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Small Business Technology Consultants

​Knowing what technology does what is essential for smaller businesses to get to grips with due to the mountain of competition found in most niches these days. If you cannot afford one of the many small business technology consultants available why don’t you become one yourself?

You already learned a lot to get this far – why not take a step further and place your destiny firmly in your own hands?

Let’s take a look at which areas are worth investing your time in and the open source options available to you…

Shopping Around

If you decide to go down this route then it is a very good idea to shop around first. The cost of things is key when you are attempting to run a small business.

At the same time it’s also crucial to give your staff good training and ensure you select a package which is easy to scale as your business grows.

For the remainder of this article we will cover a few open source options available to the up and coming business owners – keep your wallet in your pocket and see if one of these choices fit’s the bill for your project!

Open Source Office Productivity Options

I LOVE open source software – it may not be as slick or good looking as it’s Microsoft or OS X counterparts but it can do a good job!

I don’t know about you but I hate Microsoft Office! It’s not the program itself – that’s impressive enough. It’s more the fact you have to now shell out for the package AFTER putting your hand in your pocket when buying a Microsoft platform computer.

Many small businesses will feel this sort of pinch – it may be under $50 but when you add up the amount of computers you will be using it can really put a strain on a set monthly resource.

After a little digging I came across the following open source options below targeting new small business technology consultants:

Open Source Office Productivity Options

As I touched on above – they are not as dynamic OR streamlined as paid versions but they tend to cover most bases.

When you think about it you don’t really need or even know how 70% of the functions work in Microsoft Office anyway!

banner 2

Tricky Finance And Accounting Solutions

Ah, accounting and finance – the biggest thorn in any small businesses side! If you’ve anything like me then you will be needing all the help you can muster with these topics.

We’ve managed to locate two open source alternatives for finance and accounting that you may be interested in:

  1. Gnucash – ​This tidy little program allows you to professionally track various bank accounts and balance the books concerning income and expenses. The financial reports it supplies are quite impressive overall.
  2. TurboCASH – This option only works on Windows computers I’m afraid but it’s a great choice if your computer runs this system. It’s a free product that is aimed towards businesses that are small to medium sized. It has great financial reports along with an impressive business ledger system that rivals many of the paid options. It comes equipped to handle over 80 tax regimes ( including UK & US ).

Free ERP Systems For New Businesses

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is complex to learn and can really hurt your wallet. Microsoft Dynamics seems to be the most popular choice for a lot of small ventures but it’s price is not that friendly to newbies.

Fear not!

We’ve manged to locate an excellent resource of the top 5 open source ERP software applications. It’s one page that will supply you with everything you need to know about the top choices available to you…

Link –

10 of The Best Free CRM Software Choices

Open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have a lot going for them: they’re cheaper and more easily modified if you have IT staff that are capable.

Now these open source choices are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea – some businesses will want to go ‘the whole hog’ and use reliable paid options.

But there are numerous open source choices available when it comes to CRM software. We’ve found an article that should help you narrow them down as it covers the top 10 choices…

Link –

Your Opinions

If you know of any or have any experience with systems we have not covered here today we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave your reviews of these systems in the comment section below.

If you are interested in starting up your own successful online business we strongly suggest checking out the FREE tutorials the WA University offer. Read our full review on their services by clicking the link HERE

8 comments on “Small Business Technology Consultants – Open Source Systems

  1. I was checking out your post on Small Business Technology Consultants – Open Source Systems and liked some of the information you are sharing.
    I was thinking about possibly getting into consulting and this post gives some good options if I deside to take this route with my remodeling business.
    Thanks for the information and I will need to check into it further.

  2. Thanks for the overview of what options are out there and available for use for free or maybe a little amount of money compared to the better known but more expensive alternatives.

    Myself, I would rather budget some at start up for the paid items that are most important to the success of the business and then use some of the free options you mention. CRM for instance I would spend on due to the importance….

    As you rightfully point out though, keeping costs to a minimum can be very important at the start up phase of any business, and using these free solutions can help a small company get a postive cash flow quicker.


  3. Hi Chris
    Thanks for covering all these points. The point you said is the most tricky for some is my easiest as I come from a bookkeeping background!
    I struggle with the CRM part, I am looking for something I can keep track of all enquiries, cold calls and all other marketing efforts for my online baby store. I have not known which way to go with this, I will check out the link you gave!

  4. Great article on small business tehcnology consultants open source systems. I really didn’t have any clue about this topic but after reading your comprehensive and easy to understand article it shed a lot light for me in this subject. I saw a banner of somekind of a online business university and got curious. What is that? And can a complete beginner like myself learn to establish a profit making business using that system? I hope to hear from you soon since this really interests me.

    1. Hi Jesse,

      The banner is for the university where I learned my online trade – the Wealthy Affiliate ( or WA for short! ). It’s perfect for newbies looking to start up a business online 🙂

  5. Wow, you have provided a lot of information on Open Source Systems – this is something I thought about investing in a couple of months back…but nothing decent comes free these days does it?

    I am going to be looking into these, especially the Apache Open Office (if I’m going to pay out I want to make sure it’s a decent program)

    I agree that when you buy a computer with Microsoft Windows, it is ridiculous that you have shell out a bunch more for the Office Suite which I refuse to do. It never used to be that way – did it?

    My partner has the Office Suite on his Lenovo laptop and I’m pretty sure he’s paying a monthly subscription to it at the moment!!!!!

    1. No it didn’t used to be that way – Office and all it’s bells and whistles used to come free with Windows-based computers!

      Apache Open Office is a good choice to start off with – a good friend of mine has been using it for some time now and she swears by it’s functionality.

      I’m actually not sure if Office is subscription based now – I know there are cracked versions out there but I don’t see how they’ll work if the setup is all on a subscription basis…I’ll have to look into that!

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