Padlock Income Review – What is The Padlock Income System?

Padlock Income Review - What is The Padlock Income System?

Let me ask you a quick question:

“Why do scams exist?”

It’s a simple enough question…with a simple enough answer…

They exist because they work!

It’s a heartbreaking statement, but it’s very true.

Unfortunately, the internet has given these scammers a platform to return and peddle their wares, time and time again, without punishment.

I’m afraid that this article is going to cover yet another bold attempt at stealing your wallet contents…

The Padlock Income System.

So, is Padlock Income a scam or is Padlock Income legit? (I think you already know the answer to that one!)

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Padlock Income Review

What is The Padlock Income System?

Okay, before getting into this product ‘proper’, I figure I should really level with you – the owner of this opportunity is well known online…for all the wrong reasons!

I discovered that Jeremy Rush was the founder of this system – the guy who was behind the mighty fall of the Guaranteed Sign Ups System.

What happened to the Guaranteed Sign Ups System?

Well, it folded, without warning, taking everyone’s money with it!

Unfortunately, Padlock Income is a direct copy of GSUS – it’s a pyramid scheme that’s essentially a sales funnel to promote Jeremy’s other product called Zukul, an Online Business Tool provider.

What’s this Zukul product like?

Who gives a sh#t!

All I know is that newbies signing up for the Padlock Income system will have no use for the business tools on offer through Zukul.

It’s already sounding like a bit of a mess, isn’t it?

So, What is Padlock Income?

Okay, okay, let’s get into the guts of the product…

It’s essentially made up of 12 different levels that are termed ‘padlocks’ (or 12 padlocks if you like!).

What is The Padlock Income System?

It’s completely free to jump on the bandwagon of the first padlock…but to move higher to the second padlock (second level) you need 10 referrals in your downline.

But that’s not all folks – once you get the 10 referrals you also have to shell out $20 for the upgrade.

It starts to get a bit more complicated, with each level you try to reach…

At one point I was tasked with signing up with several Facebook Groups for one purpose – to spam the ###k out of them with Jeremy’s shitty deals!

Seriously – this happens.

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The Padlock Income Scam

Do you see the problem here yet?

What exactly are we missing with this opportunity?

A decent product, service…anything! (congratulations to those who got the question right!)  🙂

The first padlock, level, whatever you want to call it…is worthless.

So how exactly are we supposed to get referrals to sign up into a free level that’s worthless?

By spamming and lying!

The Padlock Income Scam
DO NOT Click Here!!!

On top of that – the more people that sign up for this…the less chance you have of making any sort of money. There are going to be hundreds of you (maybe even thousands!) spamming the same offer across Facebook.

What happens then?

Have you figured it out yet?

Well, Jeremy will realize that Padlock Income is completely diluted…and then shut the program down, only to move onto the next one!

What do you think happens to the money, memberships and the downlines?

I rest my case.

The numbers suggest that this business opportunity isn’t a great one (understatement!) and you may be better off with a simple and FREE Recommendation instead.

More About Padlock Income…

Okay, let’s dive into the product setup properly…

Each level or padlock will provide you with worthless videos designed to train you in certain viral Facebook aspects – none of which will really help you with promoting this product.

More About Padlock Income...

On top of this – every level with insist you sign up with a marketing platform like Solo Ads etc.

No prizes for guessing who gets a commission for each of these successful sign ups?

Each padlock will open a brand new shiny upsell – god only knows what happens when you get to the 12th padlock (or how much money you’ll need to spend to get there!).

Is Padlock Income a Scam?

Yep, and not a very clever one either!

I’m come across thousands of setups like this and they all attempt to pull on the heartstrings of people that are desperate to make money online…usually newbies.

When you need money, you tend to fall into traps a lot easier than you normally would.

I know – I’ve been there myself.

There is no such thing as push-button-software or turnkey products – there is NO magic bullet when it comes to earning online (sorry to burst your bubble!).

This product’s first padlock (or level) is effectively teaching you how to spam – what crap are the other levels going to teach you?

This is a dud – pure and simple.

If you are looking to make money online you are going to have to learn how to build a legitimate online business – that takes a bit of dedication and hard work on your part.

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Are you willing to learn the ropes?

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10 comments on “Padlock Income Review – What is The Padlock Income System?

  1. Thanks for sharing this post 

    I’m not going to lie as soon as I landed on their website I thought it was suspicious that’s why I decided to do my own research and I’m glad that I came across your honest review it took me a while to tell it’s a scam.

    Please keep exposing these scams and have a great day!!

  2. Thanks yet again for bringing this review and scam sites to our notice. I noticed the latest trend of this scam entrepreneurs is that after they have swindled money from other people they will now go and create a similar program where they will first be doing well but without notice when everybody has trusted them they will just zoom off. 

    Have decided I will never work that path again in this new year. Having joined wealthy affiliate my eye has been opened  to vast level of opportunities in online business. Every day I read testimonies of people succeeding. This is seriously overwhelming to me and telling me too that I will succeed here. Nothing can stop me again. No more going for short cut to success. 

    1. Sounds good mate – really great to hear that you’ve become a member of the WA and it’s started to direct you down the right path. Good luck for the future! 

  3. I really thought I was too informed to fall for a scam. Sadly, I lost a huge part of my savings to an 8 year old Ponzi scheme. I was assured by the friend who introduced me to the program that it wasn’t a scam, since it has existed for 8 years. Before joining though, I made some research online, indicating that the program looks fishy, however, I thought it was just an attempt by haters to ruin the reputation of the program. Now, I know better. I quite remember Guaranteed Sign ups. I was receiving so many annoying notifications to get registered. I’m glad I didn’t fall for that scam. If Jeremy Rush was behind Guaranteed Sign Ups, then he is up to no good. Thanks for the heads-up

  4. Hi there Chris! I think it’s quite an amazing work you do here. I mean busting the scam sites. Once a site, similar to yours, has saved me form a scam and I have been grateful ever since. Have you ever paid for a scam site? I mean have they fooled you before?

    1. Oh yes Renato – when I first started out working online, many years ago now, I did end up falling for a scam. Thankfully I didn’t lose that much money! 

  5. Hi Chris! Thank you for giving us this warning concerning Padlock Income. I have been doing a bit of research on this platform and other products that Jeremy Rush offers and have arrived on your site.

    Concerning Zukul, (the product you have mentioned that all Jeremy’s sales funnels go to), along my research every review I read said they offer internet marketing tools and software’s to help you make money online. But I have gone to their site and right now it says they supposedly provide a service that uses bots for trading. Seems they have just changed their services with a snap of their fingers.

    As a curious fact, I found this header on the Zukul page: “Over 272 people use Zukul trading bots and its affiliate program.” It seems to me 272 persons are a rather small number, eh? To me, all this stuff linked to Jeremy Rush is a big scam.

    So I’ll definetly keep away from Padlock Income or anything that has Jeremy Rush’s name on. Thank you very much for this review. You have reinforced my point of view.

    1. Hey – thanks for this extra information Henry, and thanks for taking the time to research it and leave it with us here! 🙂

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