Receipt Hog Review – Does Receipt Hog Work?

Receipt Hog Review - Does Receipt Hog Work?

I’ve never really been a great fan of the amount of (worthless) apps available on my smartphone – but they still manage to drag me in somehow!

My son seems to be the main culprit with his iPod – he finds something new, introduces me to it and bang…within the hour it’s on my phone!

Do I need half of these apps he puts in front of me?

Do they actually make my life easier?

I think that 99% of the time the answer is a resounding NO!

So with this in mind, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to writing this Receipt Hog review.

It’s yet another app that concentrates on the idea of getting paid for going grocery shopping.

So, does Receipt Hog work? is receipt Hog legit? is Receipt Hog scam?

Let’s take a closer look…

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What is Receipt Hog?

Simply put – Receipt Hog is a smartphone app that centers on research around customer spending habits and preferences.

The main clout behind this app is a marketing company named InfoScout who own the domain

They apparently have about several years experience in creating apps for various companies – I’ve never heard of them before so I can’t really say whether this is based on truth or not!

Receipt Hog Rules

To point out the bleeding obvious – you need a smartphone to use this product (go figure!).

You then stumble over to Google Play or the Apple App Store and download the app for your chosen platform.

When the app is in place you are ready to take on the retail world – simply point your phone camera at the receipts you gather and input them into the app.

Receipt Hog Rules

The receipts will total up to give rewards known as coins – these can be redeemed for real cash via Amazon e-Gift cards or Paypal.

I did get a little confused over their payment scheme as certain receipts give you alternative gifts/rewards.

For some reason I was frequently handed free spins on a sort of casino machine and monthly sweepstake tickets.

I wasn’t exactly bowled over by this as I’m a bit greedy – I’m only interested in cold hard cash!

Receipt Hog Coins

So here we go again! Yet another rewards site that opts to pay it’s members in it’s own currency.

Why is this?

Well it’s obvious really – this means they can get away with paying you peanuts for the work you do!

So, The app gives coins based on how much was spent on the receipt you are holding. Here’s the payment layout:

  • If you spend $10 you can earn 5 coins
  • If you spend $10-$50 you can earn 10 coins
  • If you spend $50-$100 you can earn 15 coins
  • If you spend $100+ you can earn 20 coins

With me so far?


Now let’s make things a little more confusing…

A total of $5 is the minimum needed to cash out and that will cost you a healthy sum of 1000 coins.

The coin price does reduce slightly the higher up you go but let’s be honest here – it ain’t really worth your time and effort is it?

On top of that there are no instant payments in place – which is something that really annoys me these days!

You have to wait a minimum of 7 days to get your Amazon gift card or cash via Paypal.

 Are There Any Receipt Hog Cheats?

Well funnily enough I stumbled upon a competitor’s review of Receipt Hog and I sort of ‘borrowed’ this cheat off them (well ‘stole’ will probably be a much better word for it!).

Apparently it’s much more lucrative to get your hands on a load of small receipts rather than submit larger ones!

There are claims that a ton of these smaller individual receipts can easily add up to a lot more than the larger ones.

I can’t really put my money behind this technique as I didn’t have the time to check it out…and I stole it from someone else!

But surely it must be worth a try right? If it works it could be a real banker! 🙂

Is Receipt Hog Scam?

Okay, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the dark side of this product – the Receipt Hog complaints!

First off the bat is the stingy reward scheme that is in place – a lot of people have left the app due to them finding it impossible to make decent money from it.

The app is much more suitable to people looking to make a little extra pocket money online – NOT those looking to pay the monthly bills!

Is Receipt Hog Legit?

Secondly, there is a strange privacy aspect in play with this app – and I’m not sure why?

To use the app you need to allow it into your email account.

I don’t know about you…but this really got under my skin!

Receipt Hog claims they only read the emails from certain retailers with this program but I don’t like it – period!

Apparently I’m not the only one…

The final downside to this app is the lack of a referral program – those of you that fancy yourselves as an affiliate marketer should look elsewhere I’m afraid!

Is Receipt Hog Legit?

Without a doubt yes, it seems to be! It does exactly what it says on the tin!

I couldn’t locate any payment issues or complaints online other than the fact they close your account due to inactivity (about three months I think!).

It’s a tidy enough app with a simple yet dynamic layout but the reward system in place is NOT worth much I’m afraid.

I don’t know about you but I’ve never been looking to make pennies online – I’ve been looking for decent money!

This app will take up a lot of your time if you are looking to hit regular payouts…and the payouts are not really that high.


Legit yes, worthwhile NO!

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4 comments on “Receipt Hog Review – Does Receipt Hog Work?

  1. Aaaanndddd they dropped me. They are terminating my account because they are losing money! Seriously!!?!? They said they are doing it to a lot of people. I GOT $1. Message is below:

    The time has come, sadly, for us to part ways. It’s not you, it’s…us.

    What you need to know:
    Next Monday, March 27th at 11:59PM Eastern, you will no longer be able to log into the Receipt Hog app. (We’ll help explain why further down in this letter).

    If you have 200 coins or more, you WILL be able to cash out via PayPal or Amazon gift card before March 27th at 11:59PM Eastern. You will be able to redeem the exact amount of reward that you have earned, to the nearest dollar that you have earned. (For example, if you’ve earned a coin equivalent to $8.05, you will be paid $8.00, even though you have only reached the $5 cash out tier.)

    At this time, your receipts and any answers you may have provided on surveys will no longer be used by Receipt Hog.
    Why are we breaking up?
    All jokes aside, we are disappointed to have to let you and a number of our Receipt Hoggers go. The Receipt Hog community has grown exponentially in the past couple years (a great thing!), but that has resulted in us no longer being able to afford paying all of our Receipt Hoggers (not a great thing). As you know well, we pay a reward for each and every qualifying receipt that someone uploads. Too many people uploading receipts = danger of no more money.

    1. Wow thanks for the update Cathy – this will stop a lot of my readers from taking this offer on any further! Sounds like the company is about to fold….

    1. Yeah this is sounding more and more like a failed online business Thomas – something that is turning into a scam. I wouldn’t recommend them at this moment in time!

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