Six Figure Mentors Membership Scam?


Six Figure Mentors Membership Scam

Regulars to this site will know my about my feelings towards online internet marketing training. I believe everyone should learn the ropes before embarking on their online business career.

The problem is that not all marketing courses are equal – some are good, others are moderate and some are just plain stupid!

That brings us nicely along to the product we will be reviewing today…

Is Six Figure Mentors membership scam or is it a worthwhile training opportunity?

Six Figure Mentors Reviews

A lot of the products I end up reviewing tend to have a certain amount of negative write-ups floating around the digital domain. Before looking into this product I located a large amount of Six Figure Mentors reviews to see how popular this program actually was.

Six Figure Mentors ReviewsThis is when the initial alarm bells started ringing – there seemed to be an unnaturally high amount of positive reviews ( in both blog and video format ).

My cautious online nature led me to believe that these Six Figure Mentors reviews were mostly bred out of perspective affiliate commissions.

Not the best start really!

There was only one way to dig out the truth – I bit the bullet and signed up for the INTRO Membership…

Six Figure Mentors Cost

Nothing ruins my day more than realizing I have to pay a sum of money to review a product – I guess I’m just a little tight at heart :).

But more often than not the only way into a product like this is to part with a menial amount of cash. So let’s look at the Six Figure Mentors cost…

( If you are interested in FREE affiliate marketing training we recommend avoiding Six Figure Mentors and checking out the FREE tutorials on offer HERE )

1) INTRO Membership – I paid $29.95 to get into the starter account of this program which isn’t too bad really – it allowed me to see what the rest of the product was made up of. If you choose to stay in this INTRO Membership for the long term it will cost you a further $25 a month.

The program creators, Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek, will assess you in this INTRO Membership period to see if you are the right fit for their product. I found this a little cheeky and misleading to be honest with you…

I think EVERYONE will probably pass this evaluation because EVERYONE has a credit card!

Anyway, when they are busy seeing if you are up to standard you can take advantage of the exclusive SFM Seminar Footage and the Introductory Module.

You are also assigned a Business Coach who will help you through the learning processes involved in the Seminar and Module.

It sounds pretty cool but you are constantly hit by reminders that you are only an INTRO member. Apparently if you want to earn decent money you are going to have to get your hands on the upgraded training.

Which leads us to…

2) BASIC Membership – Yep, you’ve guessed it! This baby is gonna cost you a lot more! The privilege of becoming a basic member will cost you $297 there and then a further $97 a month

I don’t know about you but that seems a little steep to me ( and that’s an understatement! ).

Thankfully I was able to scan through the upgraded memberships without having to pay anything further – my mother didn’t raise any fools!!!

Once you enter this membership you are given full access to all SFM modules along with live video training. You are also provided with a host of rather impressive tools for your marketing efforts ( email responder, website, ready made landing pages ).

On top of this you get a new ‘Senior’ Business Coach to help you through your marketing training ( makes me wonder what exactly was wrong or limited with the first coach they provided? ).

This ‘Senior’ coach seems like a good guy but yet again he’s badgering you to upgrade even further. I’m paying $97 a month already…what else do you want from me???

Six Figure Mentors Elite

Well ladies and gentlemen – this is what they were aiming your wallet for all along. I present to you…

The Six Figure Mentors Elite Membership ( cue the trumpets! )

This is where our two mates Stuart and Jay show their faces and actually teach you themselves. It’s a pity this wasn’t made clear when you signed up for the INTRO Membership really, isn’t it?

Six Figure Mentors Elite

Well they’ve managed to drag you down their funnel to a point where you are now paying $2,500 per year PLUS $97 per month!

I struggle to see how ANY marketing course is worth this much.

From here Stuart and Jay basically teach you how to market the course you’ve just signed up for. You will get a whopping 40% of sales commission every time you convince another poor soul to sign up!

The words ‘pyramid’ and ‘scheme’ come to mind for some reason?

Six Figure Mentors Scam?

I’ll be perfectly honest with you here – I wouldn’t go anywhere near this marketing program but I won’t call it a scam ( although it’s come pretty darn close! ).

You are trained in aspects of internet marketing and there is the potential there to make money. How much money people have made so far is anybody’s guess?

The INTRO and BASIC Memberships basically have nothing to offer you – once you’ve signed up for them you are stuck in a rut of losing your investment or moving on further to the Elite package.

It’s up to you to make your mind up on whether this course is worth it or not. You already know my feelings.

The Six Figure Mentor Program

If you sign up for the Six Figure Mentor program you are essentially signing up and paying to promote products – this is not what affiliate marketing is about.

Companies pay YOU to promote their products, not the other way around.

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26 comments on “Six Figure Mentors Membership Scam?

  1. Hello Chris, this type of BS is so common today on the internet. They go about their hypes in such a way that their unsuspecting victims will always fall for it, especially, if they have the money. Thank you for going a step further in revealing them.

    To understand your point, since I know this program is yet another way of sucking people dry, what would you recommend to an average person that really wants to start an online business?

    1. Hello again Nnamdi! Nice to see you back here so soon 🙂
      I would always recommend any newcomers to the online earning world to get an education as they start to earn. For me, this comes in the form of the Wealthy Affiliate.
      It’s a great place for newcomers to sign up and learn to build an online business for FREE.

  2. Great article on Six Figure Mentors Membership scam that you have taken the time to explain.
    Having to pay your money to get in just to end up having to pay a higher rate to get started and only to find out how much they really want to soak you for to get there so called Elite package is mind blowing.
    It almost sounds like they came up with the attitude to take as much money from people as fast as they can and call for next sucker inline.

