Simple Comment Box – Should You Respond?

Simple Comment Box - Should You Respond?

Website comments are part of everyday life if you happen to work online. A simple comment box can bring about all manner of interaction…but is it worth responding to these comments?

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A Chatty Fella!

Most sites begin to get some sort of action in their comment sections after about twenty pages/posts have been published (that’s not an exact number but it gives you some sort of idea!)

When I get a comment on one of my sites it usually takes me about thirty seconds to read it and no more than a minute to reply and check my grammar.

In some cases I do receive a question that truly tests me with a complex view and these can be quite time consuming to respond to.

Here are the Pros & Cons of responding to visitor’s comments…



The Traffic Bump

There’s no doubt in my mind that (real) comments will drive more and more traffic your way. The more comments an article receives the more text it ends up with – this is a VERY good thing!

SIDE NOTE – spam is not considered extra text and should ALWAYS be removed from your comment section (If the comment contains a URL that tracks back – chances are it’s probably spam!)

The Traffic Bump to Your Website!

Text makes the search engine world go round – text is well and truly beautiful!

All different types of long tail keywords are contained within text – most of which you are not aware of. These keywords will certainly give your overall search traffic a bump in the right direction.

You should see some positive change in your bounce rate when you start responding to comments. When people know a blog/website is active and are interested in your topics they will return to see your responses and opinions on certain questions.


The Social Element

Social media is big business when it comes to modern day internet marketing. Any website that creates a big social presence is going to do well – period!

When you respond to comments you are actually encouraging more comments on your site.

The Social Element

I find that people who leave a POSITIVE comment (they’re not all positive unfortunately) are more likely to click the social share buttons provided on the article.

Social media traffic can be really powerful – the more shares your work receives the better.


How Much Time Do You Have?

This is the biggie for me – time! Trying to run a successful internet marketing campaign takes A LOT of time and effort and sometimes the day is just not long enough.

If you do not respond to comments with something worthwhile people will notice this. There’s nothing worse than seeing a ‘Thanks for the comment John’ response sitting sparsely in a simple comment box – it basically screams out LAZY WEBMASTER OWNER!

How Much Time Do You Have?

If visitors believe the people behind the scenes don’t give a s**t then they won’t either – bye, bye traffic!

If you want to do well, you can’t do a mediocre job at responding to comments. Responding in a timely and intelligent fashion should only take you a minute or two but these minutes soon add up ( depending on the amount of interaction your site receives ).


The Simple Comment Box…

As you can see the Pros far outweigh the Cons with this subject – comments can really boost your site’s performance. 

I quickly touched upon the topic of spam comments above and I feel I should mention it again. Please don’t be tempted to approve these sorts of comments – even if you remove the URL they have included. Most of these spam comments are auto-generated so there will be other exact comments floating about.

This will only lead to one thing – duplicate comments so duplicate content! 

Get rid of them and get rid of them fast!

So, what is your view on responding to blog comments? Do you agree with my views or do you think it is nothing but a waste of your precious time? Please leave your opinions in the comment section below ( see what I just did there 🙂 )

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14 comments on “Simple Comment Box – Should You Respond?

  1. I’ll admit, I reply to comments half-heartedly only when the commenter’s response was also lackluster, almost like a spam carbon copy applicable to any website.

    1. Well Cory,
      Always try to reply with a full head on ( if you know what I mean ), even if the idiot who left the comment is only after a back link or traffic. Comments are comments at the end of the day and they all add to your site’s engagement factors 🙂

  2. I agree with you about how comments help promote your site and I do think that all comments should be constructive and add to the points being made in the article.

    Just as important is the reply although I don’t know if Google sees replies as good and increase your site ranking directly because of a reply or if it is just when people comment?

    Yep, again I have left comments on sites (some quite lengthy) and only got a “Cheers for the feedback” reply. It would be nice if the commenter could have the power to remove the comment if they aren’t satisfied with the reply if they are expecting one. What’s your thoughts on that?

