RewardTV Review – Scam or Waste of Time?


RewardTV Review

I was checking out the new offers available at the mighty work at home giant Clixsense last week when I stumbled across a site I had no idea existed.

And why is this such a strange occurrence Chris? ( I hear you ask! )

Well I usually pride myself for being bang up to date on most work online opportunities out there, but this little baby has eluded me for over a decade!

So I sucked it up and jumped straight in – ten years is a heck of a long time to survive online in the money making game!

Surely I was onto a winner…

The RewardTV Review is an online company that pays its users for answering trivia questions related to various TV shows. This may seem pretty cool to you at first but please wait until we get further into the ‘guts’ of the review before making your mind up!

The website is actually owned by a branch of Nielsen IAG Inc – a company I’ve had the misfortune of crossing paths with before in the past.

I signed up with a Nielsen offer years ago when I first came online to work and ended up with a strange device delivered through my door.

I was only after a few surveys to answer but suddenly they were trying to rope me into recording all of my grocery purchases with this device!

I realized their offer was nothing more than a marketing turd and refused to pay to send the device back. After months of hounding me they eventually gave in and sent me a postage-paid parcel.

They are not exactly my cup of tea ( if you get my drift! )

How Do You Earn With RewardTV?

Well it’s a quite unique idea really – you sit at home in the evenings watching the shows you would normally watch then log into the site the next day.

They will throw a load of questions your way that are based on the TV shows you watched and you have to answer them. For every question you get correct you receive RewardTV points.

RewardTV Complaints

So now we get to the real juicy part of the review where I get on my high horse and have a little rant about the hidden negatives of the site…

  1. Gift Cards Over Money – With awesome work online sites like Clixsense and Neobux surviving by paying out in cash it amazes me how other ‘competitors’ think they can get away with offering gift cards
  2. Lousy Gift Card Selection – The gift cards they offer are pretty s##t on the best of days and you are also only allowed to redeem them at certain times of the week
  3. Your Info Ain’t Safe – Nielson is a marketing company and it always will be! The information you provide to ANY site they own will be sold on without a moments hesitation – that’s how they make their dough folks! They’re in the business of gathering information and sharing it with companies that pay them big bucks
  4. Kiss Goodbye to Your Spam Filter – So your general info ain’t safe, what about your email address? Well I’m afraid no spam filter in the world is going to be able to handle the various offers this bunch throws at you. The problem is that most of the ads they send you are from different companies so you can’t really keep up. As soon as you list one as a spam mail another will turn up from a different company!

RewardTV Legit?

Well, I’d like to end this RewardTV review by pointing out that this site is certainly NOT a scam…but it is a real waste of time and effort ( unless you fancy making $5 a week! ).

This isn’t something that you can depend on for consistent income or enough to pay your major bills long term. As I mentioned above, I discovered RewardTV on Clixsense which is a site I would DEFINITELY recommend signing up with as a alternative.

I would only recommend this site to seriously bored housewives or employees that hate their office job and want to make a little extra on the side!

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