outsourced the social bookmarking job to other people who are willing to do this kind of work because it just took too much time to do it myself.

    1. Hi Teresa,
      Just be careful with what bookmarking services you are using – 99% of them are black hat and will eventually hurt your website!

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