Perk TV App Review

Perk TV App Review

If you are anything like me you’ll love crawling through the archives of Google Play locating new and interesting apps. The problem is that most highly rated and good looking apps turn out to be nothing more than ZX Spectrum level crap!

So today I thought I would pen a Perk TV app review as I’ve been testing it on and off over the last few weeks.

I was introduced to it be a mate who claims there is enough ‘going on’ in this app to make a half decent monthly wage – I’ll admit that I wasn’t as excited as he was!

But it was an app that I had not come across before and it allowed you to earn money through your phone on the move.

I had to find out more…

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Perk TV Review

So let’s get straight into the guts of this Perk TV review…

The app was apparently created way back in 2009 ( which I don’t really believe! ) in Austin, Texas. It is a reward program that works through an app installed on your phone ( called Perk TV of course! ).

The work setup is quite a simple one – you are thrown a load of film trailers, video adverts and general online videos and are paid for watching them.

Don’t get all excited though – this is another one of those bloody points based systems instead of hard cash!

You are rewarded with 1 to 3 points per video watched and 1000 of these points adds up to a $1.

Make Money With Perk TV

There is only one real requirement to make money with Perk TV – an Android or iOS smartphone!

They have a website which you sign up with ( aptly named ) and download the free app. When the app is set up correctly on your phone you can then go ahead and start earning points.

Make Money With Perk TV

These points can eventually be exchanged for a variety of gift cards…

  • ​Paypal
  • Discover
  • Xbox
  • Amazon
  • Etc, etc, etc…

​It’s pretty much the same payout gig as every other online opportunity that pays out in card format.

When I first started racking up the points I realized that the videos just kept on rolling by, one after another! It didn’t take long for a light bulb moment to shine through my head…

I can just let this baby run and watch Game of Thrones all day long!!!!!

Unfortunately this was not the case as I found out after an hour of video viewing!

The clever folks at Perk TV did not fall out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down – turns out they are actually quite on the ball.

Every now and again a ‘Are You Still Watching?’ message pops up on the bottom of your phone screen and you NEED to answer this polite little question!

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Can You Make Money With Perk TV?

So…can you make money with Perk TV and is it worth your time and effort?

Well yes, you can definitely make money through this handy little app…but I don’t really know if it’s worth the time and effort though!

I decided to smash the app for three hours or so and see what my averages looked like afterwards. I managed to squeeze in on average 40 videos in an hour period which landed me with about 50 points ( give or take! ).

So I reckon that if I worked a 12 hour day on this app I could accumulate about $0.60…not exactly what I was looking for really!

Can You Make Money With Perk TV?

So I’d be looking at around $1.20 if I worked a 24 hour shift ( this is the point in the article where you hit the back button on your browser and look for another earning opportunity LOL ).

But wait one minute…what if you have more than one mobile device?

Yeah…now that’s what I’m talking about!

Each Perk TV account is actually allowed up to five separate mobile devices to be linked to it – suddenly the earning rate has multiplied by five!!!

So if you are lucky enough to have 5 Android devices lying around the house you can basically pull in a decent amount of pocket money for doing nothing ( well, glimpsing at a screen every 40 minutes or so! ).

Is Perk TV a Scam?

So, is Perk TV a scam or is it a legitimate way to earn cash through the mobile networks?

Well personally, I found absolutely nothing wrong with the platform and everything seemed straightforward enough.

I encountered a few complaints from new members not being able to open the app on more recent phones and tablets but this didn’t happen to me. I also saw a couple of unhappy members complain about being banned from using the app but I’m unsure what they did to deserve this?

At the end of the day you are always going to get a few dodgy characters who try and game the system – no matter what earning platform you are using.

You have to keep in mind that a high percentage of these complainers have actually done something wrong to get banned. They may plead ignorance – but they knew what they were doing.

As far as I could see – this app is definitely not a scam.

Perk TV Works

So there you have it folks – Perk TV works but you’re not exactly going to retire early by using it!

If you want to top up your spending money every month then it’s an easy option to take ( just remember to check for the message every hour! ).

Remember – you are allowed to use this app on 5 devices through one account. If you have more than one device make sure you are using it to multiply your earnings!

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6 comments on “Perk TV App Review

  1. This is a really interesting review and easy to read. You write in an amusing way. I am not a fan of those money making schemes where you get paid in points. I want to be paid in actual money. It sounds a bit too much like a lot of work for not much money. Maybe something to do whilst you are watching tele for an evening, but not a full time job! Thanks for this info though. Are you going to continue with it at all?

    1. Hi Ruth,

      No I’m not going to continue with it all – I only got involved with it for the purpose of this review! I find that running websites is more than enough to fill up my spare time 🙂

  2. Hello Chris!

    I did not know that there were apps on the Google play store that can actually earn you some money. However, similar to most money making programs out there, they always take a very long time to accumulate enough credits or cash.

    So you are saying that this Perk TV program will be worthwhile if I only had 5 Android smartphones lying around the house? That seems a tad too extreme for me. I guess in the end of the day most people would move on to better opportunities. Are you still making money with this app? Just curious.

    Thanks for the article!

    1. Nope I’m not Farhan – too busy running websites! 🙂

      (besides it doesn’t pay enough for my needs!)

  3. I think I have heard of Perk tv before, but i didn’t really think it was an “easy way” to earn money, because after all time is money. This is interesting to read and see how you tested it. Very clever, and I like reading about it. My question would be, what kind of “tv” are you having to watch (or play while not watching)? like commercials, or just movie trailers? I may have to give this a try.

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