SEO Content Writing Tools

SEO Content Writing Tools

The only real way to boost the amount of organic traffic to your site is to draw on the power of search engine optimization techniques.

Thankfully there are numerous effective SEO content writing tools out there that make the job of writing targeted copy a whole lot easier.

Let’s take a look at some of the best on offer…

SEO Tools For Content

Decent SEO content writing tools allow webmasters to:

  1. Discover powerful keywords
  2. Create targeted copy time after time
  3. Create optimized metadata and optimized descriptions
  4. Alert you to content that may have been plagiarized

The SEO tools that I will be covering today are the tools I’ve personally had the most success with. There are other tools out there but the combination of the options below seems to suit me the best…

#1 Jaaxy Keyword Tool

The Jaaxy Keyword Tool is the SEO brainchild of the two guys that taught me everything I know about internet marketing.

They are the owners of the open education project the Wealthy Affiliate where you will find the best FREE internet marketing training online.

This awesome keyword tool was basically the final piece of the puzzle for me – website success appeared when this little baby arrived on the scene!

It’s impossible to nail down how effective and how much of an advantage this tool gives you in a few sentences. If you are serious about writing content that ranks I would suggest checking out our full review on the tool here

#2 The Google Keyword Planner

Sometimes it’s good to pick up a few keyword ideas before opening up the Jaaxy tool. The Google Keyword Planner ( formerly the Google Keyword Tool ) may be a little dated and clumsy but it still has it’s place in content creation.

Google keyword planner

It’s keyword ideas are nowhere near as inventive as Jaxxy’s results but they sure give you a great platform to start with. A lot of the time I take the long tail suggestions from the Keyword Planner and plug them straight into Jaaxy.

A simple click of a button will them give me a tidal wave of low competition keywords that are simple to rank for.

Google’s Keyword Planner also allows you to research the number of global and local searches for a particular keyword ( a very handy parameter! ).

#3 Inbound Writer

I was introduced to this inventive little tool a few years back and it’s served me flawlessly ever since. In a nutshell – Inbound Writer let’s you know the success of your content before you put pen to paper.

This tool will rate your content on a scale from 1 to 100 through a data driven approach to content performance. Based on your topic, Inbound Writer will research the internet and locate similar articles based on the same niche as your article.

Inbound Writer

It then takes this information and breaks it down so it can supply you with the best terms for your document/content.

This is an incredibly handy tool that has helped me out on so many occasions I’ve lost count. Unfortunately the free version only allows you a certain amount of uses per month but it’s better than nothing!

#4 The WordPress All in One SEO Pack

If you are using the WordPress platform for your website or blog and you are not using this plugin stop what you’re doing NOW!

That’s right, forget about reading the rest of this article for a couple of minutes and get to the plugin section of your site!

This plugin is a one-stop-shop for all your meta data and descriptions and even makes linking to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools a doodle. It’s simple to use and VERY effective.

I am aware of several excellent SEO plugins for the WordPress platform but I would never move away from this one. Have a closer look at it’s features yourself here

#5 The Blog Topic Generator

From time to time we all run a little dry on ideas – it happens to the best of us I’m afraid! Hubspot is an excellent marketing site that offers some really inventive and useful tools.

The Blog Topic Generator is probably my favorite offering from them so far. It’s easy to use and very effective – it’s helped me out on numerous occasions.

You simply fill in the fields provided with nouns related to the topic you want to write about and the tool spits out a ton of relevant post titles.

I find that once I have a catchy and interesting title the remainder of the article is plain sailing. A little research here and there and I’m off and running!

Sometimes the titles the tool throws at you are a little off-key so you must be prepared to think outside the box a little bit. Their algorithm gives off suggestions that are sometimes grammatically incorrect but these are easy enough to shape into a decent title.

SEO Content Writing Tools

If you are interested in finding out more about SEO we recommend checking out the FREE tutorials the Wealthy Affiliate offer. Read our full review on their services by simply clicking the link HERE

12 comments on “SEO Content Writing Tools

  1. These are really great tools. Some of them I’ve never seen before, so I’m taking notes.

    I’ve used Jaaxy and the Google keyword planner. Jaxxy is far superior in my opinion.

    I’ve use the SEO package that you recommend as well.

    The Inbound Writer and the Topic Generator are news to me. I’m going to have to check those out.

    Thanks for the tips.

    1. Hi Gary!!!
      You’re right on the money there – Jaaxy is the most powerful keyword tool on the market by a long, long distance!
      Glad to hear that you have opted for it’s services 🙂

  2. I love you Chris, love your work and I am a huge fan. You always introduce me to something new. I have never heard about the Inbound writer before. SEO is something I still find a little bit of problems with from time to time so I will have to bookmark this one.

    Thank you so much to taking the time and putting this together.

  3. Hi Chris, I am very thankful to you for the info in this article. Especially Inbound Writer and Hubspot, which I never knew before, will be very useful to me. I have already tried Hubspot and it gave me some very good ideas. I agree with you that Jaaxy is the world’s best key word search tool. Cheers, Jerry

  4. Hi Chris.

    Another fantastic post on your site!
    I am mostly using Jaaxy, because I didn’t really know how to use the Google Keyword Planner.
    Will give it another try.

    The Inbound Writer sounds very interesting. I will check this one out, too.
    How many free uses do you get every month?
    Are you using the paid version yourself?

    The Blog Topic Generator sounds great, too!

    So many handy tools here.
    Already bookmarked this page.


    1. Cheers for the bookmark there Moritz!

      It’s been a while now since I used Inbound writer so I can’t really remember the free uses offer ( besides it’s probably changed by now! ). The best thing to do is sign up and have a quick look yourself – it’s free after all!

  5. I’ve tried looking for a number of keyword research tools from paid to free one’s and IMHO Jaaxy is the best and the most simplest tool I’ve ever used.

    At times I do use the Google Keyword Planner but the interface is too clumsy for my linking.

    Inbound Writer is something really new for me and I never heard of this before but sounds really promising.

    Are you planning to write a detailed article on the All In One SEO pack because I use it but don’t know all the different functionalities and might find it really helpful.

  6. I can concur about the power of Jaaxy, I use it daily with my SEO efforts with superb results.
    The Google Keyword planner works pretty well also, so if you combine those results with some Jaaxy research, I’m sure that you’ll succeed with your SEO efforts as well.
    SEO is not complicated once you know what to do and how to do it, and all of these tools mentioned will help to get it right.

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