Problems With Niche Marketing – Typical Mistakes to Avoid

​​Problems With Niche Marketing

A lot of newbie bloggers hit the wall when they encounter ​problems with niche marketing. All the excitement and bold ambitions suddenly reach ground zero when you realize you are not making any money.

What niche should you choose?

That’s the million dollar question really isn’t it?

What is your website going to be centered on, is that topic a profitable one and what is the overall potential?

Many blog owners encounter problems in niche marketing that they just can’t seem to overturn. Let’s take a look at the most common mistakes…

Problems in Niche Marketing

When a blog is up and running smoothly the next logical step is to monetize it in some way. It’s not greedy – it’s simply getting something in return for all your hard work!

Problems in Niche Marketing

There is no law to say you HAVE to make money off your blog – if you want to simply voice your thoughts as a hobby then good for you ( this is probably not the article for you mind! ).

If however, you are looking to promote some products within your niche then look out for the following glaring mistakes:

1) Passion – Good or Bad?

I was always taught that choosing a niche you have a passion for will work out much better in the long run. This is true to a point BUT it can also be a big hindrance in some cases:

  • ​Is there actually a demand for products within your niche? Do people actually care about the niche enough to type queries into Google?
  • Can you solve problems within this niche or is it more of an interesting topic to people?
  • Is there money changing hands within this niche? Are your competitors promoting products and how well are these products performing?

​Just because it’s your passion doesn’t necessarily mean you will make money with it. If your passion is…collecting sea shells ( how sad! )…how many people do you think share this passion? Can you think of a product that fits into this niche? I can’t!

2) The Broad Sword

If you accidentally go to broad with your niche things can quickly become rather messy. This usually happens when the audience becomes to big to target or drill down into.

A Broad TargetI often see this happening in the ‘Lose Weight’ niche and I once fell into this exact trap myself.

I figured at least 50% of the English speaking population out there were unhappy with their weight and were looking to do something about it.

I was right…but so was a million other webmasters!

There are so many lose weight products out there it’s easy to get lost in promoting them. I didn’t sell a thing! 

Drill down into a broad niche until you find a topic that is regarded more of a micro niche. In a lot of cases promoting one or two specific products is a heck of a lot easier than promoting ten!

3) Gauging The Competition

So you find a micro niche you are interested in and there is little to no competition – you’re onto a winner right?

Well not exactly…

Is there a reason that there’s no competition in this niche?

More specifically is the fact that there is no competition a good sign?

To be honest it’s more likely that this lack of competition means that nobody cares about this niche therefore there is no money flowing.

If I’m in a niche and I’m the only one there I tend to get a little bit nervous and feel foolish…why am I the only one here? 

Picking a niche with a little competition can be a good thing as it indicates to you that people are making waves of some sort within the topic.

4) Are You Unique?

When people scan over the first page of Google results why should they pick your listing? What makes you stand out?

If you are selling exactly the same thing as everyone else on this page why would people pick you above the other nine results?

Are You Unique in Your Niche?

This is one of the biggest problems with niche marketing – following a crowd and then relying on hope. This rarely works ( I learned the hard way! ).

Being unique boils down to a number of factors:

  • Your content could be fresh and original
  • Your Writing style could ‘knock them off their feet!’
  • Your level of detail could be bang on!
  • Your personality could shine through your work
  • You have the knack of explaining things so that people can easily digest the info

​​A the end of the day it’s HOW you cover your niche that counts. You don’t have to find a unique product within your niche, you just have to promote it in an original way!

5) Are You Really That Interested?

As I touched on above I was in the ‘Lose Weight’ niche for a while as I am a keen distance runner. I thought my athletic look on life would create enough interest within me to write for the health niche…I was wrong!

I got bored and I got bored real quick!

When you get bored you run out of ideas fast! Your writing also starts to show your lack of enthusiasm and readers will turn away from it.

You need to gauge your interest in a niche and gauge it well!

6) The Afterthought of Money

I’ve started up ( and I’m still running ) a few websites on niche subjects I am extremely interested in. It’s easy to write for them and to work on them considering I’m a geek who loves the covered topics.

