Quick Fix – Several Ways You Can Make Money Online

Several Ways You Can Make Money Online

Christmas has been and gone and if you’re anything like me, you’re pretty skint at the moment!

Holidays cost money no matter what your religion. If you don’t get slapped by the price of gifts you surely will get slapped by the mounting food and alcohol bills.

In this article we will be looking at several ways you can make money online to combat that skinny post-Christmas wallet…

#1 Conquer eBay 

When I first started out making money online I sold antiques through eBay. This was before eBay became the complete cash cow it is now so I had a good deal of custom.

eBay is not as effective as it once was but it still works like a treat if you put the time and effort into your sales pitch.

If you have a fair amount of unwantables gathering dust in your loft or garage you could well be sitting on a goldmine.

Sell on eBay

People buy absolutely anything on eBay and that is no exaggeration. A few months back I actually witnessed a bunch of students get $7 for one old sneaker!

Here are a couple of tips to get you started:

  • ​If you have a lot of bulky items you want to get rid of I recommend purchasing a scale first as you may undercut the postal charges
  • List ALL of the faults with the items ( I know how tempting it is to overlook a little scratch here and there! )
  • Get items sent out on time – people will give you negative feedback for the slightest mistake and once it’s there, it’s there to stay!

#2 Become a Freelancer

This seems to be a lucrative work online choice these days with millions of people showcasing their talents on various sites.

With employees taking off on holiday vacations, companies are strapped for time and diminishing human resources. It’s pretty easy to target these companies online and check out the temporary roles they need filled ( LinkedIn for example ).

Become a freelancer

Below are the three main players for earning money online with freelancing:

​​These sites are pretty awesome places to hang out and promote your freelance service. You can do jobs for as little as $50 upwards to $500. There are many freelancers online making a living out of these services.

#3 Mobile App & Website Tester

Mobile App & Website TesterI was introduced to this concept about a month ago and after looking into it I have to admit it looks quite effective.

Online companies are always looking for individuals to test websites and apps for usability issues and bugs. You’re not going to get rich doing this type of work but the payment scheme is not bad at all – it usually pays between $10 – $15 per test report.

Below are a few of the more popular sites that offer this type of work:

​​This type of work is dished out as and when it is available so the early bird catches the worm. Sign up with as many of these sites you feel you can handle and keep on monitoring the work they have on offer.

Some members are known to earn over $100 a day by simply hanging about and snapping up the jobs first!

#4 Tutoring

This option is directed towards individuals who have at least a bachelor’s degree otherwise the sites involved will not accept your application.

Many students are on the lookout for a cheap and effective tutor to help them through their exams or coursework. The sites below will put you in contact with these students:

​Each subject matter has a different pay rate but most end up at about $10 per hour.

#5 Giving Your Opinion

One of the quickest ways you can earn easy money online is by simply taking surveys and giving your opinion.

Giving your opinionThis option tends to be a bit of a ‘bored housewife’ choice but there is a lot of money in it if you can get through the monotonous work.

You can either sign up for individual market research sites like Opinion Outpost or you can sign up with a site that works with many different survey providers like Clixsense.

My recommendation would always be to sign up for a free account with Clixsense as they have a huge amount of surveys and other earning opportunities on a daily basis.

If you are interested in finding out more about the services Clixsense provides check out our full review HERE.

Our #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online

The options we covered above are effective and legitimate ways of earning a little extra money online. If you are serious about making decent money online we suggest signing up for the FREE courses available at the Wealthy Affiliate community…

Check out our full review below:


16 comments on “Quick Fix – Several Ways You Can Make Money Online

  1. Hi Chris

    I wouldn’t say that I “conquered Ebay” but I did give it a try along with taking surveys when I first began trying to make some money online.

    I’m sure with Ebay, there’s still many people making a living from it but what worries me is you don’t own the site. If Ebay went up in a puff of smoke, or a few customers leave negative feedback, that’s basically your business gone.

    What do you think is the best way to build a Real online business?

  2. This is awesome information. I have been always curios about which ways I could utilize to make money online since the Internet is such a huge platform. A platform where people are not only surfing the Web but also buying products!

    I am going to try your recommendation for making money online since I always wanted to be able to have my own business.

  3. I used to be an active oDesk freelancer. I have stopped now since the marketplace has becoming more cheap everyday. I used to make videos for 300 dollars but now clients only pay $80 which in my opinion is a total disrespect for one’s skills. For people who haven’t tried Wealthy Affiliate, you should. You should do it quick. The earlier you do it, the faster you will be on your way to making money.

  4. Still getting orders for amlocal fruit basket delivery service I started up back in 2011. Try it out in your local area. Fruit baskets are simple to make andnif you can hand deliver them, even better!!

  5. Awesome site – and an awesome article! Been looking about online for some work for several days now but the whole process seems so confusing! Basically – everything sounds good…but I know that can’t be the case!

    I have had a quick look at your number one recommendation – would you say it is good for starter levels?

    1. Hi Bobby,

      Well glad you’re enjoying your visit here mate! The WA (our number one recommendation) is the perfect fit for newcomers to the online earning world. The starter membership is actually free so you can take it on without any risk to your pocket and learn!

      If you’re looking to earn money online it’s the ONLY place to be! 🙂

  6. It’s nice to come across something that is simply laid out for a change which is not trying to instantly hit my Paypal account.

    I’ve spent the last several months looking for worthwhile ways to earn money online and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to learn this…instead of just signing up for every opportunity that appeals to me!

    I’ve also managed to lose a bit of cash after signing up for a Binary Options system – have you heard about these types of systems?

    I have looked into this number one recommendation at the top of your site – this seems to look like the education I am after. Could you please tell me more about it?

    1. Hi Bobby,

      First of all, sorry to hear about your Binary Options experience – I have certainly heard of these scams before and I have even reviewed a few of them on this site (stay well away from them in future!).

      Great to hear that you’ve noticed our number one recommendation. Have you read our full review located HERE?

      The Wealthy Affiliate, or WA as I like to call it, set me up online and gave me the power to create this site you are on now! They are a awesome learning platform…but only if you are willing to learn in the first place.

      You are right of course – if you want to make REAL money online you are going to have to learn your trade first. There is no magic formula or system.

      The WA will take you by the hand and walk you through this process in a step-by-step fashion. Please take the time to read our full review we linked to above – you won’t regret it! 🙂

      Good luck mate! 🙂

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