PrepNow Review

PrepNow Review

​Sometimes I get a little tired of spending my (valuable) time clawing through Binary Options crap and survey/task sites – the reviewing process gets a little dull and lifeless at best.

So, I’m continually on the lookout for new and adventurous work online opportunities to share with you on this site. It’s not just for your benefit – it keeps me sane at the same time!

The PrepNow review I will be going through today is based on one of these more ‘diverse’ ways to earn online ( hooray! ).

I first came across it about 12 months back but I slightly overlooked it at the time – I thought it was a university course not an earning option!

Anyway, let’s take a closer look at PrepNow…

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PrepNow Review

PrepNow is an online tutoring company owned by Richard Enos and Gregory Zumas. The pair used to run a ‘physical’ tutoring company called StudyPoint in Boston.

They saw great results through StudyPoint so they decided to expand their work into the digital world. They started up PrepNow in 2009.

PrepNow Tutoring

Since it’s startup PrepNow has apparently aided over twenty thousand students nationwide to increase their confidence while achieving higher academic grades.

PrepNow Tutoring

Sounds pretty cool so far doesn’t it? But how does all this work for YOU?

1) The Virtual Classroom

There’s nothing like face-to-face time when you are trying to learn something new. Humans by nature are very visual – we often find that seeing something is a lot easier to digest than reading about the same thing.

This virtual classroom gives the student the opportunity to be taught by his/her tutor in a ‘classroom environment’.

They are able to share online work space and work through the education together on Skype Voice Connection. It’s as if you have popped round your tutor’s house for an hour session over the kitchen table!

2) Homework System & Strategy

PrepNow aims at covering all aspects of standardized tests like SAT, ACT, and PSAT and offers great strategies on achieving high scores.

Each member ( student ) that signs up with them is given their own personal tutor that remains with them until they have passed the chosen exam.

This means that the student and tutor can build a relationship leading to more personalized learning situations. The tutor can tweak the education as he/she goes along to suit the student.

PrepNow’s Personalized Homework Path is set up to offer more challenging education on the topics the student excels in. At the same time it makes the more difficult topics less of a struggle so the student does not lose faith in their own ability.

Wanna Become a PrepNow Tutor?

You’ve probably guessed by now that PrepNow don’t just hire any Tom, Dick or Harry – you need to qualify to work for them! 

You first need either a composite 28 on the ACT or a 650 on the SAT Math and SAT Verbal/CR. On top of this you need at least 24 months experience of being a teacher or a tutor ( along with a bachelor’s degree ).

The work hours are pretty much 24/7 so don’t think you can get away with skimming a few sessions here and there to make some extra pocket money. You have to be available weeknights and weekends.

PrepNow Scam

This may seem like a bit of a drag to you but keep in mind that the pay rate is from $50 per hour to $250 per hour – not bad at all for online work!

You can only apply for these PrepNow positions online but it’s actually not that difficult a process to go through. Once you have submitted your details the company will check qualification requirements and go from there.

WARNING – If you are accepted to work for PrepNow they will put you though a pretty high standard training program before you are allowed to start work. 

PrepNow Scam?

After a long hard period of online research I’m pleased to report that PrepNow seems to be a worker-friendly opportunity. I couldn’t find a bad word or complaint aimed at the company.

It’s definitely a hard online job to get into but the pay levels are pretty darn good when you finally get through!

The website is easy enough to navigate and everything is laid out in step-by-step fashion for new wannabe tutors.

Personally, I’d never qualify for a PrepNow tutor – I don’t have the qualifications and I’m not clever enough to succeed with this type of thing.

If you do have the qualifications then this is a pretty awesome way to work online. You could quite easily rack up $400 a week for clocking in a simple 4 hours work!

Definitely legit, definitely well respected and definitely worth your time if you have the experience. A highly recommended online job ( if you make the cut! ).

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8 comments on “PrepNow Review

  1. I know what you mean about reviewing lots of survey sites or other such scammy make money online products. After a while, they blur into one and it just gets a bit too samey.

    This PrepNow thing looks great, but only for people who are qualified teachers. If someone is a teacher that is struggling to find work, this could be an excellent option for them, especially if it’s true what you say about being able to earn $50-250 per hour. So a good teacher could earn a decent wage with just a few hours work per week.

    But for the average person looking to make money online, this is clearly not for them.

    1. Oh no Marcus – you need to be qualified before you attempt to sign up with this lot! You don’t offer that kind of pay packet to just anyone! 🙂

  2. While reading your review of PrepNow, I found myself briefly wishing I had a teaching background so I could earn $50 an hour from home. Then, after a moment of reflection, I realized I don’t have the patience to teach people one-on-one.

    However, it is reassuring that businesses are finding ways to use the internet for good.

    Although PrepNow probably isn’t a good fit for me, you’re #1 Recommendation is perfect for me. Thanks for suggesting it.

  3. Awesome idea! I didn’t know you could earn to $250 per hour working online and from home. THat’s the best part because, in my case, I hate public transport and I have to use it every day for college and work and is so exhausting. This way. you don’t waste time on the road and you can invest that time to earn some cash. Great recommendation.

    1. Yep there’s certainly more than a few benefits to working from home Franni – that’s why I love it so much! 🙂

  4. I love your post! I am so grateful that I stumbled across it as I am an actor who is a qualified Science teacher as well. I work as a replacement teacher between acting gigs however I hate it as it eats into my time.

    PrepNow sounds ideal for me but my question is can I qualify for the program if I’m not American? I live in Australia and I have a bachelor degree in education.

    Thanks Chris I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.

    1. Hi Amberlee,

      It’s quite a while since I reviewed this opportunity so I can’t quite remember the demographics of employment there! I suggest popping over there and throwing them a support message – they may even have the info you are looking for on their Terms & Conditions page. Hope this helps!

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