The problem is I thought about money as an afterthought – I had no business model in place when I initially needed it.

This has resulted in me getting a lot of organic traffic to 2 sites that have very little products on. The main avenue I earn from on them is simple adverts placed delicately around the site.

There’s nothing wrong with this – every little helps!

But if you have a business model in place from the start and you KNOW what you are aiming to sell you will make more money – period! 

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14 comments on “Problems With Niche Marketing – Typical Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Hi Chris, I have to agree with you choosing the niche is the million dollar question. You get it wrong then you have to restart the whole process again. This is really some good pointers that beginners should take note of before the set a foot on their niche. I myself am in the weight loss niche too, and I would say it’s not that easy to come up with articles and also such there is lots of competition.

    1. Hi Kumar,
      You’re a brave man going into the weight loss niche – a VERY hard niche to conquer! When I first started out I tried the dieting/health niche myself with 3 separate blogs. Two of them are still live online but get only a handful of visitors per day ( I only make pennies with them! ).
      But don’t let that put you off, I’m sure that if you put enough work into any subject online you will see success 🙂
      Good luck 🙂

  2. “What niche should you choose!” That might just be one of the most difficult aspect of the process given that this is going to be a business you’re going to focus on for life. I’ve actually had some contemplating difficulties myself when trying to choose between a niche, which is why I believe the best bet is to go with something you have an interest in. That’s why I think you provided some great tips in this article. I especially like the headline “Are you really that interested?” as I think it can make all the difference in the end!

    1. Yes I’d always advise you to go for a niche you have an interest in Pete – it makes writing articles a lot more enjoyable 🙂

  3. Hi Chris,

    Your article was interesting and fun to read. I too agree that a nice about weight loss can be pretty much disappointing when using it as a target niche.

    However that been said, I too use weight loss in my niche, but my target audience are women who are going through the change (menopause). there I can write about topics where most women around my age can relate to it.

    I certainly gained some knowledge from your article what else I can do and for this I am thankful.

    Good read!!!!


  4. Hey Chris,

    Fantastic review on niche marketing. It was a good read and easy on the eyes. It was very easy to understand. You do a good job breaking everything down. I’ll be bookmarking your page to refer back to. Wish you the best in your future endeavors in the internet marketing industry.

    Happy Blogging

  5. Oh no, collecting sea shells isn’t cool?! I’ll have to find a new passion 😉
    Seriously though, this is some really great advice. I’ve been into this ‘online thing’ for about a year now, and am learning more each day. It’s going pretty well (for saying I started out knowing absolutely nothing), but it’s always good to learn from someone that’s been there and done it already.
    Thanks for sharing, this post is going to be really helpful to my future online business plans.

    1. You’re very welcome Chloe – good luck with your future online efforts ( don’t forget to pop back here if you need any help with anything! )

  6. Great breakdown of Niche Marketing. I’ve heard in quite a few places that there is a niche for quite everything. But then now after reading your article I realize that yes there is a niche for everything but is everything profitable ? Going too broad is certainly a mistake but then the dangers of going too small also exist. Thanks man ! Very informative

    1. Well everything is profitable…as long as you market it the right way mate! Sure, more popular niches will see more competition for you – it’s up to you to think outside the box! 🙂

  7. I originally wanted to start in the weight loss and vitamin supplements niche but from what you’ve said, it sounds like this one is highly competitive for newbies.

    I suppose when I think about it – there are a lot of ‘big boys’ already out there and vitamin supplements isn’t really that targeted, is it?

    I agree that sometimes people pick a really broad niche like say computers and they can’t get ranked because many big corporations already own the PC brands. Sometimes it’s just a matter of marketing or getting the word out.

    1. Hi Chuw,

      No I’m afraid I wouldn’t really say that vitamins/supplements is a very targeted niche. If you do a quick and simple Google search you will see all manner of product suppliers pop up on the first few pages of results – these are near enough impossible to compete with!

      I actually own a health and fitness website and I know first hand how hard it can be. You can rank – I am proof of that…but you need to think outside the box with your article choices and ideas.

      I’m now wondering what niche you finally decided on and whether you’ve seen any success with it?

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