Shadow Shopper Jobs – Is Shadow Shopper Legit?

Shadow Shopper Jobs - Is Shadow Shopper Legit?

Big companies in the retail world rely on honest feedback from the public to improve their products or services…

Sometimes this type of feedback is the hardest to find!

Enter mystery shoppers – normal people like you and I, who enter stores to shop secretly and tell of their experience.

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?

I mean, we all like spending money right?

Imagine being paid to go around town shopping all day – a pretty nifty job if you ask me!

Today we will be taking a look at one of these mystery shopper spots – Shadow Shopper.

So, is Shadow Shopper scam or is Shadow Shopper legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Shadow Shopper Review

What is Shadow Shopper? is run from Carson City in Nevada and was originally set up back in 2003. They offer the service of being a middleman for people looking for mystery shopping work.

They claim to have direct links with numerous mystery shopper businesses and are able to set you up with work.

There are two main membership levels offered by their site:

  1. The Bronze Membership – the free entry-level membership
  2. The Gold Membership – this membership is only offered through a monthly subscription (so get your wallet out!)

When you are a member inside their system, you will receive email alerts whenever a mystery shopper job pops up in your area.

What is Shadow Shopper?

Membership For Shadow Shopper Jobs

As I touched on above, there are currently two membership levels available to new Shadow Shopper applicants – Bronze and Gold.

The Bronze membership is free…but there is a catch…it’s only free for a week!

It’s more like a trial offer really – once the week is over you have to start paying for the full membership.

Membership For Shadow Shopper Jobs

The full-blown Gold membership costs $6.95 on a monthly payment system, this can be paid through Paypal, card or posted check.

The paid Golden membership allows you to construct a more diverse and effective portfolio to attract more mystery shopper work.

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Shadow Shopper Availability

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, you can only sign up for a Shadow Shopper membership if you are based in the USA, Australia or Canada.

The ‘Money Side’ of Things…

I had to do a bit of undercover work to find out how profitable this opportunity was! Fortunately, there are numerous reports from (what I hope are) successful members online claiming earning levels of over five grand a year.

It’s worth pointing out that I could not locate any proof behind these earning claims.

It’s also worth remembering that this company works as a middleman to the mystery shopping industry, so they don’t pay you themselves. You will receive a wage off the actual mystery shopping companies they put you in touch with.

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The Downsides to Shadow Shopper

It’s easy enough to locate a few complaints linked to online companies, and Shadow Shopper is no different…

Past members have left the company when they realize that they are paying for something that is normally offered for free!

At the end of the day, Shadow Shopper takes money off you to act as your middleman…but most mystery shopper gigs online are free to sign up with!

Why are you paying for this service when a simple Google search can bring up the same companies?

Is Shadow Shopper Scam?

There also seems to be a great deal of ‘beef’ regarding the info you submit when you are signing up with Shadow Shopper.

Numerous past members have had poor experiences after they submitted their personal details, involving various ‘offers’ turning up in the inbox, day after day!

I’ve experienced this sort of thing before – smaller survey companies tend to do it!

They basically pimp out your details to the highest bidder (and there are PLENTY of marketing takers out there!).

Is Shadow Shopper Scam?

From what I can see, they are certainly not a scam – they offer a service and they provide that service.

But, is this service worth it?

Remember, at the end of the day you can find these companies yourself through a simple Google search!

My past experience has shown me that mystery shopper gigs are not exactly high paying jobs, so making a living out of this sort of thing is going to be hard, hard work.

Ideally, one Shadow Shopper job will cover your monthly subscription…but I have no idea if you’ll be hired even once a month!

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2 comments on “Shadow Shopper Jobs – Is Shadow Shopper Legit?

  1. I have signed up for the free membership with Shadow Shoppers recently but before going more into it I wanted to check out their reviews. Good think that I found this article, This article had everything I needed to know about Shadow Shoppers. It is good to know that it is at least not a scam platform.

    Thank you for the review on Shadow Shopper. The review was easy to understand and read.

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