SFI Affiliate Program Review

SFI Affiliate Program Review

When it comes to earning money online – internet marketing is the BOMB! After a stuttering start to my online career I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Wealthy Affiliate community and learn my trade.

You see, making money is not easy and the internet has gradually made it even harder.

Well, not the internet…more the scam artists!

But there’s no getting away from the fact that most people come online to earn BECAUSE they have been baited by a scam headline.

Sad but true!

So…back to internet marketing!

As I was saying, I was lucky enough to pick up a fantastic marketing education at the Wealthy Affiliate and it’s enabled me to make money, in a legit fashion, seven days a week!

But the Wealthy Affiliate is not the only marketing platform out there…there are many, many more!

Today we will be looking at another popular choice of starting up internet marketing – SFI. ( or Strong Future International ).

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The SFI Affiliate Program Review

SFI started out life back in 1998 and is directly linked to The International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs ( sounds rather impressive doesn’t it? ).

These days many people believe the SFI platform to be the biggest Marketing network in the world.

It is a completely free marketing division to join but you must be prepared to sell various products linked to SFI and draw in new referrals ( we’ll get deeper into this a little later on in the review! ).

The Home Business SFI Affiliate Program

Okay, every marketing platform is different…so how does all this work?

When you first sign up for the SFI opportunity you don’t have to put your hand in your pocket – you are thrown into a Power Line.

Once you are placed in this line you have 30 days to upgrade your membership to Executive Affiliate.

Once you reach this Executive level you will immediately start making money from the people who have signed up after you.

You will also be provided with your very own website and referral link. You can then bump up your earnings by selling products and referring other members.

Once these referred members upgrade to Executive Affiliate you will really see the cash flow in…in a perfect world.

The Truth

There is nothing simple about getting started with SFI – nothing at all!

That’s right – it seems to be have put together by a group of marketers who have just got back from a Stag Party and still reek of vodka!

Once inside the system I was confronted by TripleClicks products, Versa Points, a daily checklist and general recruitment terms…

I thought this sh#t was supposed to be easy?

Man was I WRONG!

To be honest it seemed as though I had just walked straight into a pyramid scheme that would ONLY turn into a marketing scheme AFTER I had gone through 30 days of hell online!

SFI Affiliate Program Scam?

The new To-Do-List really got under my skin – I felt like I was one of those freaks that spends 10 hours a day on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk!

I have about 15 or maybe 20 screen shots of the info I had to digest but I have to be honest with you here…I really can’t be bothered to post the information on them.

Let’s just play it simple – you need to sign up to SFI, make damn sure you complete your To-Do-List EVERY day, find some idiots to buy products you’re not entirely sure about and promote the site and pray you get referrals.

And that’s just to get a foot through the door!

SFI Affiliate Program Scam?

I thought I’d cover the bad before the good on this review to see if I could put you off the idea of signing up with this…opportunity?

Nothing is what it seems here – NOTHING at all

A lot of people make good money from this platform and it is a hugely popular marketing platform so I’m not going to call it a scam…

I am going to call it deceiving though!

First off is this bloody To-Do-List – a constant pain in your ass!

You near enough have to complete this To-Do-List every day otherwise you will not reach your monthly total of points.

This is the only way you can keep your co-sponsored affiliates as a free member!

But you are never really a free member – no matter what they try telling you!

To make sure you are not going to lose your EA status, you need to become a member of The International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs.

And how much is this gonna cost you?

A handy little $30 whack a month!

And what about the TripleClicks products your are supposed to sell ( I hear you ask? ).

Well…the less said about them the better really ( EXPENSIVE! ).

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Get Your Credit Card Out Please!

This is not a free membership site – if you want to earn good money from the platform you are going to have to put your hand in your wallet first!

To really have a chance at reaching financial freedom with this bunch you need to fork out hosting for your website ($20), TCredits ($29) Gift Cards ($30), and S-Builder Coop ($22) plus the $30 on the International Association membership thingy!

Final Thoughts

This is a marketing company that has been around for a long time now – and certain people are obviously making good money out of it.

But please don’t be fooled by this free membership jive – if you stay free you ain’t going anywhere!

Newbies to internet marketing want an easy, step-by-step process to follow so that they can learn in their own time…

This is the complete bloody opposite!

It’s certainly not a scam but it is set up to make money first then help the marketers second – that’s not good enough in my book…

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