Panda Research Paid Opinion – Review


Panda Research Paid Opinion

I’ve always been one of those people that is easily put off by a product or business that bares a crap name. It’s a bit shallow of me but I just can’t help myself – first impressions last!

I first came across the Panda Research paid opinion site about three months ago and I instantly hated it ( shallow, shallow Chris! ).

The name was pathetic and the logo seemed like it was ripped off an animal charity ( it isn’t the rather cute image I’ve used above! ) . It’s safe to say that I HOPED the site would turn out to be rubbish due to the choice of name ( getting shallower and shallower by the second! ).

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Panda Research Website – What is it?

The Panda Research company has been banging about now for about a decade. They are essentially an online survey company that pays it’s members to give their opinion…

Well that’s the thought process behind it’s makeup anyway!

Panda Research Website

( If you want to earn money completing surveys online I suggest you skip the rest of this review and check out our Clixsense review. Panda Research is a complete floater compared to Clixsense’s services so save yourself some time and check it out first! ).

Making Money With Panda Research Company

The Panda Research website has set itself up on a GPT ( Get Paid To ) model with three main earning avenues:

  1. Earn Money By Fully Completing Surveys – Qualify for online surveys and fully complete them to receive a payment/reward.
  2. Get Paid to Take on Various Offers – The Panda Research company will send you plenty of emails that contain various product/service offers. Most of these offers will be free but you will end up having to ‘pimp’ out something personal of yours. This usually means an email account or a cell phone number. The paid versions of these offers require you to pay for a initial membership towards something with a view to earning more back ( than you paid! ). These paid opportunities will require credit card details.
  3. Build a Referral Downline – Most earn online sites offer a referral system where you can promote the site through simple affiliate marketing. Each member is given a referral link which they can use to entice new members to sign up. New members that use your referral link will then become YOUR referrals – you will then earn a % of what these new members earn.

Your money is paid out through Paypal after a rather long period of a month. I found this to be more than a little off-putting – I like earn online sites to use instant payment solutions ( they build more trust this way ).

I was also a little disappointed with the set payout threshold of $50. This seemed excessively high to me when compared to the $8 payout threshold Clixsense offers.

Panda Research Complaints

A simple ‘Panda Research Paid Opinion’ search through Google will set more than a few alarm bells ringing. I carried out one of these searches BEFORE I even took on any of their offers.

There seemed to be a lot of members stuck on the $40 – $45 mark with no chance to move any further forward. It’s as if the company are aware they are going to have to pay out soon and halt certain aspects of their earning platform.

Panda Research ComplaintsMany other complaints point towards the site not providing the opportunities it claims to provide – I complete agree with these complaints!

I would go as far as saying at least 75% of the paid surveys end up being nothing more than paid offers in disguise.

You get to a certain point where you have wasted 5 minutes of your life only to be confronted with a form for credit card details. I wonder how many members desperately give out their details at this point just to make the promised dollar?

More than a few holes were starting to show up Panda regime so I carried out a quick search for ‘Panda Research Support’. The results were rather worrying.

I decided not to even try contacting them directly as I encountered numerous complaints on their customer service. People send in tickets and there is no real response – especially if these tickets cover the topic of payments!

And that leads us on nicely to my next point – the early payment stages!

For some reason a Panda Research account that has not received any sort of payment before is subjected to a tiresome verification process.

I’m unsure why this verification process is in place as I have NEVER seen anything remotely similar on any other survey sites.

Clixsense provides you with it’s selection of surveys, screens you to see if you qualify, let’s you complete the survey then pays you as soon as you hit the payout threshold. There’s no FBI process in place to get your earnings – you just get them!

I don’t know how the Panda Research website expects to compete with more established sites like Clixsense if they insist on using this mad verification process?

Panda Research Scam Making?

I can’t go as far as saying this particular earning site is a scam because I have encountered many payment proofs and reasonably satisfied members.

Is a Panda Research account worth your time and effort?

Well no, not in my book, not at all.

People will be signing up for a Panda Research account with one aim in mind – to make money. That’s why these sites exist online.

As far as I can see it is an incredibly slow process of making money and the tasks on hand there are mostly in disguise.

