Popular Work at Home Internet Scams

Popular Work at Home Internet Scams


At a guess I’d say that 99.9% of the visitors I get to this site are worried about being scammed by a work online opportunity they are looking at…and need some sort of reassurance before parting with their hard earned cash (or credit card details).

Some may think that this is a bad thing – but it’s not really, is it?

At least the scammer’s landscape is well and truly in the public eye now…because it certainly wasn’t several years ago!

In this article today we will be taking a look at the most common work at home internet scams floating about. Make sure you take care to avoid these sorts of opportunities…at all costs…

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Work From Home Internet Scams

A simple question for you…

How often have you come across this sort of headline when you are casually surfing the net:


Work From Home Internet Scams


Too many times to remember, right?

The problem here is that this sort of headline is obviously a scam…but there are no real laws out there to stop it from circulating.

You see – scammers are clever, and scams work, otherwise they wouldn’t exist!


Does the opportunity pass the sniff test?

  • Is it offering easy money for very little work?
  • Can you take this job on without any prior experience?
  • Does it seem too good to be true?

At the end of the day it’s all down to you – step back and take a moment…use your head and use COMMON SENSE.

Think about it for a second, nobody is going to pay an inexperienced worker thousands of dollars per month to do unskilled work…right?

A recent survey published research that indicated that at least 17% of job seekers that had come online to find employment…had fallen for some sort of scam.

Let’s take a look at the most common work at home internet scams you will encounter these days…


#1 MLM…or is it a Pyramid?

#1 MLM...or is it a Pyramid?


My favorite…but it’s worth pointing out that not all MLM opportunities are a scam…they’re just not worth your time and effort! (okay, okay – I’ll stop the MLM bashing right there!).

Most people know what they are getting into with MLM opportunities, and believe that they can shift a garage-full of overpriced products…so they are not exactly being scammed…are they?

But MLM companies frequently turn to the dark side if the revenue stream comes from membership fees of new members/sellers. When they force you to recruit new members into the company.


#2 Post a Link – Earn a Million!

Post a Link - Earn a Million!


I’ll level with you here, and clean this one up as quickly as I can – there are no such thing as link posting jobs, and there never have been.

Can you imagine how many millionaires we’d have in the world today if these jobs really existed?

Shady internet marketers want you to believe that these jobs are somehow linked to SEO, but they’re not. To be honest – backlinks don’t really carry that much strength any longer.

Steer well clear from link posting jobs offered by companies like Income Online, Computer Experts Online, Home Based Wealth System and Cash From Home (all of them offer shit link posting jobs that will never pay!).


#3 Emails That Ask You to ‘Accept Payments’

Emails That Ask You to 'Accept Payments'


I bet ALL OF YOU reading this article have, at some time in the past, received an email off a Nigerian so-and-so asking you to accept payments on their behalf.

I often find them amusing, but unfortunately some people still fall for these kind of check-cashing schemes.

Here’s how they work:

  • The victim is sent a check and told to pay it into their account so that they can pay for a product or service, they are told they can keep 25% of the money as a reward.
  • They deposit the check and pay for the product/service.
  • The check bounces and they have ended up paying for something they will never see (as it’s been sent to the scammer!).


#4 Social Media Jobs

Social Media Jobs


If you’re not a social media marketing professional – why would people pay you for social media services?

They wouldn’t!

Social media scams offer the victim large amounts of money for doing very little work on the top social platforms. Only one problem though – you have to pay a entry fee, then a monthly fee, to get the training to do this sort of job.

And guess how effective the training is? (clue – it’s complete shit!).


#5 Data Entry Scams

Data Entry Scams


Now, before I go any further, I should point out that not ALL data entry jobs are scams – far from it. Classic websites like Clixsense have been around forever and pay legit money for members completing ‘mini tasks’ or ‘mini jobs’.

What’s the main difference between scam data entry options and sites like Clixsense?

The pay.

Clixsense pays you legit money for completing their tasks…but you’re gonna have to work your ass off to make a million there!

Scam data entry options will always dangle the carrot of large payouts…for super-easy tasks. These sort of rewards do not exist online I’m afraid.

The common element of these scams is the selling of a dream lifestyle – this is how they advertise their opportunity and rope newbies in.

Legit data entry sites will offer a reasonable and logical amount for doing their work – they will not promise you untold riches.

Remember – if it’s too good to be true…then it probably is.


Popular Work at Home Internet Scams

So there we have it!

The key fact to take away from this article is to use your head BEFORE signing up with anything (it’s also a good idea to check sites like this one to see if the option has been reviewed).

I should give a special mention to cryptocurrency – a subject that is climbing the scam ladder in record time, and one I will be covering in it’s own dedicated article soon!

Now it’s over to you – do you want to voice your concerns about any scams out there at the moment?

If so, please consider leaving your opinions in the comment section below!

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6 comments on “Popular Work at Home Internet Scams

  1. Very interesting article. I appreciate that you addressed MLMs correctly because there are some people who think all MLMs are scams. This is simply not true.

    There is an actual law that states how to differentiate a legal MLM from an illegal one, by measuring if their profits are coming from selling goods or recruiting others.

    Nevertheless, great post and I hope you continue to expose these online scams.

    1. Yeah not all MLM’s are scams Lucas, but I still wouldn’t recommend any of them to the visitors I get on this site (or anyone else!). 

  2. The Internet is riddled with work at home scams like the ones you highlight. They come in as ads, emails, and even telephone calls if you manage to get yours into the wrong hands. Be aware, there is no such thing as easy money.

    I have been very lucky so far. Looking for extra income for my retirement these “opportunities” pop up all the time and there is a high temptation to believe them.

    What I do is take a step back, a deep breath, and then do some research. In all instances you will find that the scam has been exposed by others. If you read the reviews you will learn the truth. And then you can run away as fast as you can.

    Thanks for the informative article, keep up the good work.


  3. Hi Chris,

    Recently I just seeing those scam ads that you mentioned, everywhere online.

    I believe in hard work, and know that if something is too good to be true, so probably it’s not. Lately, I got a lot of strange emails that seems to be a Nigerian scam, what do you recommend to do about it?

    Thank you for that helpful article 


    1. Just delete them Shai, or alternatively use the spam option to get the email removed. They’re not likely to use the same address to send to you again – but you never know (better safe than sorry!).

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