SEO Blog Commenting – Forget About it!

SEO Blog Commenting

The moment I come across a post directed at SEO blog commenting I know that I’m on a site owned by an idiot ( a bit harsh but very, very true! ).

If you are looking into blog commenting for the purposes of SEO then your rewards are going to be very thin. Blog commenting does have an impact on SEO but that’s not what you want to concentrate on if you are looking for realistic success.

The secret is not a secret any more. Move your attention from getting back links to adding value to posts. Stop thinking about traffic and start thinking about building your brand

#1 Paragraphs NOT Sentences

I know most blog owners out there tend to feel the temptation to write a few decent lines relevant to the article and move onto the next back link, sorry, blog comment!

This is fine if you are planning on building up a crusade of back links over a week only for Google to notice what you are doing and penalize you! This is SEO blog commenting at it’s lowest point…

To be taken seriously you have to treat your blog comments like you treat your content.

length of blog comments

I’m not saying you should concentrate on length and end up with a space-filling guest post – I’m saying you should go for length AND value to have some sort of impact on the article readers.

Blog owners ALWAYS take note of well thought out comments on their posts due to the fact these comments add value to their writing.

But it’s not just the blog owners that stand up and take note – your fellow readers will recognize quality when they see it to. This leads to your traffic taking an increase in the natural, targeted way.

#2 Try And Be a Nice Guy/Gal

The last thing you want to do is interact with a piece of content and be a dick about things ( Darkstar 2 for example – you know who you are! ).

Be a nice guy!Don’t be a troll and don’t be in danger of disappearing up your own ass – nobody likes a know-it-all! 

If you actually disagree with the content’s subject matter make sure you relay this by including points as to why you disagree. Address bloggers by name. Thank them for sharing their insight. Sign off with your name.

When you appear personal bloggers and content authors will be personal back to you. This will give you a much better chance of sticking in their mind and striking up a relationship with them.

#3 Follow The Big Boys

Having people ‘on board’ is a great thing but wouldn’t it be better to have a few ‘big boys’ in your crew instead?

You want to be aiming for relevant authority blogs – these are the guys you want to showcase your stuff to!

Success seems to attract success and all over the internet you will find authority bloggers in tandem working together. You want to get in with these guys and learn from them.

How cool would it be for your site/brand to be seen alongside these authority bloggers – a priceless commodity!

Please don’t waste your time commenting on blogs that are slightly related to your brand niche. You want to be spending ALL of your time commenting on relevant blogs.

#4 Every Post is a Goldmine! 

Once you find a relevant authority blog it’s time to put your best stalker outfit on!

You want to try your best to attempt to comment on each and every blog post that site produces – become a regular.

Subconsciously, other regulars to that site will start to take note of your name and relate to you on that chosen subject/niche. Persistent commentators ALWAYS get noticed and people begin to think they are a solid ‘voice’ on the subject.

Stepping Away From SEO Blog Commenting

By stepping away from this traditional link building process of blog commenting you are giving yourself a great chance to build your brand AND build traffic.

Sure, it’s gonna take a lot longer to leave thoughtful and valuable comments but in the long run these comments will rock your world!

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject matter we have covered here today please leave them in the comment section below. If you would like to find out more about effective blog commenting and content I suggest checking out the FREE training provided through the link below:


4 comments on “SEO Blog Commenting – Forget About it!

  1. I couldn’t agree more with this post! And it aggravates me when someone will comment on one of my blog posts with “nice post”… Well what was nice about it? Lol

    Also I try my best to comment on blogs that are related to my niche, interest me, and provide insightful information that I can implement as a person to grow. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Diana,
      Yes it’s very irritating when someone leaves a three word comment and then expects a backlink out of it! I just hit the spam button to make sure they are automatically stopped from posting on my site again. Firm but fair 🙂

  2. The worst comments are the ones that are ads followed by comments that say the same generic thing four different ways. That cannot possibly be working for them so they must not check to see all their comments get deleted.

    Where I once had dofollow comments, I now strongly recommend making sure your comments are nofollowed (the default in WordPress) as anyone who comments regularly is likely to end up getting penalized if you don’t (and maybe even if you do).

    1. Hi Gail,
      Oh I know those comments – my spam filter on this site catches about 100 a day at the moment!!!!
      Great tips you’ve left here for our readers – especially the default settings in the WordPress comment section ( very important! ).

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