SBKC Review – SBKC Junk Mail

SBKC Review - SBKC Junk Mail

Are you tired of waking up to tidal waves of junk mail stuffed into your letter box?

Looking for a double glazing window specialist?

Looking for a new window cleaner?

Fancy voting for a local politician?

It really can be a royal pain in the ass at times…

The front door letterbox is bad enough…without adding your email address to the equation!

Penis enlargement pills, millions of credit card providers and PPI services ( I still don’t know what the #### PPI stands for?? ).

It seems as though ANY mailbox you own is fair game to the spammers right?

Today I will be covering a service that could well be the answer to your junk mail problem – they actually pay you for receiving it!!!!

Seriously, that’s the gig!

Let’s take a closer look…

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The SBKC Review

SBKC was created in 1992 as a research company to help other businesses understand the effectiveness of direct mailing marketing.

SBKC ( Small Business Knowledge Center ) rely on people’s junk mail for their research. They use it to provide certain businesses with an edge over their competitors.

So, to help out the good old folks at SBKC you can either…

  1. ​Forward your crap to them through an email service and get paid
  2. Use pre-paid envelopes to send in physical junk mail
  3. Complete surveys for money!

Wait…hold on! hold on!

Complete surveys for money? How does that fit in?

Well to be honest with you…I don’t really know, but it certainly put me off the company almost instantly as it made them appear ‘flaky’ at best! ​

In my book, a company that sticks to one side of a market looks much more trustworthy than one that tries to branch out all over the place.

Junk mail AND surveys? I don’t see the fit?

Anyway, back to the good old spam…

Unfortunately SBKC seems to be a little bit fussy about the TYPE of junk mail you send them. In fact, they are only interested in the following areas:

  • Insurance: Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Auto/Property Insurance
  • Investments/Annuities: IRA/Rollovers, Mutual Funds, 401(k), Pensions
  • Mortgage & Loans: Auto, Home Equity, Mortgage, Personal Loan
  • Banking: Checking, Savings, Money Market, Certificates of Deposit, Rewards or Loyalty Programs
  • Credit Cards: General Use Credit Cards & Charge Cards, Retail/Department Store Cards, Affinity/Rewards Cards such as Airline, Hotel, Alumni, Club/Association Cards
  • Telecommunication: Wireless (network providers such as Verizon, AT&T or manufacturers such as Samsung or Motorola), Wire-Line (Landline/Home Phone), TV/Cable, Satellite, Internet, IP/Internet Phone.
  • Travel & Leisure: Hotels, Cruise Lines, Airlines, Car Rental Services

Bit of a bummer really isn’t it? Sort of cuts down a lot of your sending options!

Show Me The Money!

The main reason ANY of us search out work online is to make MONEY…and this is where SBKC sort of falls flat on it’s face I’m afraid!

Once again we are traveling down that dreaded points for cash path – somewhere I never like to go.

So you are basically doing all this junk mail jive for a handful of gift cards at the end of the day. Say no more!

The SBKC Review

There is a basic points conversion process in place there but at the end of the day – it’s really not worth mentioning at this point.

If you are looking to make decent money online – this ain’t it!

SBKC Scam?

So…is SBKC scam or is it a legit platform?

Well there are a few complaints about this company online but most of them center around the quality of the gift cards and the points conversion – not really scam territory.

One complaint that did start to pop up quite frequently was the amount of time you have to wait for your SBKC reward.

Many members claim that this waiting period constantly seems to change and they are left waiting weeks ( and even months ) in some cases.

But the majority of members are more than happy with the service they provide and the payments they receive.


Well I wouldn’t go near this bunch with a ten foot pole but they are definitely NOT a scam platform.

They may take a while to payout at times but they do payout EVERY time ( from what I can gather! ).

To be honest this opportunity will probably be perfect for the retired 60 year old looking to make some extra beer money – but for me it’s a waste of broadband.

People generally come online to look for decent money these days – life is getting more and more expensive.

Sites like SBKC are not scam opportunities but they are certainly not places you want to end up if you need to make decent money ( fast! ).

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6 comments on “SBKC Review – SBKC Junk Mail

  1. Hey, now this is a new one on me. Getting paid to forward your spam emails to someone? I’ve never heard of that before, and I thought I had heard of everything.

    Ahh, but now I see that they are only interested in certain markets. That kind of limits it, especially seeing as many spam emails are to do with male enhancement pills and that kind of things.

    Whether you consider this to actually be a scam or not, it is clear that it is probably a waste of time. People aren’t going to earn a huge amount of money doing this. It’s not a full-time income opportunity, from what I can tell.

  2. This is great guide! Thanks!
    I always wondered about this way of making money. But as you put it in this page. It not really worth my broadband! But after I clicked on your link, the ‘your 1# recommendation’ one, I was relieved to learn about a more stable way of making money online. Thanks for sharing this. As its so important these days as there’s so many people loosing their jobs and the cost of living rising!
    Thanks again!

    1. No problem Sunny – good luck with our recommendation ( and don’t be afraid to give us a call if you need help with anything! ) 🙂

  3. Hi Chris,

    I think you nailed it with the beer money for the retired folks comment there myself! Yeah, if people have time to sort through their junk and maybe don’t have anything better to do then it might even qualify as entertainment. And hey, if there’s enough money for a beer at the end of it then – bonus!

    For the rest of us on the other hand, yup, basically a waste of time really. I can see what SBKC are interested in and how that information is valuable… admittedly it does make me a little curious where it ends up. Anyway, thanks for the review!

    1. Yeah I’m not sure what they do with all this junk mail or how they use it – they’ll certainly never tell us! 🙂

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