Surveys tend to pay out half decent rewards whilst the free offers don’t really pay that much at all. If you go down the ‘offer route’ you’ll have to take up the paid options to get decent money and that will involve the risk of paying out first ( which I would NEVER recommend on this site! ).

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29 comments on “Panda Research Paid Opinion – Review

  1. As someone who also runs a website with tips on how to make money online, I enjoyed this article..I have to say I have never even looked at the options of making money from doing surveys as it always seemed like a lot of work for little money. Having said that I’m going to check out your clixsense review and who knows i may give it a least it may give me another post to write about.. just out of interest what kind of money can you make out of clixsense and how long does it take? Great article by the way! cheers. Pete.

    1. Hi Pete,
      How much you earn from Clixsense is completely down to the individual – if you have patience and a good work ethic you can earn good money there. But it is tedious work at times – are you up for it?

  2. I’m not a big fan of paid opinion companies to begin with and this post just reaffirms the reasons why! I feel like a lot of them take advantage of their subscribers who are only hoping to make a decent income online
    I believe there are way more efficient ways of achieving an income and Wealthy Affiliate is my personal favorite because they actually teach you how to work for yourself rather than another company which has loads of up-sells. I also appreciate their commitment to their members and the fact that you can remain a free member for as long as you like! their ethical take on business is truly inspiring.

    I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate your time and effort to highlight the futility of such a network. Keep up the good work.

    Best Wishes,

    1. Hi there Aisha, nice of you to stop by!
      I see that you are also a Wealthy Affiliate member? Hope your education there is going well and you’re not on information overload 🙂
      Thanks for reading and leaving us with your opinion.

  3. Hi Chris , the Panda is not promising much , $50 payout threshold is too much for a survey site and the waiting period for one month to get paid turns me off completely.Complaints on $40 balance??..Suspicious or what?…I am disappointed on this review.Another site to be proved waste of time.?

    I had no real success with surveys so far , I only am able to participate once in a month or less , may be it is because of my country.Most of the times I am kicked out due to demographics.

    So you say that Clixsense is a decent website?..I will check it out.Thanks for the review on that product and I believe this Panda logo would be more suitable to fit in Tekken or other video game

    1. Hi Tasos,
      Yeah the $50 threshold is WAY to high for a work online site – put me right off! In my opinion, Clixsense is the best choice for earning in this manner at the moment ( and the payout threshold is only $8 ).

  4. Chris, you did an incredible job with the article that I read – your review of the Panda Research site! You nailed it perfectly, although to be honest I would have called them an outright scam.

    I am familiar with Panda. I joined for awhile and the same thing happened to me as you described in your great article. I HATE IT when out of pure lack of respect for the panelists who might have taken out 5 – 10 minutes out of their day that the philosophy of this site is not to reward the disqualified panelist with at least “something”! In doing this, I’d simply consider it Panda’s way of showing simple gratitude to the panel survey members. However, they can’t be bothered in exhibiting this little symbolic gesture.

    I also detest any survey site that has a gimmick in which you have to pay them to join something – as is the case with Panda as part of their program. That is Fraud with a capital “F”! You never, ever should have to pay to join a membership to a survey site. Again EVER!

    You mentioned other things, one being the payment threshold that a member must achieve before he/she can cash out – taking another month to be paid by this scam site. That threshold level is inexcusable.

    No, as I said I once joined Panda. Quickly discovering exactly what they were about I left as a panelist. In the end you were quite kind in reviewing this site. You didn’t call them an outright scam, although you mentioned the fact that you still would not recommend them to anyone.

    No,again imo, Panda Research is every bit a scam! What looks and smells like a pig, in fact is a pig no matter how much lipstick you put on the filthy animal!

    Great article and in perusing through your site it is absolutely awesome with what you offer to interested readers!

    Take care,

    1. Hi there Jeff!
      That’s the worst thing about these types of sites – they kick you out of the survey halfway through and then keep your answers anyway ( daylight robbery in my opinion! ). I can tell you haven’t got much time for this bunch of jokers either Jeff 🙂

  5. I enjoyed this article, but it got me wondering – are there any surveys systems that people are actually making a decent living at? From the ones that I’ve seemed to come across there is a very low payout compared to the time investment that is required to complete the surveys.

