Niche Picking Theory – The Limitless Choice

Niche Picking Theory - The Limitless Choice

Welcome to what I like to call my very own ​Niche Picking Theory! A niche is nothing more than an audience and in this article we will be looking at how to pick a profitable niche for this audience…

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What is a Niche?

A niche is a distinct segment of a market – an audience. If someone hates the mirror and is looking to lose that ass they are looking into the weight loss niche. If someone is looking into a program to remove malware from their computer they are looking into the Virus Software niche…You get the picture!

A simple way to look at this is that every audience is a niche! 

As a consumer you are involved in thousands of niches on a daily basis. You use your mobile phone, you get your car fixed, you buy products for the house – everything sits comfortably inside it’s own niche.

every audience is a niche

As a marketer you can tap into these niche categories and make money promoting the products involved with them.

So there is nothing confusing about a niche picking theory – ANYTHING with an audience is a potential niche for you to tap into.

How Can I Earn Money From My Niche?

One of the biggest questions you likely have if you are new to internet marketing is how to pick a profitable niche for your website.

I won’t beat around the bush – there are A LOT of responses to this question and a large portion of them are correct. But for the sake of this niche picking theory I’ll stick to the ones I’ve had the most success with. ( Associates ) – This is probably the most popular choice for affiliate products online at the moment. By signing up with Amazon Associates you are able to promote MILLIONS of Amazon products and earn a small percentage of commission. This percentage of commission rises with the amount of items you are able to sell. ​​

Amazon Associates
Search Through Millions of Niche Product Options

So once you have your website up and running you can simply type your chosen niche into the Amazon Associates search bar and watch as thousands of potential niche products are thrown at you.

For the sake of this niche picking theory lets say you are wanting to promote baby toys. Amazon will give you hundreds of thousands of product options but you don’t have to stop there!

Simply type the following search term into Google and see what comes up:

Baby Toys + Affiliate Products

Now that’s what I call choice right? There are so many different baby toy companies out there with products to promote it’s mind blowing. Each of them will have their own offers and their own levels of commission.

The key is getting your niche in place first and choosing your audience. My recommendation is to always choose a niche that you have an interest in as it will make the ‘work’ side of things a lot more enjoyable.

Choosing That Niche

Some of you reading this are going to struggle with picking a niche for some reason or another. Maybe your interests are to broad or maybe you have no real interests.

Amazon is a great place to go to come up with niche ideas. There are thousands of different categories that house millions of different products. These products can be potential niche choices for you.

Another pretty cool site to get some solid niche ideas from is called This site acts as an open directory project and it’s a top place to visit if you are struggling with picking a niche. homepage
The Homepage

The homepage of will provide you with high level, broad niches but if you pick one and click it you will quickly be taken down through sub-niche choices.

( snippet )

Basically DON’T pick a niche from the homepage selection of – they are far to generic.

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Niche Picking Psychology

I’d say that at this moment in time – the number one mistake I see bloggers make is picking the wrong niche and then trying to ride with it!

There are a number of reasons why a particular niche or topic could be the wrong one…

  • The niche could be extremely popular therefore heavily diluted (competition)
  • The blogger could have no REAL passion for the chosen niche subject
  • The blogger doesn’t actually know enough about the niche to convince his/her audience
  • The list goes on and on…

The only effective way I can provide tips on choosing the RIGHT niche is by highlighting a few scenarios on picking the WRONG niche. It sounds confusing but it’ll all make sense in the end…hopefully! 🙂

The First Niche Picking Scenario

A lot of bloggers opt to base their blog on their passion – which is great…as long as there is actually some sort of money in that passion!

They pick the subject because they love it – but they didn’t bother to check if it could ever be lucrative.

About 12 to 16 months later they realize they are making no more than $100 a month from a blog they’ve worked their ass off on.

The bills keep rolling in and the kids are nagging about that new Xbox game – $100 a month just ain’t gonna cut the mustard I’m afraid!

Sure, it may be fulfilling to write about a subject you adore…but here’s a fact – money makes the world go round and bills generally need to be paid (otherwise you end up in the slammer…which is another story…).

The Second Scenario of Niche Picking

Okay, this is by far the most common mistake I see newbies making…and I don’t see it changing anytime soon!

Disclosure – I actually made this incredibly stupid mistake when I first started out blogging!!!!

This scenario involves a blogger who decides to pick a niche because they know it’s a lucrative subject and they think they can follow the gravy train.

About six months down the line they dread getting up in the morning and writing about this dull and lifeless subject. Their followers start to notice the lack of enthusiasm in thier writing and slowly start to disappear.

When your heart is not in something it will always show through in the end – no matter how good a liar you feel you are (believe me – I’ve been there!).

What is the answer?

Think about this for a minute – the niche you pick is the subject you are going to be writing about for the next several years…make sure it’s a passion and make sure you have researched it first!

It may be something you love – but has anyone actually made money from it before? Do you have a chance of reaching financial freedom with it?

How to Pick a Profitable Niche for Promoting

Regardless of any niche that you get into there will ALWAYS be some sort of affiliate program involved with that niche.

If you do manage to be in the 1% that pick a niche with no affiliate products you can always turn to advertising as a means of monetizing your website.

These adverts will automatically promote closely related subjects to your niche and can make you a lot of money in some cases.

If you have any questions regarding the simple niche picking theory I have offered here today please leave them in the comment section below.

Thanks for stopping by…and good luck!

