ShoeMoney Network Review

Shoemoney Network Review

Internet marketing is pretty cool – no matter which way you decide to look at it! I’ve always been captivated by the power it offers and the possible life changing riches!

But internet marketing is hard work, and you have to have some sort of education behind you to have any chance of succeeding.

That brings us to the ShoeMoney Network review we will be covering today – a pretty neat and original way to teach people how to earn a living online.

Owned by respected online guru Jeremy Schoemaker – it’s an inventive way of learning your online trade and earning at the same time!

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The ShoeMoney Network Review

The background on this Jeremy Schoemaker character is pretty impressive really – he earned a ton of cash through Google Adsense over the period of 2003 to 2005.

He started up the ShoeMoney Network in 2015 as a platform to show others how he made his fortune ( and for him to earn a bit extra on the side obviously! ).

He planned out this new venture around the basis that people need to follow training in it’s entirety to become successful.

So with this in mind – he offered completely FREE training that rewards it’s pupils for completing each module/lesson/task.

Simply put – his system provides newbies with step-by-step tasks that offer a reward on completion.

Jeremy has managed to ‘get well in’ with a handful of influential websites that he uses in his training. So these websites pay him for sending them traffic ( you and me ) and he splits the profits with us!

Pretty cool idea right?

Once you sign up with the network your are confronted with a dashboard displaying 8 levels of ShoeMoney lessons/tasks.

8 levels of Shoemoney lessons/tasks

These tasks were pretty straightforward ranging from sharing the initial video on Facebook to the more challenging website setup and setting up Google Adsense.

All of these tasks pay a cash reward on completion – it adds up to approximately $15.

ShoeMoney Network Scam?

You may of noticed that I haven’t gone into great detail about the lessons/tasks provided by the ShoeMoney platform – this is for a VERY good reason!

You see, nothing is ever REALLY free on the internet – there is always some kind of catch that will creep up on you and bite your wallet!

As the system moves along you will notice a few costs creeping in here and there – unfortunately EVERY online business is going to come with it’s own costs ( it’s the way of the online world I’m afraid! ).

With this course you are going to have to part with cash for:

  • ​Buying a domain name and setting up hosting for your website ( monthly payment )
  • Signing up with GetResponse​ on a $19 monthly payment scheme
  • Creating and running a Facebook ad campaign
  • Creating and running a PPC campaign

This is why I stopped the training relatively early – I already have websites and hosting in place and I don’t really want a Facebook ads or PPC campaign running!

Here is a short video I picked up on YouTube that runs over the Shoemoney Network process:

​At the end of the day you have to realize that Jeremy Schoemaker didn’t make all his money without putting his hand in his pocket – there are always going to be some overheads when it comes to being successful online.

The downside to all this is that the actual levels within the system are locked up – you can only complete the next one by completing the task level you are on!

This means that if you already have a website, or are already a member of GetResponse, you will have to go through it all again to get to the later tasks!

The actual training Jeremy provides is pretty good overall but I really didn’t think it was suited to anyone above newbie status.

He covers most of the important internet marketing subjects but I still felt he was a little thin on the information – advanced marketers would find no worth in this sort of training whatsoever!

So, is ShoeMoney Network scam or is it legit?

Well it’s certainly not a scam – if anything it’s a brave, new and inventive way of getting people to learn a trade online!

The semi-hidden costs are a bit of a bummer but like I explained earlier in the review – these costs are necessary to build a business online.

Most internet marketing training courses consist of hard work for at least a couple of months before you see any sort of money. At least Jeremy’s platform allows you to earn some sort of cash within the first week!

I would have no problem in recommending this program to newcomers to the marketing world ( including the hidden costs! ) but I would advise more seasoned marketers to stay well away!

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4 comments on “ShoeMoney Network Review

  1. Its good to have websites like this but more specifically honest reviews about sites that people have tried. Personally I like to look through good and bad reviews to get a feel of things. This is really indepth and im sure will stop a lot of people from wasting their money and time on something that isnt upfront.

  2. Hi Chris,
    I have never heard of ShoeMoney Network but am glad I came across your post. I am always looking for new ways to make money online… but I don’t like hidden cost. I expect to know what I am going to have to pay before I get into any program. Thank you for sharing this information.

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