    1. Hi Kevin,
      Clixsense is a very good option for this type of work – you’ll find the review in the top navbar of this site! I used to make pretty good money there but it was a lot of tedious work.

  6. This is a very constructive offering. My experience of paid surveys is that you spend a lot of time for only pennies. I’m surprised from my experience to find there is one that you can recommend. On this basis of your page I would be inclined to try it. How do you get all the social site icons at the top?

    1. Hi Dave,
      Great to hear that you found the article interesting. The social icons are from a plugin named ‘Crafty Social Buttons’ for WordPress platforms ( it’s actually one of the easiest to install and use! )

  7. Maybe people just fall prey to the visual cuteness of such a little panda. But how does it work differently than your recommendation of Clixsense? I’m also wondering about how to know right away if a survey site isn’t going to pan out in the long run. So many people spend hours of effort only to make pennies having wasted so much time.

    1. Hello Sarah,
      Clixsense is by far the most effective survey-taking platform on the internet – they have been for years now! They differ from all the competitors due to the fact they have been legit and paying for over a decade. There’s always a large variety of work there and an excellent community forum behind everything 🙂

  8. Your article was wonderful. Very informative, well written, beautifully presented and so easy to read. Many times over the years, I have looked into surveys. Always seemed like easy money but after trying a couple, I saw the scam immediately. I would search for reviews, hoping to get honest opinions as to whether or not they were legit, and even the reviews didn’t say much. Until I came across yours. You certainly make me feel like your recommendation is worth a try. Thanks!

  9. I like your straight up writing style Chris. No beating about the bush there. Surveys online is something that never really appealed to me anyway. Your article is well written. It would be interesting to hear from anyone who has actually mede money with Panda Research to see what they did.

  10. Thanks for the heads up! I have not heard of Panda research, but now I have.

    I don’t know if you recommend taking surveys to make money; I know some people do and have success, but I hate giving out my information only to be told at the end of the survey that I did not qualify. So I don’t waste my time on them anymore, especially when there is another option that you recommend, which I have jumped on and am very happy with.

    Your other option is a great one…

    Keep up the good work,


  11. Panda Research seems like your classic survey site that requires a lot of time for minimal payout. The work is typically easy, but certainly not worth it in my eyes.

    Especially with all the frustrations you’ve mentioned above, like a high payout threshold, disguised surveys that actually require payment, and having to sacrifice personal information like an email or phone number just to make a few pennies.

    Do they also do the trick of asking a bunch of questions before the surveys even start, only to let you know 5 minutes later that you don’t even qualify for the survey and don’t make a single penny for your time? There are so many better ways of making money online.

    1. Yeah they are experts at getting you to answer several questions before they kick you out – that’s the problem with these marketing companies. I used to use them when I first came online to work…but I’d never use them these days! 🙂

  12. Hi Chris! Great review! Actually I have always been wondering if survey sites are real. So I managed to join several of this companies a year ago. It seems motivating at the start to make money just by answering survey. However, as time pass by I feel that my efforts are not given enough payment. That’s why I decided to don’t take it anymore. So right now, I am looking for something online that can earn me extra. What do you recommend?

  13. panda research? I feel like Ive heard of them before roaming through malls doing surveys. either way its pretty fishy if they dont pay people out once they hit a certain mark! Good way to lose customers! I think that some of these sites can be good for a short time but they never even make you much money in the end, even if they are legit!

    1. Yeah there are some market research sites that are worth your time and effort ( Clixsense for example ) but I wouldn’t really recommend this one!

  14. Hi, Chris
    I really appreciate your effort in conducting such a review on Panda research site. Also, I admire people who dedicate themselves in exploring scam, surely you are one of them.
    I am following the only obvious sit for online making money, that is the wealthy affiliate site, since 3 months ago, I learned a lot through their training courses and through the active community.
    Thanks for the review, keep up your good work.

  15. Hey there, it’s Alexey. I enjoyed reading your article. I actually never heard about Panda Research Paid Opinion, and as far as I see from your review – It is not the best way to choose to make additional income online. I liked your style of writing – It is different and more interesting to read by the way.
    Thank for the share, I will check out your alternative way.

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