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19 comments on “Niche Picking Theory – The Limitless Choice

  1. I love this post! You hit the topic spot on, explained it in a simple and easy to understand way. I love the way you write, it is engaging and keeps me reading.
    I am only now delving into niches and affiliate marketing so I really appreciate the points you made.
    I have just launched a new website in a niche I am passionate about and struggling to find some affiliate programs, but hey the reason for that website is mainly to spread the word about recovery from addiction and to share my personal experiences. If I save a life by sharing and not find any affiliates, well that is quite an accomplishment! So I’ll be happy with that 🙂

    1. Well that’s sounds like a really worthwhile website Ted – I hope you manage to help a lot of people! If you are struggling to find affiliate programs why not sign up with an ad company? Google Adsense or Chitika are easy to use and can bring you in a monthly income 🙂
      Good luck with your site – a very rewarding niche!!!

  2. Chris,
    Nice way to search for a niche. There is a limitless choice in picking a niche. The Amazon route is very limited in the USA as some states are not allowed. There are plenty of other affiliates available and Wal Mart will be as friendly as Amazon to work with. Any groups of products that are sold at Wal Mart could be a niche also.

    1. Hi John,
      I didn’t realize that Amazon were so picky in the US – I’m based in the UK and I’ve never really had any problem with them! I get the feeling that Wal Mart would probably only be open to US affiliates?

  3. Another great article! I struggled a bit when I finally chose my niche. I have a lot of background/education in the niche but I think it may be a bit broad and all the products I promote aren’t what you would call “big ticket” items. I have started trying to think of another niche to get started in. I am an Amazon associate but I didn’t even think of going there to get niche ideas. Thanks for the suggestion. I am going to give that a try.

    1. Well hello again Tanya – nice to have you back with us so soon!
      The Amazon search bar is a very powerful weapon for a marketer – use it and use it wisely 🙂
      There are millions of products out there in just about every niche – you’ll find some decent ones eventually!

  4. Great post Chris, I like how you explain niche subject in a simple way because for a lot of folks it’s a bit confusing. After reading your post it becomes clear and even attractive to tap into a niche and start making money. In fact, there are countless niches and you can make money in niche niche if you take it seriously. Some people say that some niches are competitive which is not accurate info. There is no too competitive niche once you tap into and work hard. There is always a room for everyone. You just need to find the right keywords and write quality content around those keywords. My site is in make money niche which is very competitive and still I can get my posts ranked high and drive traffic. This proves that too competitive niche idea is wrong.

    1. Welcome back Rufat!
      Yes I agree with you – every niche, even the popular ones, can be conquered. It’s all down to the tools you use and the amount of effort you put into it 🙂

  5. I’ve had an idea (two to be exact) and would love to hear your thoughts.

    I’ve read through this page with great interest and after researching Amazon, I’ve decided I would love to start a niche site revolving around safety or toys for kids.

    My partner an i have a two year old son and both of these topics are very important to us and are things we know quite a bit about and could help other parents. It’s a site we’d like to build together.

    idea 1. Safety equipment for children

    idea 2. Educational toys for kids.

    Are these good choices?

    Are they targeted enough or should we narrow down to an age range?

    Which one would you personally choose out of the two?

    Your advice would be greatly appreciated


    1. Hi Lee!
      I would say the first choice you have there – safety equipment for children, is by far the best out of the two! I feel that the educational toys niche is quite saturated already – I’ve come across many sites that cover this.
      I would definitely suggest looking into the safety equipment – there could be some really diverse micro-niche options there 🙂

  6. I agree with you in regard to your niche ideas. Amazon is a great place to search for niche ideas. But, in my experience Amazon is difficult to become an affiliate with and does not pay a very big commission. Wouldn’t it be better to go with Commission Junction, Share a Sale or even Ebay associates?

    1. It’s all down to personal choice Christine – I like Amazon but many other’s may have more luck with another platform. Pick and use an affiliate system that works for YOU 🙂

  7. Awesome and inspiring website you have here! Before I got started, I didn’t quite know what a niche was. I thought it was whatever you wanted to name your store. Anyway, I do thank you for shedding further light on the subject. I love fashion, and I’m wondering how I can build a website from this particular niche. Do you have any thoughts on how I can go about this? This site offers many ideas on how to pick a profitable niche, and this excited me because I am thinking about starting another website, so thanks for this valuable information.

    1. Hi Retha,
      Fashion is a very broad niche but that’s a good thing – it means there are loads of little niches running off it! You can go with anything related here – handbags, purses, watches…
      You get the picture right?
      You can even hone in on a specific brand if you want!

  8. Hi ChrisEvans,
    Very thorough blog post about blogging/wealthy affiliate. You did a good job breaking this topic down for beginners to clearly understand. I will be bookmarking your site to refer back to as my girlfriend and I have been looking for a resourceful site on this topic. I wish you the best in your future endeavors in online marketing.
    Best Regards,

  9. Hi Chris , very well said.When I started I was afraid what “niche” to choose and if it is going to be profitable and all these common questions that newcomers deal.

    Then I read an article highlighting that even if we choose something we may lose our interest , we can always change it to something better.The time lost is the experience we gain.So I moved on without worrying that much.

    Now as I am getting a little mature in the field I can clearly see opportunities in every market segment.

  10. A lot of people do tend to have problems when choosing a niche. I think that its a good niche if you can passionately talk about the subject for a long time and there is a way to make money from it. As you said, there is generally always a way to make money from most niches even if you have to resort to Google advertising.

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