Only Cash Surveys Complaints

Only Cash Surveys Complaints

I’ve always been amazed at the amount of stupidity languishing on the internet – especially when it comes to money!

Just recently I noticed a ton of Only Cash Surveys complaints flooding through the work online forums I use. Now this is where the real stupidity comes into play…

Building up a survey site that actually works should be easier than taking candy off a baby by now! I mean, it’s not as if there’s a lack of choice on who to follow is there?

If I was starting up a new survey site I would look to the big players like Clixsense or maybe Swagbucks. I’d make a point of looking at what their models of success were and taking my lead from that!

But this is the internet ladies and gentlemen – full of idiots looking for ways to make MORE than the guy next to them!

That brings me to the glory of Only Cash Surveys…

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Only Cash Surveys Review

As you can probably already tell, the main thrust behind this Only Cash Surveys review is disappointment on my behalf.

I like it when new online opportunities get things right – but I HATE it when they are arrogant enough to cheat and get things wrong!

If it’s not broken – don’t try and fix it!

Anyway, I’m losing my train of thought here…

…back to the actual review!

Only Cash Surveys appears to be a branch off uSamp who have been in business since 2010. They are set up as a pretty standard market research group that offers surveys for various worldwide companies.

The Process

As with most survey sites, you can sign up with Only Cash Surveys for free – it’s your typical details and email confirmation gig.

Once you are signed up fully the generous owners of this website dangle a bit of a carrot in front of you in the form of $5. They instantly credit this amount to your account…but nothing is really free on the internet is it?

So we’ve signed up and we’ve been given $5 for nothing really – things are going well so far!

Next you will be confronted by a series of mini-surveys to complete before you go any further…but they also pay you for completing these ( $0.10 at the time of writing this review! ).

Only Cash Surveys Review

The next step is to sit back and wait for the survey invitations to hit your email account. These are always based on the demographics you entered in the $0.10 surveys you completed when signing up with the site.

The survey rewards range from about $0.70 upwards – the most generous reward I received was $2.00 ( I ain’t gonna be retiring anytime soon on that! ).

There are apparently more specialized surveys that pop up from time to time but I didn’t come across any. These surveys end up paying a lot more but are notoriously difficult to qualify for.

The Only Cash Surveys Complaints

If all this sounds pretty cool to you so far then please take a deep breath – things are about to go downhill fast!

I normally do a spot of research on the complaints sections of these reviews but I really didn’t have to with this one – I encountered enough by myself!

#1 Ghost Rewards

Question: Why do we all sign up for these online earning opportunities?

Answer: We are looking to make money!

If a website is unable to answer the question above in a correct manner then they are not really worth your time and effort are they?

When I first signed up with Only Cash Surveys they made a point of letting me know that the cashout threshold was set at $15. I could live with that – it didn’t seem that high after all.

But when you arrive at this level of earning and attempt to cashout the website throws a lovely curve ball at you – a subscription to a magazine! 

That means there is no money changing hands here – all that hard work is for a subscription to what I can only describe as a ‘female magazine’ that I for one would never read.

This offer lasts all the way up to $25 where you are thrown yet another curve ball – the dreaded gift card!

The truth behind all this is that you need to reach $50 before you see anything hit your Paypal account – absolutely scandalous in my opinion!

There is no warning about this – you are lulled into a false sense of security ( in style! ).

#2 Qualification

I’m been a member of numerous survey sites in the past so I’m well aware of the qualification process. However, the options Only Cash Surveys offer seem to the worst out of the lot so far.

I live in the UK and that’s normally a green light to qualify for a high majority of surveys. Not on this site I’m afraid!

I believe my qualification success ended up somewhere at the 30% mark – that’s a lot of wasted time filling out demographic questions!

#3 Where’s My Reward?

There is nothing worse than sitting through a dire survey based on something like tampons to find out you have been cheated out of your reward.

From time to time this happens on ALL survey sites but NOT as regularly as it happens on Only Cash Surveys.

Survey sites like Clixsense pay you instantly for your hard work and that’s the way it should be. Only Cash Surveys give’s you a ‘pending’ status until the funds clear – this status can last up to weeks! 

And what is the reason behind this status being displayed and the wait that follows???

Apparently each and every survey provider must check the survey before they decide to pay out – what a bucket of ####!

This basically means that they can discredit ANY survey you complete if they decide their funds are running low – can you smell the faint whiff of a scam on the horizon?

#4 Lock Down

I didn’t experience this last complaint first-hand but I thought I better include it as it seems like another blatant scam tactic.

Many Only Cash Surveys members are complaining about being stuck just under the $50 mark. All of a sudden their surveys go into lock down and they cannot earn any more cash.

Does this sound a little bit dodgy to you?

It certainly does to me!

I read that in some cases the email invitations even start to dry up! You are basically stranded at about $49 with no way of progressing.

Only Cash Surveys Legit?

So, is Only Cash Surveys legit…or is Only Cash Surveys scam?

Well first things first – there is absolutely no transparency offered up by this site, you basically learn it’s dirty tricks as you go along your earning journey.

It’s impossible to call it legit so I guess it’s going to have to be stuck with the scam label for now.

At best the system they offer is completely unethical so members are always going to struggle to get payment – they are one of the worst survey sites I have come across so far.

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3 comments on “Only Cash Surveys Complaints

  1. Hey Chris!
    This is such a wonderful article about the online survey scams out there! It must have really sucked for you to waste so much time on these ‘scam’ companies ‘false” sense of security..But reading your article I have gained much more insight on the surveying world..sad to say that there are alot of money sucking monsters out there! but you have clearly found an Honest company..Thank You for your information! Take Care!

  2. Nice review on Only Cash Surveys. I’ve checked out many a survey sites in my time and even out of the few that are legit, the pay is next to nothing for the time you spend qualifying for surveys.

    There like PTC sites, waste of time and money. I would much rather spend my time working on building an online business that has potential to grow and make real online income.

    It takes some time, but after you get the basics down, it’s not that hard. Now I make money every day from work I did months and years ago from my online business.

    I’d be kicking myself if I stayed with survey sites to try to make money.


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