Overnight Commissions Review

overnight commissions review

Internet marketing often acts as the perfect platform to get newbies to part with their hard earned cash. Most people have heard of it, and most people have heard of the success it can bring their way.

Unfortunately this leads to shady internet marketing training systems popping up on a daily basis – they attract attention and they make money!

It’s usually all about the sales page – nice bright text with over-sized titles claiming untold riches…

This is rarely the case I’m afraid.

You see, most people BELIEVE that you can earn good money online with the push of a button…as long as you find the right opportunity.

Overnight Commissions stood out to me because it opts to go down this ‘bold claims’ route. I’ve seen a million offers like it and I’ll probably see a million more in my time.

But was I right about this over-hyped marketing module? Is Overnight Commissions really as dodgy as it sounds?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Overnight Commissions Review

We should really start this review off by highlighting the rather ambitious entry point to this product – the sales pitch/page.

I have a sort of red flag checklist that is embedded deep in my brain when it comes to these types of sales pitches…and it works 99% of the time.

First off we’ve got a rather bold number thrown in our faces with a guarantee that we’ll make this figure EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!

That’s right – by taking on this training you are setting yourself up for at least $135.37 a night.

It’s a little bit precise really isn’t it?

I mean, how do they know I’ll make this amount to the penny?

On top of this strange guess at a figure is a timer slowly counting down towards marketing oblivion…

Overnight Commissions Price Warning

“Take Action Now or The Price Will Increase in ____”

I mean come on…why the f##k would the price increase?

What reason could there be for this increase?

All we need to round off the bullsh#t is a selection of testimonials on how successful the product is…and we get them (hooray!).

Overnight Commissions Testimonials

That’s right, the sales pitch also makes use of the system results in the form of payment proofs etc. Unfortunately they seem to be a little bit on the low quality side and I couldn’t quite read all of what was on offer.

The problem here is that it is pretty simple to fake ALL of the sales tactics above – it’s been done many times before and it always seems to follow the same route.

But Wait There’s More…

Okay, so we’ve got the more traditional scam marketing tactics out of the way – surely there must be some truth in their setup somewhere?

Well Overnight Commissions actually opts to go a little bit further with their dodgy marketing jive just to make damn sure you’re roped in…

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard new marketing opportunities blame the so-called gurus for people’s failure online.

Here we go again!

Overnight Commissions desperately tries to get you onside by claiming they are just like you – they are not a guru and they never will be!

We're no Gurus!

Change the record – this “I’m no guru” trick has been running for years now (and you’re definitely NOT one of us!).

Then we arrive at the magic formula – the trick you are going to be taught that will take no more than 30 minutes out of your day to perform.

That’s right – it’s the ‘push button’ territory that is always floating on complete sh#t!

Internet marketing is VERY lucrative BUT you cannot take ANY short cuts with it – if you want to succeed at it you need to put in some hard, hard graft and dedication.

30 minutes a day is just complete nonsense – period.

Inside The Box

As soon as I signed up for the reduced price version of this product (just under a tenner at the time of writing this!) I was bombarded with pretty sharp scare tactics which led to various upsells.

I have to be honest here – these scare tactics were pretty impressive overall.

You’ve basically just bought the product now they are telling you it is worthless without these extra options and you are going to struggle without them.

On top of that there’s no way off the page as you get a warning informing you that if you close the upsell offer there will be an error in your product order.

I just HAD to try this out so I closed the page anyway – utter bullsh#t as I suspected.

So, with the scare tactics out of the way, I finally arrived in the members area which supplied me with the following 3 steps:

Step #1 

You are pushed, sorry, asked if you would like to sign up to a webinar.

Step #2 

This step seemed to be nothing more than yet another upsell system housed on various third party websites. Bit of a cheek including it in the product training but true to form at least!

Step #3

This seemed to be the actual training aimed at turning you into a marketing mastermind. The training consists of 15 videos, totaling 2 hours and 42 minutes’ worth of training.

Nowhere in this training was a magic formula you could take on for marketing riches – 30 minutes a day my ass!

This type of marketing is not exactly confusing BUT it does have a steep learning curve. Most people give up at it within a month or two of starting off their training regime.

Is Overnight Commissions Scam?

Well if the training had been as bad as the rest of the product then I would have definitely had to say yes…but it wasn’t.

The training was actually okay…but it could of been a lot better.

They cut a lot of corners but about 85% of their marketing training was up to date and it does work if applied properly.

The problem is that they lie to get you on board and they then lie to get you to purchase their upsells.

This type of marketing can work but it will take a lot longer than 30 minutes a day to succeed I’m afraid…

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4 comments on “Overnight Commissions Review

  1. Chris – one of the best scam reviews I’ve taken a look at, and that is a lot. You have obviously walked down the road with this “opportunity”, far enough to provide a real review with significant content. Thank you so much for doing it for me, so I don’t have to waste time and money on it, and then feel like a schmuck later when I finally realize I was duped! I’m going to check out your other reviews also!

    1. Hello once again Randy – thanks for saying so!

      Also, thanks for checking out the articles on our site and taking the time to leave your opinion! 🙂

  2. If they can lie to you upfront, without you even having purchased anything with them, then these people are capable of anything. I don’t believe in upsells, as with one fee, all essentials should be handed over. When you buy a car, all the essentials come along with the car. You don’t get asked to pay separately for wheels, for seats, for the spare tire. Lol… 😛

    1. I’m not a fan of upsells myself Reyhana – something extremely sneaky and dishonest about them! Unfortunately most online products (especially digital) tend to use them these days.

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