    1. Hello again Travis – glad you enjoyed the review!
      This product is definitely one to stay away from at the end of the day – the upsells are there for all to see and I dread to think how many people have fallen for them so far.

  3. Excellent information in this article. I’ve never heard of the Six Figure Mentors Membership, but after reading this, I’ll be sure to choose wisely. Wealthy Affiliate is where I decided to start my training and so far it has offered me a vast array of training, free tools, a great interface and best of all, excellent and HELPFUL members. I definitely agree with your recommendation. Good luck and thanks for a superb read.

  4. Hey, Chris

    I remember watching a video on Youtube a while ago about some English guy explaining all about how he could make me to become financially free from working online, and I remember him mentioning the Six Figure Mentors Membership at the end of the video.

    Having read your review, I’m so glad I didn’t sign up for this scam, so thanks for sharing the information.

    If I wanted to promote products, I would join a free affiliate program like Amazon 🙂

    Thanks for the article. Neil

    1. Good call Neil – you can’t go wrong with Amazon! They don’t pay much commission but they’re always legit 🙂

  5. Chris,
    Ah, yes, the Six Figure Income membership. I also looked into their business and I came to the same conclusions as you did. You had to keep upgrading until you got to the premium level before you got any real useful information. I am so glad I did not fall for this one. It would have been a very expensive mistake. I can see how people fall for it though. The videos are very nice and they will easily suck desperate people into their sells funnel. It looks like you are recommending the Wealthy Affiliate program. They don’t have the up-sell like the SFI program. What do you think differentiates the Wealthy Affiliate program from the SFI program? Thanks for a great article.

    1. Hi Val,
      Well that’s a pretty easy question to answer really – everything! I wouldn’t even put SFI and Wealthy Affiliate in the same sentence 🙂
      Wealthy Affiliate is the ONLY place to go online and get a full education on how to make money with the internet.

  6. Great review Chris!
    I’ve heard of Six Figure Income but every time I see the name, I feel cautious as it might either be an MLM trick or forex scheme. I glad I came across your review, gave me the closure I needed! Wasn’t too surprised at the marketing funnels though, but I was surprised at the price – $97 a month plus $2,500 a year is a cutthroat business, who charges that much? This program should definitely go down, I hope those scammers get what they deserve.

    1. You and me both Riaz – a crap program with a crap name put together by crap marketers…I only hope newbies manage to see it for what it really is!

  7. Hi, Chris

    I’ve heard about the six figure mentors membership and how people claim it to be another online scam.

    The costs to join this program are ridiculous and I also struggle to see how this could be worth so much money. The only real answer I have is line the pockets of the program’s owners because that’s why they’re well off in the first place. PFFFFFFFT!!

    Yep, I also agree that this is a pyramid scheme, and another one for me to avoid.

    Cheers, Chris!

  8. Hi Chris;

    Thanks for your reviews. I found your review of CLIXSENSE particularly interesting.
    I’m retired and on a fixed income. CLIXSENSE may actually MAKE sense for me.
    The payment schedule you show tells it like it is. I will need to do a lot of ads in order to supplement my income but, it looks like it may well be worth it.

    1. No problems Terry – I’m glad you found the website useful ( that’s what we’re here for! ). Good luck with your earning efforts! 🙂

  9. The review is thorough and revelling, have heard of it but never thought of going into it.Pricing is way too high for beginners. Infact, you have reveal the hidden agenda of six figure income, they are not honest and not worth dealing with. I believe this would go a long way in saving the unsuspecting public from falling victims. You have done well, keep doing what you know how to do best, God bless you.

  10. Products like this are so blatantly overpriced and scammy that it makes me so frustrated that people actually spend money on them. I hope that there aren’t many naive people out there who will actually spend money on this, but I know that people will unfortunately.

    Thank you for exposing this product’s prices as well as their interesting upgrade recommendations.


  11. In my opinion Six Figure Mentors is a very controversial program. I have a friend of mine who has been a member of SFM for a year or so and SFM training is very similar to that of Wealthy Affiliate. But the problem of SFM is that they push expensive products and try to convince you that it’s easy to sell them. A friend of mine was trying to sell their expensive stuff for a year or so and failed to sell anything and finally ended up wasting $7000. So, SFM is not a scam, but I can’t recommend it either. This is a very specific product designed for those who have a good experience in selling high ticket items.

  12. Great review Chris,
    Before starting the name “Six Figure Mentors” makes me suspicious. When you started with the trial membership at $29.95, I thought okay you have to pay just to take a look, but not too expensive.
    Strange that they think actually assess you, I had the impression you signed up to assess the program. The main membership seems way overpriced, you may get most of the tools you need, but apparently, you still don’t get all the training you require to build a successful business. To do this you need to pay for the Mentors Elite Membership which is just incredibly expensive.
    I agree, definitely a program to avoid.

  13. Thanks Chris for the review.
    personally, I had not known anything about it before, up until I stumbled upon this review. I think this a really expensive program to be involved in, all with the upselling of products. Most of these progrms have flooded the market, looking for gullible people to use.

  14. Hello Chris,

    Thanks for the informative review of Six Figure Membership! After reading your review, I’ve decided to just stick with Wealthy Affiliate.

    What I don’t like is the high membership cost and like you said not much in return. They seem like a scheme where they trick beginners like me into signing up.

    Instead of making money, I’m probably going to lose money. That makes it totally counter productive.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Glad the review was able to set your mind at rest Eric – good luck with your Wealthy Affiliate journey (and why not look me up when you log in next?) 🙂

      Take care!

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