NiceTalk Tutor Review – Apps For Tutoring

NiceTalk Tutor Review - Apps For Tutoring

​My fiancee is originally from Bulgaria but she now lives in the UK ( Wales ) with me and our two sons.

She managed to win funding as a teenager to attend a rather posh English high school and she never really looked back.

Over recent months she has been looking to get back into work – our most recent addition ( Ricky ) is now 15 months old and she feels she is ready to take on the career path yet again!

Anyway, she has been targeting many different online translation sites with a lot of success – she speaks 4 languages!

She also came across an app named NiceTalk Tutor – and she signed up and got stuck in!

Within three days she decided that I would be interested in this platform…and she was right!

So let’s jump into this NiceTalk Tutor Review – a new way to earn through your mobile internet!

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The NiceTalk Tutor Review

As far as I could tell, this tutoring app was designed by a company named Hangzhou Feizhu Technology Co., Ltd.

It’s set up to provide you with a platform of hungry foreign dudes who are wanting to learn English.

You don’t really need to be a full time tutor and you don’t really need to have that much experience.

What you are doing here is to HELP people IMPROVE on their English – if you can speak it, you’re in! ( you don’t even have to be bilingual!!! ).

The NiceTalk Tutor Review

Becoming a member is all too easy – all you have to do is visit and sign up. Once in…you download their app!

The final piece of the jigsaw is to create a small video on yourself – so that NiceTalk can see that you have a decent enough level of English ( and get some history on you ).

They don’t take that long to approve you, as long as you can speak the language!

Once you are in – you can start work straight away!

Sounds Cool…But What About The Cash?

In this day and age I would say that earning $10 an hour of legit money online is a pretty reasonable rate!

NiceTalk will offer you this rate along with a promise of certain bonuses along the way.

These bonuses are earned through a bit of affiliate marketing for the site and general tips from the students you handle.

NiceTalk Pay

They payout your cash once a week through the Paypal payment processor – your cashout threshold is always set at $20.

Is NiceTalk Legit?

Yeah I’d say so, my fiancee is having a whale of a time with it at the moment!

She even took the time to learn a few internet marketing techniques off me and she now has a handful of her friends working under her as referrals.

It’s worth pointing out that you only get the referral bonuses for friends whom you refer AND complete at least 100 minutes of English tutoring.

For some reason there are still people ‘out there’ who don’t trust Paypal – why this is I’ll never know?

Paypal Payments

Unfortunately this is the ONLY payment option that NiceTalk offer so keep that in mind before you sign up for the app.

I could find no real complaints about this opportunity ANYWHERE online – it seems to have kept up it’s promise of weekly payments ( so far! ).

I wish I could give you a little more info on the company that initially designed this app ( Hangzhou Feizhu Technology Co., Ltd ) but unfortunately they seem to be a bit of a ‘dark horse’.

Anyway, my partner loves it, her friends love it too and they’re all making a bit of cash…

What more could you ask for? 🙂

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7 comments on “NiceTalk Tutor Review – Apps For Tutoring

  1. Hi Chris
    I have come across your idea to get paid online for teaching english and I must say this is a great idea. I will get my wife to have a look at the nice talk app as she is keen to become an english teacher. Do you have to be able to speak two languages to sign up ?

  2. Hey Chris
    Oh wow, this sounds like one of the few real and legit opportunities online. I find it so sad that there are so many scams and so little great opportunities.
    Yes sure there are some things around like Clixsense, online survey companies and user testing websites.. but the earning potential is not good at all.
    So you say your wife is loving Nicetalk, that is awesome! Is there enough work for her? I mean a lot of these sites pay nice money… IF there is work. A good example of this is Usertesting. You get $10 for doing a 20 minute test on a website…. lots of tests come in looking for specific types of people and I never really fit the profile.
    So the thing I would love to know is has she made some money from it yet and is there regular work?

    1. Hi Lynne,

      Yes my partner is doing pretty well out of the app at the moment, but she is a good language teacher anyway so that may have something to do with it! From what I can tell, her mate’s are doing pretty well out of it too!

      It’s all down to how much time you are willing to put into the app’s work.

  3. Hi everyone,
    If somebody’s still thinking whether to try work for it, here’s the only experience i had working for them:
    After i earned certain amount (on the app system) , i’ve claimed the money to Paypal account (the only way to receive money from the app, no other ways). I haven’t finished the procedure of claiming completely, due to the need of changing Paypal account to another one. Then the money has been returned to the sender (NiceTalk) as they’d notified me in advance. The customer service representative said ‘there’s no problem if i want to receive the money on another account – then once i changed it, let the customer service know. So i did, i’ve changed my paypal and then tried to open NiceTalk app, and that never happened anymore. Now, when i try to log in to my account again, the app says: “Your account has been suspended”. When contacting customer service regarding this issue, the completely another representative (Jelly) replied, saying that they’ve paid to me, and now, to make my existing account accessible for me again, i have to create completely new one. No one even notified me that if that soon my account’s gonna be somehow “suspended”. Recently they’ve sent me payment to claim again, which doesn’t work at all. I can’t claim my money for a month already. Dear NiceTalk, you were certainly going to have a great future with this app, but don’t only think about the customers as learners of this app (those who pay for tuition), i suggest to think about the customers as teacher too (those, who use it as teachers). Otherwise, my complaint won’t be the last complaint at all.

  4. Hi Chris, NiceTalk seems like a great way to make some decent part time income, $10 an hour is great! Can I work as many hours as I want or do I have to wait for a student to want to have a lesson with me? I am an English teacher and translator and at the moment I’m making some extra money on Fiverr using my skills, but I think NiceTalk could boost my income so I’ll definitely give it a go. Thanks!

    1. It’s not quite as simple as you put it Kams – but there are a lot of hours on offer there if you are a decent teacher! I suggest signing up and taking a look around – see what it’s all about in more detail! 🙂

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