    Thanks for the article.

    1. Yeah I know exactly what you mean about the replies Dillon – I’ve encountered that many, many times before. There’s nothing worse than asking a question in the comment section of a site only to find the webmaster has completely ignored you!
      Good points! Look forward to seeing you again soon 🙂

  3. Comments are about communication through conversation. A comment without a response isn’t a conversation.

    Within the blogging world we all talk about ‘Social’. Social is just a word, it’s not the process. The process is “Social Interaction”. Without interaction it isn’t social at all.

    When I leave a comment, like what I’m doing right now, I try to put some meat into it. Those comments that just say how wonderful your site is with all the pretty colors are not valuable for either content enhancement, or for the sharing of ideas.

    Commenting just for the sake of getting comments isn’t useful either because it just creates junk in your comment stream. Adding useless words as search engine bait usually backfires.

    You can, of course, enhance some of the useless comments by adding a useful reply or even by editing the original.

    The true power of comments derives from the power of conversation. I’ve had comments that change my mind. I’ve had comments that educate me. I’ve had comments that break down the walls into a whole new paradigm of thinking. Those are the comments I like to get. Those are the comments I like to give.

    I hope this comment is one of those.


    1. Well Gary, I’d say this comment is definitely one of those 🙂
      Well said really – I couldn’t agree with you more! You will always find a few lame comments appearing as people search for backlinks but that’s part of the game I’m afraid. They will be seen as extra content in the eyes of Google but it’s up to the webmaster if he wants to leave/display them on his/her site.

  4. Another awesome read Chris,
    Totally agree with you on the power of comments, I usually don’t care much about comments and I don’t reply much to them but after understanding that comments are part of your content too, I reply to 99.9% of the comments I get.

    Of course there are some mean people who try to bring you down, especially if your review speaks the truth and they could not accept that but I often ignore those comments to stop the negativity from spreading. Keep writing the good write man!

    1. Don’t worry about the mean comments Riaz – that’s what the moderation panel is for ( just trash them in the spam! )

  5. Quite an original looking site! I liked the shadow reflection in the header and the larger text and friendly lettering style is really refreshing. The content is really nice as well.

    I hadn’t thought that much to the content box. That was really good information. I also like the different ways to share the post at the top. You are correct, we need to strive to have and engage with “real” readers. The more readers you have the more successful you will be. That is why it is so important to take the time and be personable when responding.

    I will bookmark your site and check on it regularly.

  6. Responding to comments is definitely not a waste of time. Thoughtful and accurate responses are an absolute must when you’re trying to build trust with potential customers. You want interaction within your blog, which can be hard to come by if you’re ignoring your visitors.

    Comments also help prove to Google and other search engines that your site is active and continuously building out content. An inactive site is treated as such in the search engines and ultimately ranked lower because of it. As you mentioned above, spam comments are no good as well. Your site will only be penalized for allowing them.

  7. When I was just on my early stages of blogging, I always receive legit-looking comments. One comment I received was saying that I should do a guest blog on his site. I was excited of course, replied to the comment and dropped the person an e-mail. Few months of no response, I came to learn that the comment was a spam. Installing spam blockers should help newbies. It is also good to remove spam-looking comments even if they are from legit people you know. Bad quality comments can hurt your site rankings.

  8. Hey Chris,
    I used to initially respond to all my comments with a generic thank you message and eventually stopped responding to most comments when I have nothing of value to add.
    Usually I come across an intriguing or a thought provoking comment and I would make sure I respond to them (usually not right away)
    When I have a comment with a question that I cannot answer right away I acknowledge their question and make sure I get back to them with a detailed answer [either by a reply or separate blog post] within a week’s time.

    1. Hi Josh,

      Yeah sometimes I draw a blank myself – I just can’t find the right words to respond to certain comments (you’re not alone!) 🙂

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